NFS Tournament Class B

NFS Tournament Class B 1.51

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Dodge Viper RT/10 created by Alberto Daniel Russo
Thanks to @Ph0b0s for this amazing video


Fog lamps and hardtop optional can be turned on and off from the setup screen under "accessories" tab.
Find templates here:

- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Beta testing by @CobraCat , @9kret9 and @Phoenix77
- Gauges texture by @9kret9
- Sound samples from official Kunos cars
- Special thanks to Michael Puckett @ Viper's Club of America for the help and reference from his RT/10
- No damage textures (bettter played with damage turned off)

Corvette ZR-1 v0.9 by Siim Annuk (@Some1)
- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Sound samples from official Kunos cars
- Current version (0.9) is missing LODs



Porsche 911 (993) Carrera & Carrera 4 by Alberto Daniel Russo

- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Original sounds by @IMrIMike
- Gauges texture by @9kret9
- Beta testing by @CobraCat
- No damage textures (bettter played with damage turned off)



Click here if you'd like to donate something for my work:
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4.97 star(s) 203 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Hot fix, Vette had the old tires on it and other minor fixes.

    Just.. that.
  2. Big physics update + visual improvements and fixes

    DELETE OLD FOLDERS BEFORE INSTALLING THIS VERSION CSP 1.60 recommended v1.5 changelog Physics...
  3. Final Release (v1.4)

    v1.4 changelog: Porsche 993 (C2 &C4) Physics updates - A whole crapload of all kinds of...
  4. Fixes and stuff

    v1.3 changelog: Porsche 993 (C2 &C4) - Physics updates (credits Jason and Arch) - Fixed...
  5. Porsche 993 Carrera and Carrera 4 included

    Porsche 993 released! Known bugs/issues: - No damage textures (suggested to play with damage...

Latest reviews

Another fantastic quality mod from these guys, love your work guys!
Beautiful classics, a real blast to watch and to drive. Thanks a lot !
merçi Excellent
Excellent , thank you :)
Beautiful models, The C4 is like I'm driving my real car
Another Masterpiece - I'm focused on the 993, because I know this car from RL and it's inredible good made - Thank you very much! Only the sound could be better, but this is mabye something for our special sound modders here.
What can I say.... Thank You for giving us 90s kids another chance to relieve our childhood. here is me enjoying it to the fullest
What a beast it is! Great work thanks for the Viper.
What else than 5 out of 5. Amazing job! Exceptional quality modelling and texturing.
The 911 is by far the most fun car I've driven, it's weirdly easy (a lot of grip) yet satisfying.
Fantastic work! Just recently discovered. Thanks so much for the great effort and keep it up with the good mods!
I am amused by the quality of your work, congrats!
Great work! Thank you for making these MODS.
Thank you for this update 993’s are my favorite Porsches . The cars are much more forgiving and stable around corners, keep up the great work!
Must have.
You sir, are one of the premier car modders for AC. Thank you for your work!
Indeed the pinnacle of Assetto Corsa Mods. 933 is a personal favorite and I keep going back to that one. Very very good. Hours of fun.