NFS Tournament Class B

NFS Tournament Class B 1.3

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Dodge Viper RT/10 created by Alberto Daniel Russo
Thanks to @Ph0b0s for this amazing video


Fog lamps and hardtop optional can be turned on and off from the setup screen under "accessories" tab.
Find templates here:

- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Beta testing by @CobraCat , @9kret9 and @Phoenix77
- Gauges texture by @9kret9
- Sound samples from official Kunos cars
- Special thanks to Michael Puckett @ Viper's Club of America for the help and reference from his RT/10
- No damage textures (bettter played with damage turned off)

Corvette ZR-1 v0.9 by Siim Annuk (@Some1)
- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Sound samples from official Kunos cars
- Current version (0.9) is missing LODs



Porsche 911 (993) Carrera & Carrera 4 by Alberto Daniel Russo

- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Original sounds by @IMrIMike
- Gauges texture by @9kret9
- Beta testing by @CobraCat
- No damage textures (bettter played with damage turned off)



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Latest updates

  1. Fixes and stuff

    v1.3 changelog: Porsche 993 (C2 &C4) - Physics updates (credits Jason and Arch) - Fixed...
  2. Porsche 993 Carrera and Carrera 4 included

    Porsche 993 released! Known bugs/issues: - No damage textures (suggested to play with damage...
  3. Corvette ZR-1 by Siim Annuk added to the pack

  4. Fixes and stuff

    1.1 Changelog: Viper RT/10 - Auto shift issue fixed - Seatbelt ON stitches fixed - New lights...

Latest reviews

911 (993) model are good, but in case of ride it seems undrivable:(
I'm praying for (arch) physics update for this beauty, there is no good 90s stock RWD porsches in AC
Dear A3DR, insanely amazing work, one little issue thats very jarring in VR is that when it rains, the rain also pours down the dashboard, as the material for the glass instrument panel is the same as the windshield, and assetto applies rain to it as well. Would be incredible if that could be corrected. Thank you very much for this insane quality mod!
The best 3d models! thanks A3DR
Recently just built my PC just for the mods on this game. You nailed it with the Viper! I have a GTS here in the states and the attention to detail (especially with the Sneaky Pete ignition key!) is out of this world. Great job. Hopefully we can see a Blue/White 1996 GTS soon? :)
Straight outta 90's! Thanks
over the top...
Excellent mod!
Music in the video, for all interested, ST.Germaine - Sure Thing, from my favorite 2000's album 'Tourist'.
Excellent. Thank you.
Childhood memory everywhere!
And that 993 is all i ever wanted that the dlc porsche didn't bring !
Thanks for keeping things up to date, probably the best car pack ever made for AC, thanks to the whole team for your dedication! <3
brilliant !!
Oh man, superb work! 993 is awesome!
Hotlap on Nordschleife:
Amazing content! Thanks!
Followed this project throughout. Amazing quality of the best pack out there.
The 911 keeps getting better, and older content isn't left behind. Thanks for the continued support!
What an amazing work !! Better than Kunos :) Thank you very much for this
Incredible mod.
Looks like it was made by kunos
Abs amazing especially porsche.
thx bro
u r one of the greatest. THx , also for a 993 Turbo version
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