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  • The Best Simracing Games for VR
    1- RF2 (best sim ever ) 2- Raceroom ( average xp) 3- PC2 ( VR optimisation)
  • 2023 Formula One Saudi Arabia Grand Prix
    Perhaps Perhaps the brush I used was too broad (a mistake often made in getting a point across) the elder statesman did not always seem to be the...
  • The Best Simracing Games for VR
    RF2 and AMS2 are very good, both have a few flaws in VR but they can be avoided and much enjoyment to be had. ACC was and still is a complete...
  • The Best Simracing Games for VR
    Yes, I've had one for about 6 weeks now. With a 4090 it works well. It auto-adjusts the IPD when you first put the headset on. I'm running it at...
  • Assetto Corsa 2 launching Spring 2024
    Should be an easy job for Kunos just AC2 = AC1 + graphic updates + AI update + physic update Interface Update and keep the rest especially...
  • The Best Simracing Games for VR
    Really? ACC definitely does not deserve a place in this list - it's the worst performing sim title in VR by a county mile.