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  • F1 2021 The Game review
    They should add F3's to this. No reason to left them out and then there would ne whole "F" package in one game. And I would surely rather drive...
  • F1 2021 The Game review
    I don't have anything against the classic cars at all, it's just in the F1 games their inclusion is meaningless - just a bunch of disparate cars...
  • rFactor 2’s July 2021 Update and New Monza Layouts Released
    The eloborated list of AI issues has been known for up to nearly 5 years, so we RARELY identify them any longer. Here are just a few. AI often...

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  • F1 2021 The Game review
    3.00 star(s)
    I've had the game a few days now as a casual, controller player. These are my first impressions...
    • RandomMallard