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  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    I occasionally renew my iRacing sub for 1-3 months (every other year or so) now that there is AI for some of the content, at least. The online...
  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    I maybe renew subscription when toyota and bmw lmdh are released. Where can I renew for 3$?
  • Simucube Product Release Live on Twitch
    I think this type of pedal could be great for clutch use as there's nothing available to date that replicates a convincing clutch feel of vintage...
  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    I would love to come back to iRacing. The monthly fee is really affordable to me because the price is localized to my country by steam. BUT, the...
  • Silverstone Will Be Retired From rFactor 2
    So stupid. Tracks in sims generate money for the real tracks if anything. Petty with all these licenses. Imo.
  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    If all the cars and tracks was included i would subscribe instantly to iRacing. but for me its too expensive to both sub and pay for all the...