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  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    Still hoping for the day that I do not have to pay sub to hotlap and race AI. I give zero shits about multiplayer.
  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    ^^^ Same as any videogame store, Steam, GoG, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft, EA, etc. You cannot transfer anything you bought to another user (unless...
  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    No: You agree that you have no right or title in or to any such content. iRacing does not recognize any virtual property transfers executed...
  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    same question for steam and all the games people have there. no idea, really, never crossed my mind
  • Simucube Product Release Live on Twitch
    FWIW, I personally can't justify these pedals for myself, but I also realize how the high end market is for sim racing. I read somewhere that...
  • iRacing Adds More Free Content
    Are we able to "sell" an iRacing account? I have 18 months of a 24 month subscription left and 800AUD of vehicles, would be able to sell it to...