Honda Prelude SN - Mr. X Edition

Honda Prelude SN - Mr. X Edition 0.5

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Based off Richard Voaden's project called Mr. X

I wanted to leave this out in the open since we've been working on it with Jason (@aphidgod ) for quite a while now, and I believe physics are in a sweet spot to deliver a proper FWD experience.
Not my usual release, so consider this a BETA version. It's built off my original car I've modelled years ago, so it has a bunch of flaws here and there, missing bits, features, etc.
SO, take it as it is, don't expect it to be up to par with my latest releases, but might get there someday.

Whether I continue to work on this in the future, or not, at least it's out there now for everyone to enjoy what a H22A swapped 1st gen Prelude feels like.

Of course, proper credits to @aphidgod for working his magic on it.



Latest reviews

Looks, feels and drives excellent. My favorite 80's road car based ride in AC I reckon. Great job!
I wanna see this underrated car on SRP....This's really cool car
Underrated car
This car is wonderful FWD fun; I was smitten instantly. The engine sound can be a bit grating, and the dashboard instruments spend a lot of time sunk beyond their range (but that might be similar to the real car), but those are my only significant quibbles with this otherwise great mod. Thanks.
Thanks, and yes the instruments behave the exact way the real car does. The owner didn't add any tach or speedo after swapping the engine.
Good stuff ;-)
I love Honda
Definitely not up to par with the rest of the mods you did. Like said in description, some flaws here and there, also it sounds like a very angry, half digital mosquito. Drives pretty nicely though.
Very nice physics and graphics thanks
Brutal! Tks!
Handles really good but the vtec is a little off
great as ever, as I expected from you a 0.5 still looks amazing, I just fixed the shift animations by inverting shifting hands and using your s800 animation, apparently that works. the gauge cluster looks really cool aside the fact that the speedometer is useless after 4th gear lmao
Heh, yeah, and the tach as well! but that's how it is, and Richard didn't add any other instruments to it, that's how he takes it to the track.
Super Prelude !!
amazing mod!
Best looking car out there - honestly!!! But please fix the shifting animation <3
Thanks but it's posted on the discussion thread, delete the shift.ksanim file, at least until the next update.
Had to check the calendar to make sure it's not december. Thank you! :)
v gud
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