Honda S800 RSC

Honda S800 RSC 2.5

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Latest updates

  1. RefractionFX and more

    Honda S800 RSC 2.5 Update @aphidgod New tires New inertia New default setup Some aero tweaks...
  2. New physics and improved visuals

    New and improved physics by @aphidgod Revised visuals, new CSP paint shader and more shader...
  3. Fixed small bug on rear lights from 1.22

    Priority issue made them invisible in showroom, transparency was wrong in track.

Latest reviews

very good
Amazing sound, drives great
Made with absolute care, the staple of what modding should be. :D
Superb handling, very well balanced. Great engine, awsome sounds. Try it, I don't think you'd be disappointed. A+++!
Absolute blast to drive! Hearing it scream through the rpms is elevating. It just keeps going and going and going!
One of my favorite cars to drive in this game now. Pretty much the definition of fun! Always a blast to dance around the bigger, heavy hitters.
Davide Nativo
Amazing! The sounds don't really fit the car unfortunately but that is not the author's fault. In the meantime you can try using the Ford Escort soundbank which may prove more fitting.
Only other nitpick is that the wipers do not wobble at high speeds :) :D (I'm being unbearable I know)
Thank you for this great little car ! Only con to me is a huge lack in FFB compared to average. I know it's a very lightweight car of course (my mother got one civil S800 in her youth by the way ^^) but it seems like if it had a power steering at my end.. Any thought ?
Phenomenal work, one of my favorite cars in Assetto Corsa, I'm donating to your great work! You have given me and many others great experiences with your fantastic skills!
Thanks, glad to hear that!
Thx for your update
A really entertaining drive and beautifully modelled
Great detail excellent job many thanks.
Phenomenal detail on this! thanks so much for sharing and all your hard work as well as those who contributed.
Petty fun little car. Not a speed demon, but a fine handling sports car.
this is my "goto" car for testing tracks i am building and when I just want some fun. Thanks!
Fantastic update, brilliant little car. Thank you
5/5 would skin again. ;)
Always the first in line! :)
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