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Honda S800 RSC

Honda S800 RSC 2.0

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File size
92.5 MB
First release
Last update
4.94 star(s) 65 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. New physics and improved visuals

    New and improved physics by @aphidgod Revised visuals, new CSP paint shader and more shader...
  2. Fixed small bug on rear lights from 1.22

    Priority issue made them invisible in showroom, transparency was wrong in track.
  3. Updated rear axle suspension for AC 1.14.4 and small tweaks

    Suspensions.ini update for new rear live axle model Fixed some transparency issues on kn5...
  4. Fixed hood cam, updated LODs

    Fixed bonnet cam height (no longer behind plastic screen) Fixed tail light on all the LODs Added...
  5. Optimized textures and improvements

    Optimized file size from 150mb to 55mb Updated AI Fixed driver size + animations Added 4 point...

Latest reviews

What a beautiful car! Awesome work mate!
I don't often leave reviews, but this car requires me to. It's fantastic to drive in VR and I love the wiggling, old interior sounds in the car when you go over bumps a bit too fast. Tried your stock S800 first, and driving the RSC version afterwards was a treat. I really gel with this nimble car, it's great for short and twisty tracks such as Laguna Seca and Zandvoort. Keep up the awesome work!
Fantastic little car. Great fun around road courses.
Love this car!
Sounds Amazing!
Very high level on both Graphics and Physics. The sound is also excellent. This car is really lovely, a pure joy to drive and race (with some other Midgets). Thanks to all, great work, great result.
Thx Again for Updating the Great Mod
Thank you for updating one of the best AC mods!
Love this little gem <3 So much fun
0k GRACIAS 0K =)
Magnificent car!!! Fantastic job!!!
Thanks so much for giving this some more love with the recent update, got to be up their with my favorite Assetto mods! Excellent 5/5 quality all areas
Great news on one of my most beloved cars !
Thanks a lot for keeping huge quality to an awesome level. ;-)
Love it....Great Work....as usual!
Stay safe!
Fantastic keep going!!!
Awesome car. Thank you very much.
But one question: My fuel gauge isn't working. Is this normal?
Thank you very much.
This car is such a blast, it handles like a dream at it revs, god does it rev and rev and rev and rev. Lovely car.
What a nice little Car good work thank you
Everything is good: graphics, sounds, cameras, internal and lights. Thanks!
high quality AC car that looks great and is fun to drive!
Great car, thank you!
Excelent tiny car! Surprisingly good to drive it in the limit, only thing I felt a bit weird is the engine's sound that make it feels faster than it really is and it seems to be always hungry for speed, I think another sound would match better but it is fine anyway. With Oculus Rift is awesome and the fact you can take the roof off is a plus! 5 stars!!!!!
Thanks! if we ever find someone who can work the sounds I'll update it with the right one, but look at some youtube videos, the car is always hungry for speed :)