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NFS Tournament Class A

NFS Tournament Class A 1.5

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3D models created by Alberto Daniel Russo (@A3DR)
Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)

Sound samples from official Kunos cars

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  • This pack includes both cars and race grid templates to be used in Content Manager for each car, so it loads the same opponents from the original game.

  • Both cars can be found together under it's own brand, it's called "NFS Tournament Class A".

  • The rear wing on the Diablo can be turned on and off from the Aero tab in the setup options.








If you haven't, check out this thread to keep up to date on the upcoming cars and wip screenshots:

Find the paint templates here:

File size
161.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.98 star(s) 198 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Improvements + fixes on both cars, visual and physics.

    v1.5 changelog: Physics: Revised tires Adjusted the inertia boxes Recalculated the brake...
  2. Shaders Patch extension + fixes

    On this update (v1.4): 512TR: - Physics: revised brake power, steering, and tires - Added new...
  3. Hotfix for 1.32

    - Fixed Diablo window and speedometer glass shading issue - New tail light config for 512TR...
  4. Big Update includes 512TR S1

    512TR - New previews - New headlight animation - Improved brake and tail lights - Adjusted rims...
  5. Hotfix for 1.3

    Diablo VT LOD shader issue fixed, along other minor tweaks.

Latest reviews

Back in 1995 NFS was the top of the top racing game - just like this mod. Excellent work ! thank you very much!
top job
Just fantastic...in looks, physics, realism!
Excellent job! Thank you very much for this fantastic mod. Can I suggest perhaps for the next update a working odometer?
Another OMG its A3DR again
Just excellent, one of the highest quality mods i played.
amazing works! thanks a lot
Not having worked on this one myself, I think it's fair to review it.

What can really be said. Top work in visuals and physics, it doesn't really get much better than this.
Awesome. I bought a playstation to play the original , I was even tempted to buyt a 3DO just to play it!
Well actually the original was 3DO, you can always play the 1995 PC release too which is the best of them all (there's also a Special Edition release).
Yes, Brilliant improvement.
Simply superb.
excellent...like always...keep going your beautiful work.
great guy, great mod. I c u re in quarantine
A little bit of wee just came out.
One of the best car packs I've ever used!
I played NFS to death back in the day, so just had to try these and I wasn't disappointed. Brilliant idea and brilliant execution. Thank you for your work.
Amazing as always
I remember the first post about this project, and how i was excited...
thank you for your hard work on this and your other mods, and keeping up with the updates even after 1.0 <3
Hardest part is to keep up, you know how that goes! and glad you enjoy it :)
A+++ Great work thank you!
Good mod
Thank you!