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thanks for this mod it looks so much better now. before it looked odd that my car wasnt sparking now it looks amazing
Fully support any mod for DRM !
Keep developing and updating this please. What a mod. Just in time for 1k mods of AMS, I hope this is the nº1000.
Many Thanks
Amazing you've turned out the new 1.3 skins so quickly - thanks very much for adding to my (our) enjoyment of these great cars!
idk why but i always get a file is either damaged or in unknown format message when opening the file
i also ca not find the gt4 pack by guerilla
I just can't start the race on this track
As it stands right now, one of the best skins on this site. Actually looks like it fits in into modern F1. I wanted to create my own unique skin with my own fantasy team logo, but this skin beats anything I could come up with. Proper job!
Cool, thanks you! =)
works amazing 10/10 best dash for f1 games
Thank you for your impressive work
can you do hamiltons 2020 black lives matter helmet without sponsors
for anyone who already bought previous versions of that mod, just look for the mail you had when you made the purchase and download from the sellfly page, you will get the 1.3, i just did and that worked for me.
Amazing livery! Very unique design and looks great.
Many thanks for the update to include the new cars.
Thank you, excellent!
Looks absolut perfect. Thanks for sharing.
Sexy (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I have bought the mod already, so do I have to buy for it a second time just to get the update?
yes it need more work, dont stop working on this. btw the engine sound does not match the revs of the engine for example.
its a work in progress i hope. because it does not look or feel finished yet. but keep on working on it and im gonna change my review.
Beautiful Filter and beautiful brightness in the game.
I would like to ask you, only where / how to modify the entry "sol_config: -10 cold tonemap / 85% CSP lights Strength". I would like to know where this string is located; I would like a landscape with natural colors and not with much color.