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This is hands down the best PP filter I've tried for Quest 2 and regular screens. It's just perfect.
Next up: APX GP skin for my bathtub?
Again, great work mate.
What can I say, outstanding as always!
Can you make a 2023 session for MotoGP 19?
Glad you like it!
Thank you for all the effort you spent on these.
Awesome - Thank you for sharing.
Feel guilty bringing it up with ya ;) Thanks Tabs!
Kevin Troschinski
adding so much immersion. THANK YOU
Doesn't have anything in it when downloaded
Te felicito hermanito por fin alguien se acuerda de las fitecas Pista mas argentas que la yerba Taragui!!! Me ENCANTO EL MOD, voy a hacer un video de una carrereti en Córdoba y te lo comparto!
Saludos de un compatriota perdido en México hace años y aguante Argentina!
This is the best dashboard! Please do for ATS...
Instead of car performance being improved or decreased by 10% every time would it be possible to have the cars actual performance stats for each car part it would make it easier to improve teams to their real life performance.
amazing bro!
Thank you!
no cars spawn for me when i open the traffic planner, im using practice in CM
Do you plan on doing this livery for the VRC FA?
Thank you this will be great to learn skinning!