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10 star rating for having the koreishi (elderly driver) sticker!!!
Cool, thanks for sharing. ;-)
Btw: these skins also fit the GT4 and Evo2 Picchio version for those who have them installed).
Carlos Jr
Carlos Jr
Glad you liked it! And good to know that these skins fit the GT4 version. I'm gonna give it a try now!
Very Nice! Please:

2019 TEAM MUGEN HONDA N16 Tomoki Nojiri

2019 UOMO SUNOCO TEAM LEMANS N7 Artem Markelov and N8 Kazuya Oshima
Pedro Lemonnier-Lopes
Pedro Lemonnier-Lopes
Challenge accepted
Gran Muchas Gracias =)
Gracias a ti!
AI is a bit wonky but otherwise very nicely done!
Awesome work of art. A real pleasure to race on this track. Thank you so much Fat-Alfie. Your work is outstanding!
Hey, great dashboard. May I ask where you got the stand for your tablet? I'm in need of one like that. Thanks.
please make a copy to past Version, thx
Ego ERP Archiver 6.1.2017.1025 :)
tested all the layouts! Amazing. I love the Sudschleife one, is really fast :) . I hope u will add replay cameras soon
Overall an extremely fun and good looking mod.
1 more.Thank you
Juan Roguez
Juan Roguez
Thank you very much
Good work. Thank you.
Awesome!!!! can you make a HWA Racelab Team mod?
1 star because the track is not compatible with "Sol" ! the textures are very poor and the track is technically outdated for Content Manager and the "csp".
Awsome! There is a balloon festival near my town. This look just like that.
Can you add some cool UFO?
Thanks for sharing
Where to install these?
Would it be possible to play the mod on the new modlader version and would it be possible for the man to open the hood?
It made for actual version of Mod Loader. No.
*sees name*
*rates it 5 stars*

Seriously, it is a nice track :)
Love the dotted gradient and the detail work. I have picked up dozens of other liveries from racing online but still just had to add this one. Thanks for sharing!
Love the concept and the execution. Makes it look like you just dragged the car out of a lake, painted some numbers on it, and went racing. Great detail work as well. Thanks for sharing it!
Thanks for the review. I like the idea of everyone rolling up in their shiny new cars and im like yea, I just pulled mine out of a lake. lol
For WSBK mod in Ride 3
Can i have the Photoshop/png format texture for the livery sir? (send to if u want to give it to me) btw very great work sir
no, sry!!
How can I install this?
Thank you. This is a professional television director's job. Would you please make East and West if you have time?
very good savegame , clean and easy
This is a 5-star level of modding. Though I need to point that the car sounds way too low to the point EV cars sounds louder than this. But other than that great job!

Also wondering if you intend to do other kei cars & trucks, hope you do!
Hi, I didn't noticed anything, what does it suppose to do? I guess I did something wrong but really I didn't notice anything, hope you will help.
A festival of balloons during a race? What a great way to celebrate their first race in a new track!
Really nice job.
Amazing, the only problem is that, its no longer compatible with the shaders patch
Well done.
SUPER!!! Glad to be part of this!
Best mod of AC
lmao, 'ole Cole trickle is alive and well. Fantastic work! The Cup90 car is about the best nascar car I've driven.
did not work
Great skin mate you are on fire :-)
OMG - Nascar cars from the 90's in AC! I still play CUP90 mod by Denis Rioux in Nascar Racing 2003 Season. It's my favorite mod for this old game. Will have to try these cars ASAP.
Many thanks for creating this mod for AC.
I just did some skins not this mod!
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