NFS Tournament Class B

NFS Tournament Class B 1.51

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CSP 1.60 recommended

v1.5 changelog


  • changed all tires over to custom load sensitivity curves
  • homogenized and properly scaled some tire values across all cars
  • reduced available tires to 90s/modern streets (90s default) for the stock cars
  • reduced available tires to modern street/semis (semis default) on the tuned cars
  • adjusted some suspension setup values in response to new tires
  • added recalculated brakes with proportioning valve LUTs to all cars
  • added yaw-associated drag to all cars
  • random minor tweaks to stuff I noticed while doing all that crap

Porsche 993
  • Adjusted paints for CSP
  • Fixed driver animation
  • Working odometers and some warning lights, thanks to @AlleyViper and @hbs18
  • Adjusted blurred rims settings

  • Adjusted paints for CSP
  • Revised lighting
  • Adjusted blurred rims settings

  • Adjusted paints for CSP
  • Some visual fixes




v1.4 changelog:

Porsche 993 (C2 &C4)

Physics updates
- A whole crapload of all kinds of things. thanks again to arch & baker for data and assistance.
Rear wing deployment now works on replays and AI
Minor CSP extensions adjustments

Corvette ZR1

Physics updates
- Tire update
- Various tweaks
- Implemented basic damper rate selection in the setup menu
Added a tuned S1 version

Viper RT/10

Physics updates
- Updated inertia to match real data, thanks to Justin G
- Squashed persistent autoshifter bug thanks to AlleyViper
- Tire update
- Various tweaks
Hardtop works properly now on setup screen and replays (0=off by default, 1=on)
Minor CSP extensions adjustments
New Silver/Blue stripes skin

Tested with Content Manager v0.8.1976.36095 and Custom Shaders Patch 0.1.36, so it's recommended to run AC with these versions or newer.

v1.3 changelog:

Porsche 993 (C2 &C4)

- Physics updates (credits Jason and Arch)
- Fixed right rear wheel off center
- Corrected tread normals (thanks Gary!)
- Speedometer calibration
- Skin folder names
- Fixed rear wing speed and retract animation
- Added internal sunscreen
- Fixed LOD B brake light
- Updated dash cam position
- Updated crew with proper branding
- Functional oil press gauge

Thanks to @luathas fixed some gauges issues (fuel indicator bug, calibration)

Corvette ZR1

- Physics updates by aphidgod
- Fixed doors being part both interior and exterior views
- Added indicator lights, additional dash lights
- Added low-res cockpit
- Improved tire texture
- Added high beam lights
- Fixed the clock and amb. temp readout in cockpit not aligned correctly
- Proper pit crew branding
- Updated UI

Viper RT/10

- Physics updates
- New paint detail texture
- New light settings, added some CSP extended features
- Dash cam position
- Hardtop on by default (still removable from setup)
- Updated UI
Porsche 993 released!


Known bugs/issues:
- No damage textures (suggested to play with damage turned off)
- Shifter animation need to be done

1.1 Changelog:

Viper RT/10
- Auto shift issue fixed
- Seatbelt ON stitches fixed
- New lights configuration to US spec
- Warning lights on pits
- Disc nulls
- Added crew brand folder
- Fixed symmetrical air intake on hood
- Interior shaders exposure adjustments
- Fixed LOD C
- Capped hole in steering column when driving on dash cam
- New F6 cameras
- Fixed Hardtop / Fog Lamps behavior, hardtop comes on by default now
Can be turned off on the ACCESSORIES tab

Delete the old "a3dr_viper_rt10" folder and extract to \assettocorsa\content\ to have the crew textures installed as well (if you have the Class A pack you can skip or overwrite them as they're the same).