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NFS Tournament Class B 1.1

Dodge Viper RT/10, Corvette ZR-1, Porsche 993

  1. Corvette ZR-1 by Siim Annuk added to the pack

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  2. Fixes and stuff


    1.1 Changelog:

    Viper RT/10
    - Auto shift issue fixed
    - Seatbelt ON stitches fixed
    - New lights configuration to US spec
    - Warning lights on pits
    - Disc nulls
    - Added crew brand folder
    - Fixed symmetrical air intake on hood
    - Interior shaders exposure adjustments
    - Fixed LOD C
    - Capped hole in steering column when driving on dash cam
    - New F6 cameras
    - Fixed Hardtop / Fog Lamps behavior, hardtop comes on by default now
    Can be turned off on...
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