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  1. AyrtJ97

    Callaway Corvette C7.R (#60 Agusta Racing Team - Le Mans 24h 1997) 1.1b

    During the 1990s, Callaway took their tuned Corvettes to racing circuits all over the world making use of GT2 regulations using the base of a Corvette C4 under the name of Callaway Corvette LM-GT2. During the 1997 24h of Le Mans, Agusta Racing Team, team owned by the grandson of MV Agusta's...
  2. NewYuriCity

    2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Physics Update 1.2

    **Please note this requires that you have the C8 mod created by Nicolas Devoto that has been making it's rounds around the internet. It still uses the C7 sound and fonts so I can't remember if that was in a DLC, but you'll also need the kunos C7 one way or another. I've seen physics updates...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    LM24 | Corvette Withdraw From 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Ending a 20 year unbroken record of participation, the factory Corvette Racing team have withdrawn from the 2020 edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours. Having been on the grid continuously since the year 2000, should the rescheduled 24 hours of Le Mans take place this year, the distinctive yellow of...
  4. Viktoren69

    Corvette C6R Polizia Squadra Corse 2020-05-10

    Polizia Chevrolet Corvette C6R - To be used with this mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/corvette-c6r-2013.2852/
  5. O

    [ DATA REPLACEMENT] for 1970 Corvette LT1 .8

    When I first drove the 1970 Corvette LT1 by smallblockhero I was impressed with how it drove and handled compared to so many other Corvettes out there. I decided to use this great foundation to create a 454 version of the same car. It wasn't just an engine swap as I was changing a small block...
  6. tonny1520

    Corvette C7R - Cars 3 Jackson Storm livery 2.0

    This is My best attempt to recreate the Jackson Storm race livery, as seen on the movie. I hope You Enjoy it Two color body, carbon fiber trim on the front and black on the rear. Eyes over the glass ( Does not interfere on visibility in game), if you don't like it please delete the Glass.3ds...
  7. Jose Mendoza

    GoDaddy Danica Patrick No. 10 Nascar Tribute Corvette C7R 1.0

    This a skin that I made some time ago, but forgotten about it (lol), this car always stand out to me on races, so I wanted to make a version to race with on Assetto Corsa, so I made it. Sorry for the low quality, it's only a 2k one, I will try to make a better resolution one If you want me...
  8. Pasta2000

    Chevrolet Corvette C1 Sebring 1960 Skins 1.0

    Hello again, Hereby I give you 3 liveries (#1, #2 and #3) for Velo's C1 Corvette. I decided to go for a blend between the cars as they are today and the cars in 1960. Hence why the front stripe is not present. If demanded, I can ofc make the front stripe extend to the nose of the car. Enjoy!
  9. S

    Corvette C7R Penske Racing (Fictional) 2020-02-10

    Fictional Penske Livery for the Kunos C7R Enjoy!
  10. Loulouz

    Loulouz Corvette C7R GTLM VRC 1.0

    Skin pour l'open du 28/02 sur Assetto Corsa organisé par VRC
  11. Crivitz Chris

    2016 WEC and 2017 ELMS - Larbre Competition Corvette C7.R v1

    Here fills a couple more spots. Very special thanks to Klo-che for providing the 2016 LM Template. Note: You may need to edit the Class and Category line in the .rcd to match your install. Also - I've had a bug with adding Endurance Series skins. In the old UI, the car shows up twice. In the...
  12. Neko Taisen

    Fictional Taisen Racing Corvette WEC & USCC 1.0

    After I did some skins on the Corvette dedicated to all my friends as a real first try, I decided to make an unpersonnal and public variant of my skins for everyone. The package includes WEC and USCC skins of my fictional team. You need to know that, all extra lights are not from me but from...
  13. Max Melamed

    Corvette GT3 - Nordschleife (Combined)

    This is my first approach for a Corvette Setup for the ring. It is very stable and offers a decent Top Speed, so you are able pass on the Döttinger Höhe and the GP Track. Mediums for the Race, Softs for Qualy. I am not sure if you can go with Softs for a full tank of fuel. This is for the...
  14. shadow118

    Corvette VDC Evil Empire 1.0

    Sergei Kabargin's Evil Empire #49 Corvette, for the VDC Chevrolet Corvette C6 Mast V8 mod Some of the details are slightly diffrent from the original, since the mod is based on the ZR1, while the actual car is a C6, most noteably the Evil Empire logo in the rear, on the real car it's below...
  15. Lucian Paine

    LPD-Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 BZ SimWorks Punisher 1.0

    Fully Gallery at LucianPaine Design
  16. manuelj3

    S397 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R GTE Repsol Team 2019-03-20

    To install, extract the file into your rFactor2 Home Directory. Enjoy it!!
  17. manuelj3

    S397 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R GTE Gulf 2019-03-20

    To install, extract the file into your rFactor2 Home Directory. Enjoy it!!
  18. BloodySalmonMan

    DIY Corvette C7.R GTE style steering wheel (Complete)

    Hi guys. After building Coswroth MK2 (LMP2) steering wheel, I received an order to make Corvette C7.R GTE style steering wheel. And I want to share my work before sending it all the way to Australia. As per usual, here are some pictures of the completed wheel rim. The rim consists of two main...
  19. homecalendar

    Corvette 1969 Pekka Nystrom. GT legends tribute 1.0

    For all who have great nostalgia for GT legends. This is the skin from GT legends Corvette 1969 Pekka Nystrom.

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