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  1. A

    All factory colors for Corvette C8 (with CSP configs) 2021-06-12

    This is a pack of all factory colors + 2 web devised ones. They work on the targa car in "CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8 STINGRAY 2020" by Nicolas Devoto. You may add the skins on the coupe too since they are almost identical models. Install and use: open the zip file and drag...
  2. prceurope

    Corvette C8R GTE Sebring Setup

    Hey guys! Looking to get the C8.R down into the 1:55s at Sebring and I'm stumped for setup. The car feels great - no issues there - I just cannot seem to find the time I need. No problems with the GT3 or LMP2s. The C8.R is the first GTE I'm trying to get a real life lap time with and it's not...
  3. Erik_27

    Chevrolet Corvette C8R GTE Dashboard V1

    Just download , double click and install to SimHub. Please be sure to check the box to install the fonts. Enjoy it! For any doubts please contact me via Discord: Erik_27#5855
  4. Stefan Clift

    Konica Minolta Corvette Racing | RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 0.99

    Konica Minolta Corvette Racing To install, drag the "content" folder from the zip file to: steamapps\common\assettocorsa This pack contains both liveries, driver gloves and suits, and team pit boards and crew suits. The drivers are: #20 - Kevin Magnussen (DNK) #66 - Patricio O'Ward (MEX)...
  5. ZL1

    Callaway Competition #77 | 2021 ADAC GT Masters V1.2

    Presenting the #77 Callaway Competition for 2021 ADAC GT-Masters The livery has 2 versions: one for original Kunos version and one for the Callaway concept version :) By default the liveries are 4K uncompressed for the best quality possible, but you can, of course, resize / compress the...
  6. DendyZ

    Chevrolet Corvette F1 Team (only Car livery) 1.0

    Hi this is my second livery. Now it is Chevrolet F1 Team ispired by Corvette IMSA Copy-paste, ERS version and psd file for edit (sponsors, colors...) Hope you like. See ya. ;)
  7. M

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 - Corvette-Chevrolet Dallara SR21-V 1.0

    America joins the fight in F1 with this retro-inspired design. This is my first livery uploaded to Racedepartment, so please leave any feedback you have!
  8. G

    A-Production Corvettes for AC Legends 1.0

    Famous A-Production Corvettes from SCCA competition in the late 1960s and 1970s. These skins are for the AC Legends GT 1969 Corvette. These A-Production Corvettes were roadsters but, unfortunately, all we have in AC Legends is a coupe version*. Nevertheless, the sound of a grid of 427 big-block...
  9. G

    A-Production Corvettes for AC Legends 1.0

    This resource is now in Assetto Corsa skins. Unfortunately no way to delete from ACC. Famous A-Production Corvettes from SCCA competition in the late 1960s and 1970s. These skins are for the AC Legends GT 1969 Corvette. These A-Production Corvettes were roadsters but, unfortunately, all we...
  10. jeanvendors

    2 Skins for Corvette C6R 1.0

    Here's 2 skins for the Corvette C6R by SandroX available here, including crew and driver outfits. The teams are Chiquita Banana and 76 Oil. You can drop the .rar straight into Content Manager, or drop the Content folder directly into the Assetto Corsa install folder.
  11. Dieser Corvette Daytona Prototyp ist der Wahnisnn! | Assetto Corsa IER Car Pack Mod

    Dieser Corvette Daytona Prototyp ist der Wahnisnn! | Assetto Corsa IER Car Pack Mod

    Diesen Corvette Daytona Prototyp für Assetto Corsa müsst ihr testen! Wirklich toll modelliert, gute Fahrphysik und mit ganz viel Liebe zum Detail. Die IER Car Pack Mod von mclarenf1papa entführt uns heute in die USA, um in VR ein paar Runden über Daytona zu brettern.
  12. Highlandwalker

    S397 Corvette C8R GTE (DELL) 1.0

    Here's skin for the Corvette C8R GTE. a mas file with icons for the new UI. Enjoy.
  13. Brandydo

    ALMS 2000 GTS "One-Offs" Pack 1.0

    Happy New Year to all! With lockdowns continuing (or starting in some places), I feel it's time for another skin pack to break the monotony of being inside. For this car pack, we revisit the 2000 American Le Mans Series once again. The moniker "one-offs" isn't exactly literal...the "Kabuki...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | Endurance Bundle 2 DLC Now Available

    Studio 397 have today deployed their latest DLC offering for rFactor 2 - the Endurance Bundle 2 - containing three new endurance specification cars within the simulation. Endurance Bundle 2 available now for £8.13. Contains Cadillac DPi, Ligier LMP2 and Corvette GTE. Items can be purchased as a...
  15. Stereo

    1959 Corvette C1 1.1.2

    Introduction It happened again. I intended to build a quick mod similar to my E46 so I had a nice open top vintage car to cruise around some free roam circuits, and I ended up spending 3 weeks building it instead. Here is the result. This is a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, the first generation...
  16. G

    Cars I would like to make a Callaway GT3-R for this sim

    Hi, I was wondering if I could receive some assistance with this car. I have never attempted anything even remotely on this scale, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me through it? I'm not even sure how to obtain a 3D model, let alone how to make it compatible with AC...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing | New Cars, New Tracks And Massive Change Log

    iRacing new update day brings with it loads of new content and a huge list of changes. Chevy Corvette C8.R released. Dallara LMP2 released. Significant UI Upgrade. You've already skipped to the change log, so I'll leave you to it.... Update Notes (in memory of the many brave keyboards lost...
  18. halljaq

    GOLD3N's Corvette C5.R Skin Pack 2.5.1

    32 Skins for the C5.R, I notice their were a lack of skins for the C5.R, so i decided to make a skin pack, there are some that im missing but ill get to those eventually. This is Legions Corvette btw... Anyway enjoy the skins and and that special #3 skin too. Update 2.5.0 - #53 Updated -...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing | The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8R Is Coming To iRacing

    Yes, iRacing have yet another new high profile car release in the works - as the new Chevrolet Corvette C8R is confirmed to be heading to the sim later this month. American muscle with a hint of European inspired design, the latest in a long line of Corvette machinery has rolled off the...
  20. Feint

    2020 Daytona 24h Corvette C8.R 03 and 04 (now dirtier) 2.0

    The Corvette C8.R numbers 03 and 04 from the 2020 Daytona 24h race. These skins aren't perfect due to the strange mapping of the body in some places on the SimDream car. Really the only issues are the IMSA logo on the nose can't be added because of the mapping, there's an extra arrow on the...