NFS Tournament Class B

NFS Tournament Class B 1.4

No permission to download
There's not enough stars to rate it! Top job!
Amazing ! Thank you ! I love the Viper
Just looks, physics, realism!
thank you!
Is it possible to give 6 or 7 stars for rating? Fantastic job. Perhaps an odometer for the next update? Thank you.
Quality stuff, thanks!
Best Porsche mod so far, thank you guys
Any chance to get Carrera RS version?
I’m pretty confident carrera 2 is my favorite mod over all. Lovely to look at and absolutely brilliant to drive. Thanks a lot!
Pure nostalgia and gasoline. With every acceleration the Amazon forest cries!
perfect mod NFS, thanks!!!
They drive nice,look nice,and play well together .
awesome, thanks so much
GLAD to see A3DR NFS Update again Always Top Quality
A Must have for Assetto Corsa ! Just download and try. The handling is different between the cars so you'll find at least one with the driving you like !
Thanks so much
Amazing pack of cars :)
still the mod benchmark IMHO. Thx !!
i love it
Amazing work ! :) Thank you so much
Stunning! Thank You All.
Simply amazing. Goosebumps and childhood souvenirs brought back to life !
Loved the old NFS games, so this is pure gold for me. Everything screams quality!
Awesome, much appreciated
911 (993) model are good, but in case of ride it seems undrivable:(
I'm praying for (arch) physics update for this beauty, there is no good 90s stock RWD porsches in AC
Dear A3DR, insanely amazing work, one little issue thats very jarring in VR is that when it rains, the rain also pours down the dashboard, as the material for the glass instrument panel is the same as the windshield, and assetto applies rain to it as well. Would be incredible if that could be corrected. Thank you very much for this insane quality mod!
The best 3d models! thanks A3DR
Recently just built my PC just for the mods on this game. You nailed it with the Viper! I have a GTS here in the states and the attention to detail (especially with the Sneaky Pete ignition key!) is out of this world. Great job. Hopefully we can see a Blue/White 1996 GTS soon? :)
Straight outta 90's! Thanks
over the top...
Excellent mod!
Music in the video, for all interested, ST.Germaine - Sure Thing, from my favorite 2000's album 'Tourist'.
Excellent. Thank you.
brilliant !!
Oh man, superb work! 993 is awesome!
Hotlap on Nordschleife: