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Porsche 911 (993) Turbo

Porsche 911 (993) Turbo 0.96

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Physics by Jason Coates (aphidgod) + Arch (Kyuubeey)

by Mr. Mike (ImImike)
Gauges textures
by Kamil Gwiaździński (9kret9)
3D model and textures
by myself (a3dr)

Based off my stock 993 (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/nfs-tournament-class-b.20228/) here's the Turbo version, includes a souped up S2 version with a RUF engine, custom suspension and minor cosmetic changes.


File size
155.6 MB
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 59 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. This is the one you want

    Fixes things, according to some of our renowned scientists and doctors in the discussion thread.
  2. Mostly physics updates

    Physics updates - A whole crapload of all kinds of things. thanks again to arch & baker for...

Latest reviews

Beautiful car, excellent mod.
Don't we all wish we could review this car against real life counterpart. :')
AC perfection.
Very great job ! Thank you !
Super Mod. Very nice job. Suggest street tyres for 1.0? Many thanks for the fun.
this the most beautiful model of 911 993 turbo my favorite
actually, mod is excellent, and i know time is always short, and it was probably mentioned before, but for the 3dwork, i still feel some details could be done, like actual "working" turning and fog lights etc.
the csp light cfg although, definitely needs more attention to detail (lets call it finetuning) for a public(!) release (brake lights are waaaay too bright for my taste); always hurts my soul when i see screens of your cars and things just dont look as polished,... not everyone edits their csp light configs on their own.
otherwise still 5/5, thx for doing this and putting up the work
I get it, but if you've read my comments about CSP, the lack of documentation and constant updating makes it very difficult (at least for me) to keep up, so I don't really bother and usually search for help on that.
So, if you think you can do better, I can always use a helping hand there, so feel free to send me any improvements on that matter you can do.
Turbo S2 work perfectly.
but the turbo crash the game on my two PC.
Thx A3DR for another update
Muy bueno
absolutely great work! Thanks so much!
Espectacular, todos los apartados del coche están genial. Me ha flipado lo blanda que se siente la suspensión y lo difícil que es llevarlo al limite.

Gracias por tan gran mod.
Wow, One of the best addon car for Assetto. You MUST HAVE those cars. a3dr, i love your cars !
really great, thx
What a beauty of porsche, a work of art. Thank you very much.
Superb mod and physics
3d model is just superb, however i doubt its correct woking os suspension. when you accelerate front part of the car raise too much, which is not quite real. a3 models are great, talking about ferrari, viper. But 993 should be reworked from suspension point of view
If you think you know better than the guys behind the physics of all these cars, you shoud''ve read the discussion thread. It's all explained there, and you can share your point of view as well as any useful input you might have.
What a beauty!
Nice car and physics

Here are some better values for me:

In dash_cam.ini


In car.ini

Sos un crack dani, un crack total.