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MAD Formula Team MFTC3 V1.1

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Please read the document before downloading the car. It’ll put into context who we are, what we do and what is this car about (and what tracks to use).
If you share this mod, please do so using the link of this RaceDepartment page. Do not redistribute, re-host, or unpack this content without permission from myself or MAD Formula Team.

Formula Student is a competition involving universities from all over the world. Students from these universities develop, build and race these purpose-built, single-seater racecars against other universities in competitions that take place all over the world during the summer months. Formula Student is probably the most prestigious engineering competition at a student level.

MAD Formula Team is one of these teams and I am a proud member. We represent University Carlos III of Madrid across Europe. We are a relatively small and young team compared to other universities, but we are extremely ambitious and dedicated. We are now over 50 students from various degrees, and we are currently fully focused on designing and developing the MFT01, our 2021 challenger. In order to check out the progress of the team, please consider following us in social media (Facebook Twitter Instagram), and check out our website


2020 was meant to be our 5th season competing in Formula Student, but due to the pandemic all events were cancelled. This meant that the MFTC3, the car we had been preparing for so long, would sadly never turn a wheel.

And so I decided to make sure the car would race, even if it is in the virtual world. I started developing the car and the physics back in April, and after many months of hard work, the car is ready to be launched to the world. Since the car we are developing for 2021 is so different, we weren’t hesitant to use as much real-life data as we could in order to create a car which behaved and performed just like the real-life counterpart. The car has completed over 2000km in testing and has been optimized following extensive feedback from the drivers.

The car
  • 5 different MAD skins (Lava, Blue, White, Navy and Carbon) + 7 Youtuber themed skins (Chris Haye, Billy Cherokee, Heikki360, Saxogaming, Team Quadrant, Jimmy Broadbent and Efeuno) + 1 RaceDepartment Skin
  • Realistic physics model of the 2020 MAD Formula Team challenger
  • Fully working AI. (a bit slow though, but competitive)
  • SFX thanks to @Modek
  • Tyre textures thanks to @garyjpaterson
  • Lando Norris helmet texture thanks to @talisman
  • Hoosier tyre model based on @tomhbehrendt M17c, updated to a v10 tyre model.
  • EVO version (a more powerful version of the MFTC3): Due to certain engine regulations, engine performace is restricted at Formula Student events. This EVO version is the result of what happens when those restrictions are out of the equation. 121 bhp instead of 70, giving it more speed down the straights while maintaining all the cornering capabilities the normal version has.


Driving tips:
  • When driving the car, make sure you blip the throttle when downshifting to avoid a spin.
  • The car is very reactive, fiddle with setups until you find the settings that suit your driving style.
  • Careful when the car is on cold tyres, grip is very low until tyres heat up.
  • Make sure ABS setting is in "Factory" or "Off"
  • The standard version doesn't have a reverse gear. Careful with that as you may find yourself stuck nosed into a wall
  • Tyres are very sensitive to track and ambient conditions. Play with tyre pressures to make sure tyres stay at an optimal temperature range


Recommended track list (If you know more tracks that would work with this car please let me know in the discussion thread. This is just a list of the ones I have found most enjoyable and polished):

Formula Student Circuits.
Experience in your own hands the challenge of being a Formula Student driver.
Great tracks. Small, twisty, technical, but fun and great to race.
EVO tracks: Layouts that are a bit too big for the standard MFTC3 as you only really have to brake once or twice during a lap, but are ideal for the EVO version:

Online racing:
I would like to introduce you to the fantastic Formula Student community created. If you want clean, short and competitive online racing with the MFTC3 in a friendly and welcoming enviroment, this is the place to be. And we are preparing a bunch of championships and events for 2021, so be sure to check it out.
Find out more here
Captura de pantalla (520).png

Simply drop the folder inside the zip file in the "assettocorsa" root forder.

Make sure you have installed Content Manager, Custom Shaders Patch and SOL in order to maximize the experience

Skin files:
If you want to create your own skins:

DONATIONS (Why this might be interesting to you):

We know the incredible community at RaceDepartment loves motorsports. All of the donations will help us fund the 2021 project. Even if it isn’t much, every donation helps. So that is why we are offering donors of the mod something which will surely make you consider helping us in achieving our goals.

Any donation: Your name, nickname or expression of your choice will appear in one of the 5 MAD skins of the mod when V1.0 is released at the end of 2020.
Donations superior to 20€: Your name, nickname or expression of your choice will not only appear in one of the 5 MAD skins, but also in our real life 2021 Formula Student challenger, the MFT01.
By donating you accept the Terms and Conditions regarding MAD Formula Team donations. Please read carefully before donating, it only takes 1 minute.


I would like to end this post with some personal comments. First things first, my name isn’t Ofitus21 (as you may have already guessed), my name is Diego. This started as an idea that was in my head back in March, but I thought I wouldn’t have the time to do it. I really wanted to have our Formula Student car in the game and show to the world how it feels to drive one of these cars. And given I had so much data available, and that I already knew how to do the physics of a car in AC, I knew I could create something very fun to drive, and realistic. I started working on this not knowing what I was getting into, but slowly things started to take shape.

This is the first time I develop a 3D model of a car for a game so it is rough in some areas, and some textures aren’t perfect. Please let me know if you spot something very wrong. And yes, I know there is no engine in the engine area, but it was a measure I had to take in order to save polygons.

I would like to conclude that this project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many people. From team members who helped me developing our physics, Gary, Motek and Tom for solving some of the issues I found when creating the car and letting me use some of their work in my vehicle, and of course everyone in the Race Department AC forums for helping me with my "silly" modding questions. Thank you.


Screenshot_madformulateam_mftc3_magione_18-9-120-20-48-19.jpg ETkpvG8WsAEKJOK.jpg Screenshot_madformulateam_mftc3_drift_18-9-120-20-42-32.jpg Screenshot_madformulateam_mftc3_drift_18-9-120-20-39-15.jpg Screenshot_madformulateam_mftc3_drift_18-9-120-20-43-34.jpg __custom_showroom_1603393316.jpg Screenshot_madformulateam_mftc3_drift_15-9-120-16-14-31.jpg Assetto pic.jpg
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Latest reviews

Amazing mod!
Big fun in a really small package :D
really good
Fantastic car
What a fantastic mod! It's awesome to have another Formula Student car in the mod world of AC. Greetings from the electric team of Naples, Italy!
The EVO makes a whopping 121 hp for only 243 kg, and it was still faster than I expected. Don't limit yourself to club layouts, this thing should be a good time attack weapon anywhere you go.
Great Mod, greetings from your rivals in Kiel.
Top mod for AC! Loads of fun & thanks very much for the hard work!
Amazing work! While small it's definitely mighty and really makes you feel like you're zipping along. Such a wonderful time driving it.
Great job, but the seems to have no reverse gear: I spun a couple times with car nose touching the wall and I had to return to pit to get back on track
Just like the real life car. Formula Student regulations ban the usage of reverse gears. The EVO version has one, but the standard one will stay without a reverse gear
Best mod ever. It is really simmilar to driving the real car indeed.
Very fun challenge. Instant pick for my next SRS series. Something good has come out of this lockdown. ^_^
Must try! Just the feedback this little devil gives you is incredible!
It´s a really fun and easy car to drive. It´s perfect for a race with your friends in a small track
Really fun to drive and beautiful. Impressive work ;)
fun to drive. great stuff
Si tuviese ke resumir el coche en una sola palabra, esta sería...DIVERTIDO!! Sin duda, hubiese pagado por verlo rodar en la vida real. Muy buen trabajo chic@s!!!
Absolutely fabulous, thanks for sharing this gem!
Hacía tiempo que no me lo pasaba tan bien con un coche. Es cierto que en circuitos más técnicos y con curvas es más entretenido. ¿Teneís pensado sacar las plantillas para el coche?
Para hacer liveries? Sí, tenía planeado sacarlo este fin de semana
It's mad and I love it. Thank you.
So much fun!