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  1. R

    Formula Student Grand Prix Soundpack v1.1

    Hello, This is a sound mod for MAD Formula Team MFTC3. Click here for a download link for this amazing car! ↓↓↓ MAD Formula Team MFTC3 And here is the skin used in the video! ↓↓↓ FSGP 2020 Skinpack There are four types of sounds in all. Choose your favorite sound from the downloaded files and...
  2. EmilianoVidela

    Formula Student Grand Prix Skinpack 1.0

    Making the Formula 1 skins is part of the FSGP project developed by the Simracing.GP Formula Student community and MAD Formula Team Formula Student is a competition involving universities from all over the world. Students from these universities develop, build and race these purpose-built...
  3. Ofitus21

    MAD Formula Team MFTC3 V1.61 Final

    Please read the document before downloading the car. It’ll put into context who we are, what we do and what is this car about (and what tracks to use). If you share this mod, please do so using the link of this RaceDepartment page. Do not redistribute, re-host, or unpack this content without...