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Shanghai Tianma Circuit

Shanghai Tianma Circuit 1.01

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Shanghai Tianma Circuit is the first circuit ever constructed in East China area. It currently hosts events including China Touring Car Championship, China Truck Racing Championship, China Endurance Chamipship, and Tianma Endurance Series. It hosted Formula Pilota China and WTCC Race of China in 2011, before these events started to shift to the larger and more advanced Formula 1 Shanghai International Circuit. The track is 2.063km long with 14 tricky corners, providing good challenges to both drivers and race car engineers. Shanghai Tianma Circuit also provides performance driving school, drift school, open track days, as well as a number of other various services, making it one of the most popular race tracks among motorsport enthusiasts in China. The name Tianma in Chinese means Pegasus.

Over the years many efforts have been put into introducing this race track to racing sims, but very few mods really do justice to the beauty of the circuit. My friend @jarod.yi started working on a new Tianma Circuit for Assetto Corsa from scratch back in July this year, and with what he has learned in his previous projects (West Fengdong and Minicircuit 迷你环道), and with his hard dedication, now the mod is finally ready for public release. He authorized me to upload his work here at RaceDepartment for download. This mod is of top-notch quality, and we wish you enjoy this track as much as we do.

Please do not upload this mod elsewhere without permission.







  • 28 pits
  • 2 Sets of TV cameras and 1 set of static camera
  • World Detail level significantly changes the amount of grass displayed. Change your settings accordingly if you have framerate issues.
  • Dynamic tire marks supported.
  • Some details of the track will change depending on the number of participants (try and see if you can find them ;) ).

If you like the new Shanghai Tianma Circuit, and wish to thank @jarod.yi with this mod and his future projects, please consider donating using the link below. Your support is much appreciated.

Latest updates

  1. 1.01

    1.01 Fixed an issue: when the player's car hits certain locations of the wall the car gets stuck.

Latest reviews

amaging work 5stars
Really amazing track, fun to do some car testing and drifting. Overall feeling is great.
5stars bookmarked
Fun track,just fix the pits.
Very good work. There is an annoying bug though: the game does not see that the lap is completed if you go through the pits.
An excellent looking track.
Brilliant track. Great layout, great execution. Suits my preferences perfectly - I did only ~20 laps but I alread love it.
There is only one thing that could and should be improved to be real 5/5 - optimization. There are some FPS drops and avg. FPS also isn't too high... With some work on this problem this track could be one of all time greats.
Very nice, small little track. Very good for slow and medium speed cars. Had a good race with the AI here also.
Great quality. But I get pretty notable framedrop in T1, something that could be optimized?
Such a cool layout, thanks for bringing this track to the light. I had a blast with the RSR F3 there. Feeling is good, looks great too. Thanks a bunch!
Awesome work. A joy to drive. Thx!

Awesome track very well done, thanks
Very nice track indeed.
Many thanks!
Great job , thanks !
I am very happy your guys like this track~^_^
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4.89 star(s) 45 ratings