Tor Poznań

Tor Poznań 2.0

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Tor Poznań is first modded laser scaned track. Many thanks to the company KADEX Fotogrametria!
If you think my efforts are worth a beer, please consider a donation :)


The original circuit is located in Poznan city in Poland.
The track was built in 1975-1977, as a result of the cooperation of Automobilklub Wielkopolski and
Car Factory "Polmo" in Poznan. The track was built on the site of the former military training ground.
They used an old, unused runways of Ławica Airport.

The complex consists of two racetracks:
- main track with a length of 4,083 m and a width of 12 m
- kart track with a length of 1,480 m and a width of 12 m





Special Thanks:
Tor Poznań Track Day - for official supporting the project
Mr. Michał Wyczałek
Arkadiusz Żyłka - for the execution of hundreds of photographs true track
Ministry of Speed - for pictures of a real track
RealAKP - winter textures

Thanks to everyone involved in this project, especially testers so that I can improve the track!

If you think my efforts are worth a beer, please consider a donation :)

Screenshot_ktm_xbow_r_tor_poznan_2-5-115-16-54-3.jpg Screenshot_ktm_xbow_r_tor_poznan_2-5-115-16-58-26.jpg

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  3. Reversed Layouts

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  5. codename shadow ;-)

    Everything looks even better thanks to new shadows. there is also some new details

Latest reviews

Merci pour cette piste d'une qualité impressionnante
Amazing quality! Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you for sharing for free.
Good job :D świetna robota
Great !
I didn't know about that track, and I'm glad I discovered it. Thanks for giving us such a polished work, it really is amazing.
keep it coming
Peccato non poter mettere 6 stelle! Lavoro straordinario!
Beautiful work mate well done, many thanks
This one is one of my favs!!! AMAZING work, thank you
You've done, and doing a great job here !
Really enjoyable track, and a favourite in CM for me :)
best mod ever!
Superb! Very nice work

Thank you so much :)
Fantastic updates to a great track. Five stars easily.
The sixth star is waiting for the reverse routes to be reinstated...
Excellent work, thank you so much for the track!
really fun!! I think is so fun, great visuals!! just an question, the previous version had 5 variants, new has 3, reverse layouts will be available in the future?
Zima = Winter in Polish is currently supported by skin "Winter". I forgot to add reverse versions so the update will be soon.
Thank you for your great work. Great effort!
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