Ottawa Motorsports Park

Ottawa Motorsports Park 1.01

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About the Track

Ottawa Motorsports Park is a fictional fantasy road course, built on a real-world site in the hills above the Marais Des Cygnes river, near Ottawa Kansas (a small town about an hour from Kansas City). It's intended to be fast, fun to drive, and modestly technical. The track is laid out with an FIA Grade II certification in mind, with a wide main road and track verge zone, generous runoffs and gravel traps, and multiple configurations with range of speeds and complexities. Across the entire course, there is more than 140 feet of elevation change.



The terrain this track has been built on was derived from aerial LiDAR data (though as a fantasy track, obviously the circuit itself is not). Terrain textures are similarly based on aerial photography for realism. High-definition textures are used throughout, with high-impact areas benefitting from 8k texture maps. Additionally, OMP has been built to take advantage of the extended functionality that mods like Sol and the Custom Shaders Patch provide on top of the base Assetto Corsa experience.

Other features include:
  • 6 track configurations
  • 32-car grids and pit slots (North and South layouts; the Drift layout only offers 12 14 slots due to size)
  • Working and reasonably competitive AI lines for all layouts
  • Replay cameras
  • Functional 3D semaphore lights at the start/finish line
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Custom track maps for all layouts
  • CSP support, including:
    • GrassFX configuration
    • Track lighting for night races
    • Approximated bounce lighting support
    • Vertex AO patches
    • Animated track objects (It's Kansas, of course we gotta have wind turbines!)
    • RainFX support (requires Sol and a supported CSP build)






Low-poly RV models in the infield are by @Rigel from the forum.
Thanks to @LilSki, @Johnr777, @Mascot and others who've helped me troubleshoot issues and bumble my way through various CSP-related issues.

Latest updates

  1. 1.01 - Bugfix and Quality of Life Updates

    This update fixes the phantom lap issue on the Drift layout and squeezes a couple more pit...
  2. 1.0 - Final release! CPU optimizations, replay cameras, and CONES!

    Ottawa Motorsports Park is finally complete! Thanks to everybody who's tested it out and...
  3. Gigantic Update - South Loop, 6(!) layouts, RainFX, CPU optimizations...

    I apologize for the long delay between updates, but I think you'll see that it's been worth...

Latest reviews

Hey Cool Track
Very good
Decided to race round here in the 1920s F1 cars and it was a blast, big shout out to you thrashdog for your great attention to detail and finish you have included in this track. This is defo one of my favourite tracks at the moment and will enjoy many hours of racing it.
cheers Baird.
Great track, nice flow and it's amazing for racing action too, I'm just playing vs the AI as I get used to learning new tracks with no racing line and it's great fun, looking forward to driving it more
This is an amzing piece of work. The quality is right up there in my opinion. One of my favourite circuits now. Many thanks !!
This track is loads of fun. I have not raced on all the layouts yet, but the ones I have are awesome! There is a lot of attention to detail and is very well done. Kudos!

There is really only one suggestion I have, the AI need a little bit of work. I was about 1.5 - 2 seconds faster on 100% at north club. I created a new, and added a few AI_hints and they are a lot closer now, still fine tuning. Still deserves 5 stars, fantastic track.
Jordan -- I will freely admit the AI line on the north club layout was not as well-baked as the rest of the track (and the AI suffers generally from my own middling driving skills! :) ). I'd be happy to include your improved line in a future update, if you're willing to share!
Wonderful track, great job ;)
Amazing track!
My graphics issue has now resolved itself with a change to my CSP version.
Deifintely a must have in AC.
Great track
Bram Hengeveld
This amazing track should be on any AC player's PC. What an incredible circuit!
Fantastic tracks. Thank you!
I am giving it five because it flows so beautifully and really good for racing.
One thing for an update: The AI always go off on the Club circuit last hairpin
Perfect! Very good track!
Great track, i really enjoy it.
Great update!
Thanks for the update. One of my favorite tracks.
0k Thank You :)
Fantastic job!!

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