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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 304 19.9%
  • Boots

    Votes: 62 4.1%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 150 9.8%
  • None

    Votes: 1,012 66.2%


  1. Cozy61

    2020 [RSS 3 V6] Super Formula Custom Championship 1.2

    2020 Super Formula Championship The 2020 Japanese Super Formula Championship was the 34th season of premier Japanese open-wheel motor racing Installation help in '2020 Super Formula Links.txt' of this download For info: Waiting on the 2021 skins for the new Formula RSS Supreme for AC before...
  2. CapitanKeen

    fictitious Skins for 1975 F1 1.0

    my first skin work (no real world liveries) use with: f1c75_brabham f1c75_ferrari_312t f1c75_mclaren f1c75_tyrrell_p34 Sígueme en Twitch para charlar sobre música y gran variedad de juegos ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ REDES ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▹ YouTube Trovo ▹▹▹ https://trovo.live/CapitanKeen Twitter ▹▹▹...
  3. SeanBullDesign

    RSS Formula Hybrid 21 - Lotus F1 Livery -Sean Bull Design 01

    2021 Lotus F1 Livery Concept Classic Lotus colours and a minimalist Livery design inspired by the cars of the 60's Livery by Sean Bull design, and adapted for in game use by Tom Eddie: @Ferrari2016 First of a few uploads for the RSS cars coming so enjoy!
  4. B

    F1 2021 Simhub Dashboard 1.0

    F1 2021 Simhub dashboard. Your favorite Simhub dashboard is back! Based on the Simhub dashboard from F1 2020, the dashboard now works with F1 2021. Enjoy. Requires Simhub v7.4.7+ Installation: Unzip and install via Simhub file. Changes since F1 2020 Dashboard v1.5.2...
  5. SDW_Nyx

    Formula RSS 3 V6-King Racing #27 & #111 Livery 1.0

    Hello, I would like to present you my first skin. It is the King Racing Skin that our team is using in the Champions R League by CHAMPION JOE. This pack includes the #27 and the #111 for the Formula RSS 3 V6. I hope you enjoy it :)
  6. JCvanDoorn

    Hotlap & Setup for Formula Hybrid 2021 @ Silverstone / Great Brittain

    Hi all, I haven’t had too much opportunity to drive the last weeks, but here’s my hotlap and setup for Formula Hybrid 2021 at Silverstone. The setup is linked in the description of the video on YouTube. F1 Great Britain 2021 Hotlap - Silverstone - 1:27.188 + Setup (Assetto Corsa Formula Hybrid...
  7. Airwreck

    VRC Formula NA Coach Eric Fantasy Skin 1.1

    Another Fantasy Skin for coachericacademy.com
  8. zelli

    Dragon/Penske Autosports Season 7 FE Skin V1

    Hey Guys, Today im sharing with you my Third pack of FE skins for S7!! Here is a sick new livery, Dragon/Penske Autosports!! This pack contains both the #6 and #7!! I hope you enjoy!! If you would like 2 easy was to support me and tell me you want more FE Skins, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel...
  9. R

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 simhub dash 1

    My first try of creating a dashboard for the RSS 2021 Hybrid in assetto corsa.
  10. peppen

    Skins Test-Driver.it skin pack Formula RSS 3 v6

    peppen submitted a new resource: Test-Driver.it skin pack Formula RSS 3 v6 - Test-Driver skin pack for Formula rss 3 v6 Read more about this resource...
  11. peppen

    Test-Driver.it skin pack Formula RSS 3 v6 1.0

    Secondo skin pack marchiato Test-Driver.it all'interno ci sono 8 skin con relativi file .psd per agevolare piccole modifiche, come ad esempio cambiare il numero. Trovate l'articolo qui https://test-driver.it/assetto-corsa-skin-pack-test-driver-formula-rss-3-v6/ se servisse una guida lascio qui...
  12. J

    BIZKOR 01 EV - Formula Student Vitoria V0.6

    BIZKOR 01 EV: The Next Step FSVitoria is the Formula Student team from the UPV/EHU Vitoria Gasteiz. Founded in 2018 and with more than 40 engineers, FSV designs from scratch, builds and races with an electric singleseater. In only three years the team has fulfilled really ambitious goals...
  13. H

    Formula RSS 2 V6 - Penske & Porsche Penske Fictional Liveries 1.0

    Hey everyone! This is the first livery I've ever made, but I'm quite proud of the results. After seeing Porsche and Penske partnering up for Endurance racing, I had the idea of making a livery imagining if they had a Formula 2 team together as well. When I was making the liveries, I liked...
  14. Lechat44

    Formula x Hybrid | Aston martin 2022 | F1 2022 AMR Skin 1

    Hello, i make this skins for the pleasure, isn't very really but it's beautiful.
  15. Pyyer

    Formula Vector - Wipeout Tribute Skin pack - 12 liveries 1.0

    A tribute to the Wipeout game series for the amazing Formula Vector car mod by https://www.racedepartment.com/members/jakoman3.329962/ Car mod can be found here : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/formula-vector.40934/ This skin pack include 12 liveries for the following Wipeout teams ...
  16. Cozy61

    Instructions for F1 Monaco with RSS FH 2021 data.acd (Safe hairpin and chicanes 100% AI Strength) 1.0

    Instructions for Monaco of RSS FH 2021 data.acd (Safe hairpin and chicanes 100% AI Strength) EDIT: 29/03/2021- Following a request from Race Sim Studio I have removed the data.acd files from the download The new updated version is instructions only and does not include the original or amended...
  17. Cozy61

    RSS FH 2021 - F1 2021 Full Season ‘Custom Championship' 1.0k

    Hi Simracers and F1 fans 01/10/2021 v1.0k I have amended this championship to only use the 'Source of the Nile' community skin pack. The frequently revised schedules meant the upload was becoming messy and confusing. Previous versions can be downloaded from the History tab Please download...
  18. dham97

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 Dash [SimHub] 1.1

  19. TheSourceOfTheNile

    Formula Hybrid 2021 | F1 2021 Pirelli Tire Pack 2.0

    This mod replaces the default, generic "Formule" tire textures on the Formula Hybrid 2021 which can be viewed in-game. It also has included a remastered version of the tire textures which removes the ugly yellow striping and lettering from the tires. I highly encourage skin modders to use the...
  20. Qtaro

    Aston Martin AMR21 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 2.2

    Aston Martin skin for the RSS FH2021 car. Includes ACSPRH helmets and driver suits. To install, drag the "content" folder from the zip file to: steamapps\common\assettocorsa Credits: ACSPRH https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acsprh-real-helmets-for-assetto-corsa.26805/ Helmets...