Virginia International Raceway

Virginia International Raceway 1.1

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After almost 2 years work we are very proud to release this great track for Assetto Corsa.

Virginia International Raceway (commonly known as "VIR") is a road course located in Alton, Virginia. VIR hosts amateur and professional automobile and motorcycle events, driving schools, club days, and private test rentals. It is most famous for hosting the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship which takes place every August.

The track itself has been painstakingly modeled from scratch using several sources of technical data, countless photographs, hours of video footage and real world feedback from drivers and racers.

It contains all seven layouts: Full, Grand East, Grand West, North, South, Patriot & Patriot Reverse. All are fully functioning with AI. Each layout has it's own look and feel in accordance with real life. The 'Full' layout is 2016 race spec as you will see it in the Sportscar Championship/Oak Tree GP

A huge amount of effort went into this project. We hope you enjoy it.

Please take the time to check out the release notes included in the download.

Version History
V1.1 - 18/09/16
Complete shader rework by LilSki for improved lighting
Misc texture improvements
New AI throughout
Road edging improved
Oak Tree tyres moved off kerbing
DRS Zones for Full, Grand East & Grand West added (2 zones on Full & Grand East. 1 zone on Grand West)
Fixed wonky cambers in T3, T6 & T10
Fantastic new camset by Black Wagtail (full layout)
Bit of housekeeping on the JSON and other ini files
Minor optimizations
Fixed Patriot cam behind tent
Reduced footprint of Patriot pit apron to avoid accidental slowdown if you run wide at the last corner
Fixed a number of sticky walls
A couple of smoothing issues fixed
Some flickering textures fixed

V1.0 - 09/09/2016
First Public Release

Extract the vir folder from the archive to :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks

PM. Lead modelling and textures: Darren Blythe
Additional assets and textures: Rigel
UI Images. Research, photography, driver feedback and testing: Arthur666
Additional Camera sets: Norbs
Texture/AI improvements. Help, advice and QA: Lilski
Trackside marshal models kindly donated by Brun. Misc. RV's by TarusX
WIP Testing: Richard Thompson, Piotr, Jeremy Ingraham

If you enjoy this track please consider buying a beer for the team who have worked incredibly hard to bring this amazing track to life. Not compulsory but very much appreciated :)

And finally
A MASSIVE thank you to everyone in the AC community for your continued support and patience. It really helped keep us going through the challenging times. We couldn't and wouldn't have done it without you.

Most importantly, Have fun!

DB, Rigel and Arthur666

Latest updates

  1. VIR Version 1.1 : Shader updates, new AI and more!

    Version 1.1 - 18/09/16 Complete shader rework by LilSki for improved lighting Misc texture...

Latest reviews

Gorgeous work with this!!
Your efforts have not gone in vain!
Best Track!
thank you.
I liked the track when I was watching some US F4. It seemed pretty idyllic, so I was happy when I found it on here! Thanks for your work :) Great track!
wonderful job ! thx for sharing !
Just amazing, your attention to detail is superb. The detail you have included off track is just as spectacular. An awesome track, wished I'd found this ages ago. Well done !!!
Thank you for the review. Glad you are enjoying it. Have fun :)
thank you, great job
PERFECT. Thank you so much!! Love this track and you all did an amazing job bringing it to life.
Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it :)
Wow Wow Wow!!! Great mod, details and graphics
Fantastic Work
Really interesting track and the elevation changes are very nicely done. Great job, thank you for sharing it!
Thanks for downloading. Glad you enjoy it :)
Excellent work. I love this circuit.
I spent time on VIR in the real world. The author(s) did an amazing job bringing the track to AC. As accurate as I could have hoped for, brings all of the fun of the real thing into AC. Always wondered what hot lapping the track would be like in far more expensive and capable cars than what I was driving, this gives me a glimpse! Could not be more impressed and content. Found myself digging for the same courage to plow through the climbing esses in AC as I have to in the flesh. Bravo!
Awesome job on the track!
What an excellent track. This is one that I've raced on countless times and you guys really nailed it. Feels like I'm back there. If there's one thing I could change, it would be the stretch from the Roller Coaster down into Hog Pen. It's a bit flat in the sim where in real life it has a more pronounced downward slope. Fix that, and you have the best iteration of VIR in any sim.
Fantastic! Been here in real life (as a spectator only), and this is unbelievably faithful and detailed.
Thanks for the review. Always love hearing from people who know the track. Glad you are enjoying it!
Can't believe I'm only now discovering this! For starters, donationware (you guys are saints)! Then, not only all the configurations, but the WHOLE COMPLEX?? Cherry on top with the Easter eggs?? I got hours of enjoyment out of that alone! This track could have been sold as a complete sim in and of itself! What an absolutely incredible job done, I hopped in the RX-7 I used to drive there and found all the old lines, shift points, everything was spot on. Even the scraping as you make the turn after the bridge to stay on the N course! I'm speechless and ecstatic.

Is the Paypal still active and these guys still around? If so, I want to buy you guys a couple cases of beer!! You deserve it!!
Yes, the paypal should still be active. So glad your enjoying VIR in all it's glory. Your comments mean a lot after the efforts of bringing this to life. Thank you!
Thanks for the great work on this track it's a real beauty there is lots to see and do here the pit lane in itself is superb definitely one of my favourites.
cheers dazzyb2k3.
About as close as you can get to being there... the Oak Tree easter egg is just icing on the cake.
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