Sol 2.2.9

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!!! Sol needs CSP 1.76 or later !!!
I recommend to use CSP 1.79

Sol does not bring Rain! RainFX is a part of CSP preview versions,
available here - for MONEY!

PLEASE !!! Read the install guide !!!
Sol 2.2.9 install guide

For further support, please use the 'Ask a question' button above and not the review section.

DO NOT set a higher value than "Two faces per frame" in reflections frequency:

Also lower the resolution to 1024x1024. There is no big difference visually, but it gains much more fps...
For those weather effects, you need to set the cloud's render method to 2 in Sol Config app. Then the advanced skysim weather code is running.
Your track textures are not looking like they should look.

Its actually not an error, its a feature, called "seasonal adjustments". With CSP it is possible to change the track's textures to other colors. There is a problem with CSP versions between 1.30 and 1.38, so the textures looks much darker than they should look. This is fixed with CSP version 1.39.
CM just uses the current date for the race session. If its wintertime where the track is located, textures will be changed to look like they have a snow cover.
Change the date to summertimes
In CM's Drive menu:

or directly in game:
Open the Sol_weather app and change the date:
The default Sol filter. You can change all Sol parameters. This filter has a static exposure, which is adapted for daytimes. The filter has a neutral color balance.

The filter tries to have an optimal exposure for all situations. It uses a custom Autoexposure. CSP’s emissive and bounced lights are dynamically optimized for day and night light.The filter also adapts the color balance for different light situations.

A clone of __Sol_Extra. This filter works with the Reinhard tone mapping. The goal is to have less contrast in mid and high tones.

A filter for very bright monitors. It uses SDR dynamic and emulates some HDR effects.

This filter represents the colors with an accuracy of 98%, if a sunangle of 45° is used. It uses the linear tone mapping to achieve this accuracy. Therefore, bright colors will clip.

This filter uses sensitometric tone mapping. I realized a proper gamma to be color-neutral for a wide range. In high tones (>220) it will compress, this prevents clipping.
You can customize Sol ingame with the Sol_config app:
Please install Sol manually, as it is described in the guide!


Sol is a weather simulation system for Assetto Corsa/Shader Patch

You are not allowed to commercially use Sol without permission!

If you want to support Ilja, the genius who made all this possible:

If you want to support me as a patreon:

If you want to support RaceDepartment who host all your favorite RD mods:

To get older versions or newer betas of Sol, visit Sol's discord channel:[/SIZE]

Latest updates

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    Hello, This update will fix the problems with the new Content Manager 0.8.2561.... Mega...
  2. Small change in Sol 2.5 controller to use for challenges

    Please note, that update is all about the new Content Manger and CSP preview from Ilja's Patreon...
  3. updated Sol 2 controller

    Please note, that update is all about the new Content Manger and CSP preview from Ilja's Patreon...

Latest reviews

Just awesome. Content Manager should definitely have it be default
Installed CSP 1.80preview 428, and I stopped working Pure and Sol. I, of course, returned version 346, and yet, when should we expect the next version pure?
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
First, why do you rate Sol, when you install CSP preview? Also this is not a support channel. It is just the rating page. How should a communication work here. Why don't you use the discussion page???
fix it dawg even with reading and taking my time ive had 2 freinds look at it sol wont open
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
But why don't you use the discussion page to post your problem and get help? What is that idiotic use of the rating function to just report a problem?
when i install and open it it says my monthly subscription has ended but i have never used it
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
First, this is the rating site! If you have a problem, why don't you go to the discussion page and ask there? How should a conversation work here???

Second, Sol is completely free and don't need a subscription. And again, nothing that can be solve here in the rating area. Please use a proper way to ask for help and maybe you prepare screenshots to explain what you mean at all...
If I don't see you and Ilja getting hired by Kunos for AC2 I'm protesting.
whys my sol 2.2.9 saying that its going to take over a day to complete copying over to my acc, sorry i have no idea what im doing.
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Why ACC, or do you mean AC? Just use 7z and use "Extract" and don't drag and drop it.

P.S.: This is a rating section. Why don't you use the discussion page?
I have 0.8.2561.39678 (x86) CM and shader version 0.1.79, SOL 2.2.9
and Pure 0.190, but when I click on Sol planner in the Game I have the Message: The controller SOL 2.5 is not running.
(Sol was selected in the weather FX)

Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Please read this pdf carefully! Download the latest CM which is linked there and look at the pictures. There you will see where you set the Sol 2.5 controller in CM.
It *was* essential... but now I'm using Pure instead. :) Great work on both!
Great mod! Great creator! made the game 100 times better! thank you so much
Absolutely brilliant ! Once CM was properly setup and RainFX installed (some reading is required for both) , I was able to enjoy whatever type of weather I wanted or even use live weather !
I use the _SOL ppFilter and it looks really good!
Hey not sure if i installed correctly but sol 2.5 does not show up in weather in the drive tab. controller script 2.52 is selected and weather script 2.2.9.
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Please have a look in the discussion page. It was asked a several times in the past days. You will find a pdf which describes where the differences are between CSP 0.1.79 public and CSP 0.1.80p218 or later and that you need to install the newest content Manager, which is also linked in the pdf.
fps ? like - 100 ?
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Why don't you use the discussion function to solve a problem? Why the rating? How should it be possible here??? And with such many informations what you did while installing it is a pleasure to help. Its even a pleasure to help if someone downrate a thing first, before aksing in the channel which is there for exactly that.
Please imagine you are creating a mod and someone just rates it like that and you have no chance to solve the problem, even it is not caused by your mod but other parts of the AC/CM/CSP thing. Or the user caused it itself, by a wrong install. Just think about that.
Have a good day Sir!
Excellent work,keep it up!
Unacceptable, slowed my game from 144FPS To 79/80 FPS
Sol 2.2 didn't.
completely disgusting
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Unacceptable, you did not use the discussion function to solve the problem. It would be too easy to post the problem and in the discussion page. Completely disgusting!
Way to hard to download and the tut is completely useless!!!
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
What is to hard when downloading a pdf, which describes you step by step, how to install it??? You also see the download links in the overview page at the start of the description!
The download links are also on the first page of the pdf. I thought opening a pdf and reading it, is a very basic computer skill which a person should have, that is interested to use mods of a computer game.
such an amazing mod
Absolutely incredible. Had no idea Assetto Corsa can look this good... Everything from lights to weather, clouds and even an incredible tire smoke (that starts pumping when the tires get hot...). Outstanding work. Thank you very much for sharing all this hard work. A must.
Kunos needs to hire you!
Guys, thank for all your effort!
I have a feature request for you.
Could you please add some additional flexibility to the weather planner?
for every weather slot of the all day planner add a time speed multiplier value.
so for night we can set x4, for morning/evening x2, and day x1. and then apply global time speed multiplier.
Thanks in advance!
A required mod obviously! On a side note, I was wondering if you could check your private messages.
Peter Boese
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