Sol 2.2.5

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Sol 2.2.5 download links:


!!! Sol needs CSP 1.76 or later !!!
I recommend to use CSP 1.78

Sol does not bring Rain! RainFX is a part of CSP preview versions,
available here - for MONEY!

PLEASE !!! Read the install guide !!!
Sol 2.2.5 install guide

For further support, please use the 'Ask a question' button above and not the review section.

DO NOT set a higher value than "Two faces per frame" in reflections frequency:

Also lower the resolution to 1024x1024. There is no big difference visually, but it gains much more fps...
For those weather effects, you need to set the cloud's render method to 2 in Sol Config app. Then the advanced skysim weather code is running.
Your track textures are not looking like they should look.

Its actually not an error, its a feature, called "seasonal adjustments". With CSP it is possible to change the track's textures to other colors. There is a problem with CSP versions between 1.30 and 1.38, so the textures looks much darker than they should look. This is fixed with CSP version 1.39.
CM just uses the current date for the race session. If its wintertime where the track is located, textures will be changed to look like they have a snow cover.
Change the date to summertimes
In CM's Drive menu:

or directly in game:
Open the Sol_weather app and change the date:
The default Sol filter. You can change all Sol parameters. This filter has a static exposure, which is adapted for daytimes. The filter has a neutral color balance.

The filter tries to have an optimal exposure for all situations. It uses a custom Autoexposure. CSP’s emissive and bounced lights are dynamically optimized for day and night light.The filter also adapts the color balance for different light situations.

A clone of __Sol_Extra. This filter works with the Reinhard tone mapping. The goal is to have less contrast in mid and high tones.

A filter for very bright monitors. It uses SDR dynamic and emulates some HDR effects.

This filter represents the colors with an accuracy of 98%, if a sunangle of 45° is used. It uses the linear tone mapping to achieve this accuracy. Therefore, bright colors will clip.

This filter uses sensitometric tone mapping. I realized a proper gamma to be color-neutral for a wide range. In high tones (>220) it will compress, this prevents clipping.
You can customize Sol ingame with the Sol_config app:
Please install Sol manually, as it is described in the guide!


Sol is a weather simulation system for Assetto Corsa/Shader Patch

Please read the install guide
Sol 2.2.3 install guide
Sol 2.2.2 installatiehandleiding (by jfeelders)

There you will find all information about installing it, important settings to make in CM, new features and how to do troubleshooting...

Thanks to Sir Spats, who made an install tutorial and a new feature description:

You are not allowed to commercially use Sol without permission!

If you want to support Ilja, the genius who made all this possible:

If you want to support me as a patreon:

If you want to support RaceDepartment who host all your favorite RD mods:

To get older versions or newer betas of Sol, visit Sol's discord channel:

Latest updates

  1. App Updates

    Sol is now hosted externally, to avoid traffic on Racedepartment. You will find the links in the...
  2. App Updates

    Sol is now hosted externally, to avoid traffic on Racedepartment. You will find the links in the...
  3. App Updates

    Sol is now hosted externally, to avoid traffic on Racedepartment. You will find the links in the...

Latest reviews

Great job mate, as always!! thanks!!
I abSOLutely love it. As a sort of newbie to the sim racing thing I wanted to make AS a bit more, well pleasent to look at. I was surprised by how straight forward Sol is to use, to me its very 'matter of fact' and only says what is needed, something I like in apps.
I did struggle - by my own doing - with the skybox being 'blank' which took me some time to work out, it was the CSP being out of date, I opted to one Sol told me to use in game and bing! a pretty blue sky over France. I am yet to try out the weather functions, I plan to spend the entirety of tomorrow fine tuning Sol to my liking. So far I am over the moon with it, I just regret not getting it sooner.
Big thank you to Peter Boese for creating it, what a guy!
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Thank you! Just ask in the discussion section, if you want to know something...
Why does it says sol 2.2.1 when i download it manually
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Where? Please use the "ask a question" function. How should the rating function handle a conversation.
I'm using the latest version of Pure and CSP in VR and it looks nice. What would SOL offer in VR better than Pure? Jus curious, thanks
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Nothing. Pure is much more advanced. If you already have Pure, then you don't need Sol.
congratulations on 1 Million downloads! Best mod for AC
Sir I appreciate your effort goes into this mod, HOWEVER... would you PLEASE, use a different color for your Content Manager UI instead of the original dark red!!!
That, combined with the fact those images inside the instruction PDF feel like they're saved with MS Paint at 25% image quality makes them completely unreadable.
Hola, cuando entro a una partida me sale el cielo rojo y en el cielo pone " CSP updated to 0.1.76 is needed " alguien me puede ayudar ?
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
You need to update CSP to version 1.76 or higher.
Bigger & bigger ,congratulation .
good luck.
Well, what can I say, this Mod is a MUST, it brigns our beloved Assetto to new highs, and it looks great. Tnank you SO much for the work you have done to bring this to everyody.
Must have and thankyou :)
Hi! idk if there's something wrong with my sol 2.2.3 but when i use rain the ground dosent get wet there's no puddle and the to make the ground wet and make it have puddle i have to put it manually ingame pls help (srry if my english is bad)
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
The rating is not for asking question. There is a button "ask a question". Even it is written "Sol does not bring rain", you downrate it, just to ask a question. Why you downrate something, if you want to get help. I don't understand the behavior behind this...
sol wont open it just goes to notepad
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Please come to the discussion channel to solve this problem. "Ask a question" button.
Thx for updating the MAGICAL App
Must have!
Thanks again Peter!
Must have addition to AC. Thanks for the VR fix!
While it is good to keep getting updates, and the sun looks better now with pure, I'm still not seeing sunrays.

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