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Sol 1.5.4 + 1.6

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Please delete the "weatherFX.ini" in /extension/config and reinstall CSP in settings - custom Shader patch - about & update.


Your track textures are not looking like they should look.

Its actually not an error, its a feature, called "seasonal adjustments". With CSP it is possible to change the track's textures to other colors. There is a problem with CSP versions between 1.30 and 1.38, so the textures looks much darker than they should look. This is fixed with CSP version 1.39.
CM just uses the current date for the race session. If its wintertime where the track is located, textures will be changed to look like they have a snow cover.
Change the date to summertimes
In CM's Drive menu:

or directly in game:
Open the Sol_weather app and change the date:
1. "__Sol"
This is a basic filter, where almost all Sol picture improvements and effects are deactivated. It should be used for compatibility issues or for testing content.

3. "__Sol_Extra"
This filter has warm colors and nearly all extra Sol effects are activated. It uses Sol's auto-calibrating autoexpousure. It could be described as eye-candy-filter.
You can customize Sol ingame with the Sol_config app:
open the file
C:\Users\XXXXXXXXXX\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\python.ini
and add this:

Please install Sol manually, as it is described in the guide!

Sol is a weather simulation system for Assetto Corsa/Shader Patch

Please read the install guide
Sol 1.5.4 + 1.6 install guide
Sol 1.5.4 + 1.6 Installatiehandleiding (by jfeelders)
Sol 1.5.4 + 1.6 Guida di installazione (by Roberto Geminiani)
Sol 1.5.4 + 1.6 Installationsanleitung (by WOLF)
Sol 1.5.4 + 1.6 kurulum yönergeleri (by caga7ay)
Sol 1.5.4 + 1.6 Guide d installation (by Nowy)

There you will find all information about installing it, important settings to make in CM, new features and how to do troubleshooting...

How to install Sol the safest way:

Online usage is in testing phase, please be patient...

You are not allowed to commercially use Sol without permission!

Sol is a weatherFX implementation. WeatherFX is a part of the AC Shader Patch and brings

new graphics to AC:
- new clouds ( free positioning, normal maps, backlight )
- new fog ( better adaption, now thick fog possible )
- new sun ( changeable size, better graphics )
- complete solar system (moon, planets, complete star map)
- new sky shader ( much more realistic colorgrading )
- 24h day/night cycle
- free selection of any date / time
If you want to support Ilja, the genius who made all this possible:

Sol is using all features of weatherFX and brings additionally:
- dynamic weather change in races ( editable in files )
- a custom forced weather ( for screenshot junkies )
- 32 predefined weather
- self calibrating auto exposure, for an everytime perfect picture
- night pollution ( via track light ini )
- PP Filter is also optimized for Triple Screen (Thanks to Dirk Steffen)

If you think, this is worth a donation. I would be glad.

For support and beta versions, visit Sol's discord channel as well:

Interesting, additional things

Monitor Calibration/Compensation files

Peter Boese
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Latest reviews

hi great job and thx for all!
Excellent 1O/1O :D
So well made, must have patch for the game. Totally different visual experience.
It is not consistent because the sky is 10 times more beautiful than the environment of the track , it is as if we had a new generation sky with old gen quality tracks .
i'm enjoy and happy in game bacause this project. respect.
Testing it for the first time!
The mod that transform AC into a whole different level.
Love this mod so much..... when it works, for some reason after a while AC starts to just sit on 'Loading AI Spline' for well as long as I leave it (maxed out at about 45 minutes earlier before I alt-f4'd) and I have to reinstall everything again to get it to work.
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Sounds like a CSP related thing. Is it with all tracks?
Literally a game changer
Amazing! Sunrises look particularly good. One thing I notice is turning my headlights on seem to drop my frames in VR from 90 to 45 and stick there. Still a bit of noob but wondering if anyone else was noticing this. Still 5 stars!
Every big release of SOL just adds so much to AC. Thank you so much for this brilliant addition to the arsenal of must haves.
SOL continues to breathe life into a 6 year old game. Looks awesome!
SOl is a must have, the game looks 500% better with it. But sometimes i noticed a problem. When i start a race at for example 5:24 when the sun is rising, and i pause the game und watch a direct replay, it gets6 out of 10 times night, everything is at night, even when i start the race again, its at night...ive uninstalled sol und reinstalled it, took the required custom shaders patch 1.5.2. Now i will testing it again. Thats the only problem i noticed, the rest of sol is perfect, must have!
What more can we say about SOL ? It is an ABSOLUTE most have for AC. Brillant work !
Excellent work, Thanks!!
a must have for AC
-----)SOL(---- 0k Gracias :)
Amazing, Peter! Thank you very much!
Must be my 5th review of this now since it all started. Can't believe it just keeps getting better and better.
For some reason i screwed up my fps with 5.1 installed, with the new version its great again. It looks stunning, I cant thank you enough for making AC better and better.
... ausgezeichnet
Thanks a lot Peter for your outstanding work. With CSP, Sol recreates this game.