1. Bangio95

    REG Kart A0TK Formula K 2024-03-04

    Skin kz Formula k for you!
  2. James Rice

    James' Better Filters for Content Manager 1.0

    James' Better Filters for Assetto Corsa allows you to search easily for your favourite cars. No fuss, no scrambling. Just open up Content Manager and start looking. Using Content Manager's custom category system, JBF allows you to add tags to cars based on the series they appear in, what spec of...
  3. M

    BruckellSpeed Racing Livery for Kunos' Ford GT40 0.8 It needs fixes

    A skin which based on a car brand with fictional sponsors for Assetto Corsa You can install easily: just drop the folder from .ZIP file to : C:\Program Files (X86)\Steam \Steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_ford_gt40\skins !!!!I HAVEN'T TEST WITH CONTENT MANAGER YET...
  4. Kevin Troschinski

    nivekBSs DRM BOP Project 0.33

    After the release of the latest patch for the DRM mod, it has become current again. Therefore I would like to share my BoP settings. These Project differ significantly from my previous projects. The aim here is not to make the vehicles have exactly the same performance, as their characteristics...
  5. T

    Mission Data Dash Remake[SimHub] 1.0.6-beta

    A Simhub dashboard for Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista 2, and more While browsing on Race Department I found this dashboard, it was made for iRacing so it didn't have full functionality for the sims I play. So I did what any sane sim racer would do who also had some...
  6. 6 Of The Best Real Road Maps For Assetto Corsa

    6 Of The Best Real Road Maps For Assetto Corsa

    Thanks to the immensely talented modding scene, also driving on real road maps is a thing in Assetto Corsa. Some of the best you can find here. For many, Sim Racing is synonymous with competitive driving, frantic, high-adrenaline action on circuits, rally or touge stages, or even car chases in...
  7. F

    Real Rookie Racing MX5 Livery Pack 3.0

    This pack features all eligible skins for the Real Rookie Racing community. Although the majority of them are community owned and designed, you will also find the base Kunos liveries, and a few other fan favorites thrown together. So many options to choose from, you'll be asking yourself....why?
  8. Rob Pawn

    Trento Bondone Extended Pits incl. Downhill 1.4

    Trento Bondone EP Pits extended up to 16 slots unlocked Downhill Layouts added Rally Crowd (Spectators) included the Winter Skin from Sanchez30 For direct Download Link, Feedback and other Content pls visit ACH Discord ! * For the full Winter Experience, make sure to select Winter Layout...
  9. johnnyroro

    Traffic planner not working in replay mode

    Hey I recently got AC and I love playing the map high force so I got a traffic mod for it. I started playing it and I got a cool moment but then I went in replay all the cars were static objects that I just phase through. They weren't like the moving ones outside of replay. Does anyone know how...
  10. T

    Tracks learn creating tracks for AC.

    What is the best source for learning creating tracks for AC. My idea is to use Map data to make it as realistic as possible. Paid sources are fine.
  11. LJT270

    Mercedes concept skin for VRC Ferrenzo 1.0

    Concept skin for VRC Ferrenzo F07. This is my first ever skin, so no doubt it will need to be updated as my skills improve. This skin is not designed to match 1:1 with a real life Mercedes livery, its a combination of many Mercedes liveries across the years. Some fixes that need to happen in...
  12. Real vs Virtual | Mark Webber Porsche 718 | Estoril COMPARISON

    Real vs Virtual | Mark Webber Porsche 718 | Estoril COMPARISON

    Comparison video between Mark Webber's Porsche 718 GTS Cayman drive at Estoril and Assetto Corsa simulation in the same car and same circuit which can be dow...
  13. E

    Cars Behold, the birth of a new downhill legend: The PT Cruiser GT-R

    Hey everyone!! This is my first car mod for Assetto Corsa, and it's a modded Pt-Cruiser. Regular PT Cruisers aren't too special, but I equipped this one to rip ass on downhill courses. Advanced AWD, docile handling, just enough speed to carry it's weight, great tires, good aero, and badass...
  14. F

    Skin F1 2004 Brawn GP - Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button BrawnGP

    Hello friends! I created this skin in honor of the documentary and fantastic car. You can view and play with this car on the server available 24 hours a day. F1_2004_22_Button F1_2004_23_Barrichello Feel free to download and use however you want Thanks.
  15. TheNuvolari

    Cars Need help making physics/driver animation for my Z GT500 mod

    I'm about to finish my scratch-made Z GT500 except for the physics and driver animation + sound, I know it's possible to make driver animations in Blender but no matter what I do the end result is always like the driver has a broken arm with alien hand syndrome, so if anybody is up for the work...
  16. demonAR

    correcaminos karting recas 1.3.1

    Recas karting circuit (Toledo). in future updates: -implementation of AI -environment improvement ----------------------------------------------------- Circuito de karting de Recas (Toledo). en futuras actualizaciones: -Implementación de IA -mejora del entorno...
  17. J

    Forza Motorsport (FM8) HUD [SimHub] 1.2

    This is an attempt to replicate Forza Motorsport’s (FM8) UI for use as SimHub Overlays Mainly made for AC, but can be easily adapted to other sims with some minor tweaks FEATURES: [Gears] -Dynamic tachometer + redlines -Changing colors for certain tire compounds -ERS & DRS support for...
  18. Sekinvr

    Tracks _Undisclosed Location

    Sekinvr submitted a new resource: _Undisclosed Location - Custom Track made using blender 3.5 Read more about this resource...
  19. Sekinvr

    _Undisclosed Location 0.2

    Made a Track using Blender and KsEditor. Still a work in progress for now, hope you enjoy and as always, any tips on improvement are greatly appreciated. Special thanks to: VRVibes Ruckup Media Maddy.VR TonyStarkVR
  20. Tenah72

    Carbon fiber skin for LP SWB Zagato GT3 '24 1

    here is my first skin. This is a simple carbon skin for the zagato with a custom photography made by me. I decided to post it beacause i fount it nice so i hope you like it too

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