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  1. A

    AC:CM with DD2, lost in settings, thanks for reading

    Hey guys! After a few weeks of testing with DD2 in AC, i'm totally lost with the settings. AC and CM FFB and FFB tweaks settings. Give me an advice: Should i change asetto.ini GYRO ENABLE to 1? Should i use FFB Clip app? Experiment Gyro? FFB Post Processing? I dont feel the right settings, so...
  2. R

    Formula Student Grand Prix Soundpack v1.1

    Hello, This is a sound mod for MAD Formula Team MFTC3. Click here for a download link for this amazing car! ↓↓↓ MAD Formula Team MFTC3 And here is the skin used in the video! ↓↓↓ FSGP 2020 Skinpack There are four types of sounds in all. Choose your favorite sound from the downloaded files and...
  3. T

    Help me optimize Assetto Corsa via Content Manager

    Hi everyone, recently had to update my PC because it broke and now I'm planning to make things more serious regarding my sim racing passion. TL;DR: What are the most fps hitting graphics options in CM and which Ambient Occlusion option should I use for the smallest fps impact? My previous PC...
  4. Giuseppe Curri

    My SimHub dashboard (new version) 1.2

    *NEW VERSION 1.2, details below* Hello everyone! I'm very happy to share with you my first dashboard creation after recently discovered the beautiful world of SimHub. Even though this project has been created mostly for iRacing, I'm quite pleased to see that it works nicely in ACC as well...
  5. Michele Esposito

    Lost a Kunos car on Assetto Corsa

    In one of the updates recently released for the Ferrari Esports held on Assetto Corsa, my AC decided to completely eliminate the Kunos Mercedes nominated ks_mercedes_190_evo2. Now I really don't want to validate the files using Steam because my AC is deeply modded. Can someone contact me on...
  6. 7 DEUTSCHE RENNSTRECKEN Mods in Assetto Corsa die kaum einer kennt!

    7 DEUTSCHE RENNSTRECKEN Mods in Assetto Corsa die kaum einer kennt!

    7 german racing tracks you should know about! Disclaimer: The video is in german!
  7. F

    AC CM replay function tanks frame rate

    No idea what happened, suddenly the ramerate drops to 1 or 2 fps when I pause the game and stays like this at replay or photo mode. Hardware utalization is close to zero %. Same when I start the game directly on steam or content manager. Ran Steam file varifaction and also reinstalled it...
  8. Random Finn

    Puma SLW GT7 Racing Gloves Pack 2.0.0

    Puma SLW GT7 Racing Gloves Pack 2.0.0 By: Random Finn A first of its kind on Assetto Corsa; introducing the new Puma SLW GT7 Racing Gloves. Reference Photos and in-game Customer and Formula 1 Variant Photos are included below. Includes: Variant 1 - Black and Gold Variant 1 - Red and Silver...
  9. 5 GENIALE F1 Mod Strecken für Assetto Corsa

    5 GENIALE F1 Mod Strecken für Assetto Corsa

    Heute habe ich 5 meiner besten F1 Mod Strecken für Assetto Corsa im Gepäck! Diese sind alle handverlesen und stammen aus allen möglichen Teilen des Netzes! Welche Mod Strecken in Assetto Corsa könnt ihr empfehlen? Welchen Kurs habe ich vergessen?
  10. Kyuubeey

    Physics Pipeline + tools 0.5

    17.04.2021 Version 0.5 - Corrected (?) some misinformation about HUB_MASS for STRUT in Pipeline - Corrected (?) STRUT toggle in Car Analyzer 11.04.2021 Version 0.4 - Corrected some tire documentation inside of Pipeline - Added Advice for engines chapter - Expanded suspension geometry chapter...
  11. THE Giulliano Larin

    Nurburgring 1967 Nordschleife Camtool Replay - GiuNiral 2021-04-07

  12. terminator12344321

    Any suggestions for the best app to build race tracks in AC?

    I was thinking about 'race track builder' but it's quite expensive and the reviews are bad, yet it's the best app for building tracks. I'm looking for an easy, good and time effective app. Any suggestions before I buy 'race track builder'? PLEASE RESPOND IN THE COMMENTS! Thank you!
  13. S

    Fanatec csw 2.5 belt slip

    I have had my fanatec csw 2.5 for 4 months, while racing in ac I noticed that my wheel made a konk noise when Turing, I also noticed something that felt like a belt slipping while Turing slowl, it is in all sims, And it is also happening when off, though it is less noticeabl. any fixes? Or will...


    30 minute private online club race at www.racedepartment.com via www.simracing.gp. Kicked off the video with my qualifying hot lap. Could have done better th...
  15. dham97

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 Dashboard 1.0

    This is a direct replica of the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 dash and features a ERS mode pop up and brake bias pop up.
  16. Welche Website hat die Besten Assetto Corsa Mods?

    Welche Website hat die Besten Assetto Corsa Mods?

    Mods machen Assetto Corsa auch 2021 noch zu einer der besten Sims auf dem Markt. Doch in der Flut des Internets ist es manchmal schwierig genau die richtige Website zu finden...
  17. RD CLUB RACE W/AC GT3 @VIRGINIA (see video description for final lap answer lol, not race related)

    RD CLUB RACE W/AC GT3 @VIRGINIA (see video description for final lap answer lol, not race related)

    First off, apologies for the last lap part of the video. My external camera decided to suddenly stop recording. So I had to use the in-game video in place. T...
  18. Tzenamo

    Kartodromo Drift Mania (Event Edition) v1.0

    Kartodromo Drift Mania (Event/Championship layout) =================================================================== The event layout of the Kartodromo Drift Mania map. It supports csp and sol and has rain config as well. Enjoy it! #GRSD #GreekSideways #BVTzenamo #Championship Features: -...
  19. Top 5 Open World Track Mods in Assetto Corsa 2021

    Top 5 Open World Track Mods in Assetto Corsa 2021

    Diese Open World Track Mods für Assetto Corsa haben es in sich! Tausende Kilometer Straße warten nur darauf in diesen Mods erkundet zu werden. Egal ob Schottische Highlands, Englisches Hinterland oder Japanische Expressways: Diese Track Mods laden zum Erkunden ein!
  20. S

    SOL time not the same as real time?

    Hello, I have the weather FX SOL mod running on my AC server however, I encountered some issues. I'm trying to create a 1 on 1 cycle for my practice server starting at 12am GMT+1. (irl time) When I set the time in CM to 12AM and load the config in the server it says its 5AM. so I started...