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LA Canyons 1.0

No permission to download
Please note: You are not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part. Instead, please share a link to this page. If you would like to run commerical or live events using my track, please contact me first. Thanks.

LA Canyons 1.2 Coming Soon!
Currently in the testing phase, please watch this space & see FAQs below for updates on progress….
For a sneak peek of a pre-release version of LA Canyons 1.2, check out this epic video by Lucac26, showcasing the Singer 964 by @Ben O'Bro

These roads are among those used in The Smoking Tire Youtube videos.
Matt Farah from
The Smoking Tire has driven LA Canyons. This is Matt's awesome review :)

These roads are based on real roads in California, which wind through the San Gabriel mountain range, high above Los Angeles. Consisting of tight bends and fast sweepers, they are perfect for racing, drifting, cruising or driving with friends.

There are also numerous junctions, turnouts, picnic areas, parking areas and various side roads which are included as useful hideouts for NFS style pursuits. Roads are fully signed and include real world distance signs, speed & warning signs, markings, guard rails, jersey barricades and multiple dynamic parked vehicles.

Regular Version
There is a link on this page for the regular version which, with a main 42km loop (twice as long as the paid Nordschleife DLC), is available as a Free Download.

- Angeles Crest Highway (15km)
- Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road (14km)
- Angeles Forest Highway (14km)
- Barley Flats Road, a side road which leads towards Mount Lawlor (4km)

1. Normal Layout (AI, cams & 32 pits)
2. Reverse Layout (AI, cams & 32 pits)
3. One-Way Traffic - Normal (AI, cams & 46 pits)
4. One-Way Traffic - Reverse (AI, cams & 46 pits)
5. Free Roam (100 pits)
6. Free Roam Distant (60 pits)
7. Mount Lawlor Tourist (50 pits)
8. Pursuit – there are two starting locations;
- 32 pits @ Regular Start​
- 18 pits @ Hidden Springs Tunnel​

Please note, I’m currently busy working on the new update so I’m unable to answer all messages personally at the moment. I have provided answers to some general questions below, and will keep this page updated with further information as it becomes available.

I’ve heard 1.2 is coming soon, when is the release date?
I’m currently in the process of finalising and testing the new update. During the testing phase, a few issues have been identified that need to be addressed before release. It is a huge area to test (almost 900km² including the extra roads), so please be patient as it may take a little longer than I originally hoped.

I’ve heard mention of Patreon, will I now have to pay for the new 1.2 release?
No. The regular version of LA Canyons v1.2 will still be available as a Free Download from Race Department. You just need to register with Race Department (which is free) to be able to download it.

What are the VIP extras and how do I get them?
Consisting of an additional 73km of roads, the VIP extras were originally intended as a ‘thank you’ to those who value and support this project. No specific amount was asked for them and they were issued at my discretion.

For the current version, I personally sent them on an individual basis (not through RD).
However, it has become apparent I need to automate this process, so I am setting up a Patreon page (or similar) from the new release onwards.

Why are the VIP extras moving to Patreon (or similar)?
I did not initially want to do this, but it has become necessary to simplify and streamline the process, reduce confusion and keep things fair for everyone.

Unfortunately, a small minority have misunderstood the spirit in which the extra roads were provided, without appreciating the time and effort involved in making the regular version.

Last (but not least), automating the process will mean I can devote more time to what I enjoy doing... creating mods.

I previously received the VIP extras, will I automatically receive them for v1.2?
I will be contacting those who have received the VIP extras with further information over the coming weeks. They were previously sent at my discretion, so it will be dependant on the level of support shown.

I can’t seem to install LA Canyons with Content Manager, why is this?
LA Canyons has not been designed to be installed through Content Manager.
It is recommended to install it manually. Refer to the installation instructions on this page.

I’d like to drive with my friends, is multiplayer possible?
Yes, LA Canyons was designed with multiplayer at its core.
There are currently several servers available, just search ‘canyons’.

If I have the VIP extras, can I drive with those who only have the regular version?
Yes. The VIP extras are compatible for driving with those who have the regular version.

Is it possible to have two-way traffic?
Two-way traffic is not currently available. However an option will be available with the next update (VIP Silver)

How do I remove Pit Crew (Lollipop guys)?
Go to your assettocorsa\content\objects3D folder
Create a BACKUP folder
Move pitcrew.kn5 into the BACKUP folder
And the pit crew are gone...

To return the pitcrew to normal...
Move pitcrew.kn5 back to the assettocorsa\content\objects3D folder

I have experienced some shaking in certain areas, why is this?
This is due to the sheer scale of this huge mod which, with the VIP extras, totals about 900km². Assetto Corsa was not designed for maps/areas this size, so there are limitations within the game engine. When you start moving, and actually driving, this shaking will gradually reduce.

I felt some shaking was a small price to pay to be able to drive these roads. I have indicated layouts affected with yellow warning diamonds (refer Layout Preview). If you have problems, other routes are available.

How Do I Set Up AI Traffic?
1. SELECT LAYOUT (Normal Traffic One-Way / Reverse Traffic One-Way)

a) Quick Race / Race (Recommended)
This mode is recommended as the AI are more spread out
Enter required number of laps
b) Weekend (Set Practice to 90 minutes)
Qualifying & Race sessions don’t work properly, as the AI do not have tyres for 26 mile laps
c) Trackday (see Content Manager below)

Turn off penalties
Download 'No Wrong Way Sign' Mod on Race Department.

Content manager offers some great additional features. They are still a work in progress, so please consider this when using them. There are a few known issues, which are not due to LA Canyons.

Trackday Mode:
When using Trackday mode you can automatically drive against the AI in the opposite direction. AI can have issues leaving their "pit", which in turn can cause 99% CPU warning

AI Flood Feature:
Select Custom Opponents (5-10 recommended)
Choose required car models
This feature will then randomly swap car skins and spawn AI cars around you for infinite traffic
VIP Extras
The VIP extras are separate to the regular version and consist of an additional 73km of highways and sideroads. They are provided at my discretion to thank those who value and support the regular version.

- Angeles Crest Highway (extension of 23.5km)
- Mount Wilson (7.5km)
- Mount Disappointment (5km)
- Big Tujunga Canyon Road (14km)

1. Angeles Crest Highway - Eastbound (La Cañada – Newcombs) (AI & 20 pits)
2. Angeles Crest Highway - Westbound (Newcombs - La Cañada) (AI & 20 pits)
3. Mount Wilson Hillclimb (AI, cams & 20 pits)
4. Mount Wilson Downhill (cams & 20 pits)
5. Freeroam VIP (20 pits)

- Mount Wilson Observatory, including radio & TV masts
- Big Tujunga Dam
- Big Tujunga Bridges
- Newcombs Ranch

In addition to the extras, I also send VIP fixes and minor updates (for whichever regular version has been donated for).

I hope you enjoy the LA Canyons experience… have fun exploring!

A massive thanks goes to @Ben O'Bro for his Epic detailing work, ideas, and for sharing his knowledge of 3DS Max.. And for being an awesome dude to work with.
Huge thanks to @correca for recording all AI lines, all track maps... and for general testing.
Big thanks to @Leonardo Ratafiá for TV2 Track Cameras / Mt Wilsons TV Cameras.
Big thanks to @CobraCat, @shmafoozius, @guidofoc, @hal4000, @Tberg, @Andy-R, @JackCY, @Kenny Paton, @stingray_SIX_TWO and @Rollies77 for testing and help.
Thanks to @Rigel for use of his RV

A big thanks to @Mumaransa @correca @Gunja and any one else hosting servers. Some awesome driving on them. Much appreciated!
Big thanks to @x4fab for adding some special features to his awesome shader mod.
And also LeBluem for his kind help with track lighting.

And thanks to all those that have supported / followed this project on RaceDepartment.

Extract archive to a temp directory...
If you have a previous version, remove it... then Copy the la_canyons folder into your assettocorsa/content/tracks folder

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Thanks for the ratings / reviews I appreciate everyone taking the time to do so :)
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  3. Trees, Bushes, HR Road Meshes, Track Cameras (normal layout) and more!

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  4. Rocks, Minor fixes, Leaner Maps, Freeroam Distant & Pursuit Layouts.

    Added streamlined maps (To fix 4 second lag issues) cheers @correca Added Basic Track Cameras...
  5. Total Terrain / Roads Rework

    This is a complete rework of the Canyons... New terrain geometry & textures New road meshes...

Latest reviews

I'm an unindicted co-conspiritor in the founding of the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Trophy Dash (you can look it up; I wrote the first chapter in Brock Yates' book) and I'm here to tell you LA Canyons is the closest thing to running coast-to-coast on the open road I've ever driven. Congratulations!
One word: Awesome!

Huge thanks for the fantastic work you've done on this.
amazing work
One of the bests freeroam tracks out there, many servers with many cars around, great job. I just wish the Patreon was already done so i could get the VIP
Best track ever
I can not be anything else as 5 stars. Incredible job !
You guys have done an incredible job. A year ago it was a great fan made track, today it is a professional quality DLC which ranks with some of the best! Looking forward to the updates, cheers!
Best Track ever!After a long day its the perfect way to calm down
Messing around on Mt. Lawlor is seriously the best thing ever. Having a great time going up and down these roads with my friends on AC when we cant go IRL
Amazing job !
cant wait for 1.2
Happen to stumble on this gem last night (weird I didn't find it earlier)... Awesome work!
Nice and fast. Excellent job ;)
Excellent Track! Keep coming back to it. Feels immersive and realistic.
Simply amazing, I can't find other words.
This is awesome! I might be slightly blind but I'd love to donate and hopefully try out the VIP version! Just can't find the donate button :)
Thanks for your rating, I am currently creating a Patreon page.
As previous emails were getting lost in peoples spam folders.
Coming soon in November!

Thanks for your patience :)
Could never have imagined I'd be able to drive these roads in a sim years ago when I lived in the area and drove on them. Now 1.2 is coming, the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks a million to you and Ben for making this happen!
Thanks a lot mate, both for the kind words, and for your awesome support. It was a pleasure adding your name to a 'thank you' sign for the next version!
Really glad you can now drive these roads how you probably always wanted to, just in a completely safe way.

Thanks again!
Amazing job as Always. The king of open roads! Really glad to share and ay you a beer or two. Maybe a six pack LoL
Thanks JB, glad you think it's King of the open roads :)
And cheers for the support. Have fun in the canyons!
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