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LA Canyons 1.2

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Please note: You are not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part. Instead, please share a link to this page. It is not permitted to use LA Canyons for commercial or live events without prior permission. Thanks.

Please note: I’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions below.
I will keep this page updated. Click the button below.
DO NOT DRAG and DROP into Content Manager!
LA Canyons is not setup for this! - Always read the included Install Guides.

Where do I get the VIP extras?

The optional VIP extras are available via my online store.

What are the VIP extras?
The VIP extras consist of additional features and benefits. They were originally intended as a ‘thank you’ to those who value and support my work. They are completely optional and are not necessary to play the regular version.

I get an error, TRACK NOT FOUND, why is this?
This usually occurs when you haven't properly installed / enabled the Main Track before installing the VIP Extras. Make sure LA Canyons 1.2 - Main is installed / enabled... before installing / enabling any VIP Extras.

NOTE: You need Full Content Manager to have access to the 'Content / Mods' section of CM to enable. If you don't want to get Full Content Manager... Download the JSGME mod enabler, found here on RD.

I’d like to drive with my friends, is multiplayer possible?
Yes, LA Canyons was designed with multiplayer at its core.
There are currently several servers available, just search ‘canyons’ in the AC server browser.

In Trackday mode, the traffic stops after a while, how to fix?
You're likely running Too Many AI opponents, you only need around 10 AI selected, more than this and AI Flood (part of CSP) can get buggy. Also turn off Fuel Consumption, this helps the AI Cars not run out of fuel. If you're trying to use questionable quality AI cars?... Turning off damage may help.

If I have the VIP extras, can I drive with those who only have the regular version?
Yes. The VIP extras are compatible for driving with those who have the main version.

Is it possible to have two-way traffic?
Yes. Two-way traffic is now included with the optional VIP Traffic Pack. (Silver) or included with the Extra Roads in VIP Platinum.

Is it possible to have two-way traffic online?
Yes it is now possible, but I don't know the specifics. And if I did it's beyond my scope to detail the process here. Use Google.

How do I remove Pit Crew (Lollipop guys)?
I've included a completely optional 'Hide Pit Crew' mod in with the Main version of LA Canyons 1.2. Refer to the included 'Install Guide' on how to install.

I've seen in videos people have sharp centrelines, mine are blurry, how comes?
You need Anisotropic Filtering to x16, for sharper centrelines.
As AC's Anisotropic Filtering is less efficient. Turn off AF in Assetto, and overide in your GPU's control panel, for more fps.

I have experienced some shaking in certain areas, why is this?
This is due to the huge scale of this mod which, with the VIP extras, totals about 900km². Assetto Corsa was not designed for maps/areas this size, so there are limitations within the game engine. When you start moving, and actually driving, this shaking will gradually reduce.
Double precision physics in Content Manager removes this shaking.

I felt some shaking was a small price to pay to be able to drive these amazing roads. I have indicated layouts affected with yellow warning diamonds (UI Layout Previews). If you have problems, other routes are available.

I had to re-install my PC, how do I re-download the Extras?
After purchase you'll receive a confirmation email, this sometimes goes to Spam Folders... As advised before download, and at the point of download. Check in your spam folder or search your emails for Sellfy to find this email (which contains link to get to your download page again).

Is LA Canyons available for PS5 / Xbox (other consoles)?
No, mods are not available for the console version of Assetto Corsa, and likely never will be.
Check out this epic video by Lucac26, showcasing the Singer 911 by @Ben O'Bro

These roads are among those used in The Smoking Tire Youtube videos.
Matt Farah from
The Smoking Tire has driven LA Canyons. This is Matt's awesome review :)

These roads are based on real roads in California, which wind through the San Gabriel mountain range, high above Los Angeles. Consisting of tight bends and fast sweepers, they are perfect for racing, drifting, cruising or driving with friends.

There are also numerous junctions, turnouts, picnic areas, parking areas and various side roads which are included as useful hideouts for NFS style pursuits. Roads are fully signed and include real world distance signs, speed & warning signs, markings, guard rails, jersey barricades and multiple dynamic parked vehicles.

Main Version
There is a link on this page for the Main Version, which has a 42km loop. It is twice as long as the paid Nordschleife DLC, and is available as a Free Download.

- Angeles Crest Highway (15km)
- Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road (14km)
- Angeles Forest Highway (14km)
- Barley Flats Road, a side road which leads towards Mount Lawlor (4km)

1. Normal Layout (AI, cams & 32 pits)
2. Reverse Layout (AI, cams & 32 pits)
3. Free Roam (100 pits)
4. Free Roam Distant (60 pits)
5. Mount Lawlor Tourist (50 pits)
6. Pursuit – there are two starting locations;
- 32 pits @ Regular Start​
- 18 pits @ Hidden Springs Tunnel​
Thanks to Random Callsign for the great video and kind words!

VIP EXTRAS (Optional)
The VIP extras are completely optional, and are not necessary to enjoy the main version. They include additional highways and sideroads to explore.

- Angeles Crest Highway (extension of 23.5km)
- Mount Wilson (8km)
- Mount Disappointment (5km)
- Big Tujunga Canyon Road (14km)

1. Angeles Crest Highway - Eastbound (La Cañada – Newcombs) (AI & 24 pits)
2. Angeles Crest Highway - Westbound (Newcombs - La Cañada) (AI & 20 pits)
3. Freeroam Urban (46 Pits)
4. Freeroam VIP (60 pits)
5. Mount Wilson Downhill (cams & 20 pits)
6. Mount Wilson Hillclimb (AI, cams & 20 pits)
7. Pursuit VIP (46 pits)

Local Landmarks:
- Mount Wilson Observatory, including radio & TV masts
- Big Tujunga Dam
- Big Tujunga Bridges
- Newcombs Ranch

For more information see my Facebook Page
I hope you enjoy the LA Canyons experience… have fun exploring!
A massive thanks goes to @Ben O'Bro for his Epic detailing work, ideas, and for sharing his knowledge of 3DS Max.. And for being an awesome dude to work with.
Huge thanks to @correca for recording all AI lines, all track maps... and for general testing.
Big thanks to @Leonardo Ratafiá for TV2 Track Cameras / Mt Wilsons TV Cameras.
Big thanks to @CobraCat, @shmafoozius, @guidofoc, @hal4000, @Tberg, @Andy-R, @JackCY, @Kenny Paton, @stingray_SIX_TWO and @Rollies77 for testing and help.
Thanks to @Rigel for use of his RV

A big thanks to @Mumaransa @correca @Gunja and any one else hosting servers. Some awesome driving on them. Much appreciated!
Big thanks to @x4fab for adding some special features to his awesome shader mod.
And also LeBluem for his kind help with track lighting.

And thanks to all those that have supported / followed this project on RaceDepartment.
Extract the archive to a temp directory... (You may need the 7zip program)
If you have a previous version, remove it... There is an Install Guide in the 7zip archive, please follow this carefully. It details all the steps needed.

There is a Layout Guide giving details on layouts, including which have AI Lines and Track Cameras etc. Inside each layout folder there are further details for each layout. Including Pit Box Numbers for server admins.

If you like LA Canyons you might also like Pacific Coast.
A 23km section of the Pacific Coast Highway...
Winding it's way along the Californian Coast,
with views over the Pacific Ocean

Designed on real roads in California, enjoy driving in Assetto
in a way you couldn't do safely on the real roads.

Thanks for the ratings / reviews I appreciate everyone taking the time to do so :)

Latest updates

  1. LA Canyons 1.2 (Optimisations, Groove Overlays, More Dynamic Air Traffic... And much more)

    LA Canyons 1.2 A lot has been done since 1.0 including... Tyremarks over pretty much all the...
  2. LA Canyons 1.0 - Too many things updated to list...

    LA Canyons 1.0 Too many changes to mention... But basically thousands of added...
  3. Added track cams to Reverse layout, with new AI, 4k dirt texture, minor other fixes.

    This small update is mainly fixes. Track Cameras for Reverse layout, with tweaked reverse AI...

Latest reviews

Awesome Track. Thank you very much!
I like it.
Excuse me, why did the AI stop on the road. And drive like crazy, fly to the sky
Thanks David, glad you're loving the Canyons!

***** TRAFFIC ISSUES *****

1) I can tell you're using "TRACKDAY" mode, which uses CM / CSP's AI Flood mode... This gets really buggy with too many AI (Around 10 AI is the sweetspot)

The AI spawn, despawn, respawn around you so it will seem like many more than 10 cars.
This is a common mistake made by A LOT of people.

2) And / or The AI are running out of fuel... Turn off fuel consumption... or they're running out of fuel, and keep respawning out of fuel. Again another common mistake.

3) And / or You have a dodgy mod car in your list... Turning off damage may help. or remove the offending car.

If all this fails using "RACE" mode will use default Assetto AI, and will behave as I intend. And the AI will make fuel calcs based off the ''

Any performance issues, make sure the AI cars you're using have LOD's otherwise they're using the full models even if miles in the distance.

ALL these points should also apply to ALL Tracks... Including my Pacific Coast track.

Can EVERYONE reading this spread the word, then maybe Colorado and Wyoming/Utah will be available (Depending on 2022 behaving better than it has up until now!)

Cheers David! Have fun :)
Awesome map. Thank you very much!
Thanks man, glad you're loving it :)
I leave the rar in cm, it tells me that the installation was successful, but the map simply does not appear to me to choose, how is it installed?

** Read the Included **
"Install Guide - Main.PDF" ??

If you have no Install Guide, you obviously didn't download from somewhere Legitimate!

Download here on Race Department / My store.
and you will see the guides.
Amazing track!

Only 1 thing, can someone please explain how to set up a 2 way traffic for this. I have platinum version. Thank you in advance!

Select Two-Way Traffic Layout, use Trackday mode, select around 10 AI cars (more than this and CM's AI Flood mode gets buggy)... Turn off Fuel Consumption.... Then drive.
I really like this map but i have an issue that the ground in the sun is flickering.
Try another version of CSP (Custom Shaders Patch) This is nothing to do with the track!

This is literally just you with this problem (out of 300,000+ other people)
This is a must try experience, hands down. Whenever you're new to sim racing or veteran, trackday weekender or street drifter, hardcore sim elitist or plain dreamer. It may even be worth buying AC just for this sole purpose. Quick warning tho, it may prove highly addictive and I'd not recommend this if you are experiencing troubles getting off your rig already, it might get really worse real quick.

- Not so short version -
Well, what hits when you load it up for the first time is the vibe here. Perhaps because its wide. Or beautiful. Or because its actually replicating actual places that do have a strong vibe. Or both all of the above. Then, you go further your ride, and the freedom feeling is growing up (it personally reminded me many road trips big times, blasting through unknown landscapes thousand kms from home). Minutes later you realise it was actually hours spent already. And you cant help but want to have another go. And try that car. Or this another one you forgot about for a long time, and reconnect with it like with an old friend. The scenery might enhance the experience, the layout might makes it more interesting.

It can takes quite a time to realise how detailed the whole thing is (that is, plus considering the size of it) because you are too busy juste experiencing it at first. But when you understand how much quality this is (including that it runs surprisingly smooth even on humble systems, result of tons of work to balance visual quality and performance), it kind of makes sense to learn it was several years of development. That is absolutely mindblowing, specially regarding the fact this is made by just a few people on their free time.

The layout of the main loop is an accurate recreation, according to locals, of roads that are a blissful blend of fast sections and more technical ones. This is a dangerous ride overall, you'll have to drive quite carefully first, like IRL, if you don't want to spend your time getting back to the pits (well, parking area is a more adequate term in that instance). These 42 kms can prove though to master, but are really rewarding in the end, and putting together a complete clean loop is quite a thing. Some sections may take time and practise to remember, but in the end you will feel at home.

All in all, from reasonable spirited driving to endurance racing, road rage through traffic back to casual canyon carving, it got you covered for months (actually, maybe years as this is like going back SOMEWHERE every time you fire it up), this is quite up to your imagination, anyway, the place is perfect for countless scenarios (old school nfs vibes within beautiful graphics and realistic physics, wait, what?)

You may have heard about paid versions etc, well these are mainly awesome side roads addons (that I strongly recommend, though) meant to thank people who supported the project through its development, the 42 km main loop which is the core of it all is FREE and you already have enough with that to keep you really busy for quite a long long time.

There are many beautiful things to say about times spent in this place, but I'll let you write those lines.

I guess we'll never say "thank you" enough for this work of art.
Thanks for the extremely detailed review mate, very much appreciated. You obviously get what this has all been about!

Glad to know you've loved your time in the Canyons :)
map looks great roads are amazing but I cant figure why the cars wont start driving in track day mode. Also cant find the setting to hide the pit crew.
Thanks, make sure you're using a layout with an AI spline... Refer to the 'Layout Guide'
If it doesn't have Raceable AI... No cars will drive anywhere.

For Hide Pit Crew...
It may be the case you don't have the full version of Content Manager which you need to access the 'Content - Mods' section... To enable / disable mods.

Either send the creator of CM something to unlock Full CM... or use the Free JSGME mod enabler (similar to the content/mods section of CM) These are both outside my control, nothing to do with me. Hide Pit Crew addon replaces default Kunos files... If you easily want to return the pit crew back for normal track use... Use the MODS folder method (listed in the included 'Install Guide'). Enable / Disable as & when you like.
It's really nice but sometimes when I select the track the content manager just crashes and doesn't open until I restart my PC
Thanks, well that's strange, if it's only doing it 'sometimes' it's not the track...
(100,000's of downloads of 1.2 and no mention of this sometimes crash)

If you dragged and dropped into CM, don't! Do a fresh install.
In the 'install guide' (which I hope you followed?)
I don't mention this install technique once, so don't use it.

Your 'sometimes crash' is likely caused by a crap car mod you're using 'sometimes'.
Check which version of CSP/Sol you're using (some CSP versions are buggier than others),
Check you have the latest GPU driver, maybe even verify your game cache on steam,
You have got something wrong... somewhere.
Platinum version is wonderful crazy
Thanks for the support, and the kind words... glad you're enjoying the Canyons... Cheers! :)
What an excellent work this is, thank you so much!

Just one question regarding two-way traffic, my AI cars tend to pile up a lot (one car comes to a complete stop almost and others pile up behind it), some cars are crashing into each othet etc.
What is the best way to have the most realistic behaving AI in two-way traffic?
Thanks Boris :)

I take it this happens while using CM's Trackday mode... (as I've heard this often)

1) Don't use too many cars in Trackday mode... around 5 - 10 should be fine... No more than 15 AI or AI Flood (Trackday) gets really buggy. (this likely also applies to many other tracks)

2) If cars stop in the road (while in Trackday) turn off 'Fuel Consumption'
While in Trackday mode... They don't seem to make fuel calcs properly, and don't take enough fuel.

3) Some mod cars (and a few Kunos cars) can behave weirdly (particularly in Trackday mode)
The way Assetto works... It drops cars on to the track at the start...
Turning off damage may help cars with 'dodgy' suspension... not break, and keep respawning again and again, broken!

If you notice a particular car is being dumb repeatedly... Remove it from your selected AI cars.

If problems persist while using Trackday... Use Race Mode instead (uses default Kunos AI routines)
Phenomenal mod. I bought the platinum version and it is worth every penny. Love this mod, Good Job!
Thanks for the support, and review... glad you're loving the Canyons mate... Cheers, drive safe! :)
Thanks Mr Fusion... Where we're going, we need Canyon roads :D
Just keep it under 88 mph haha
vraiment un super circuit, je l'adore. Trés beau travail. Merci au moddeur.

really a great track, I love it. Very nice job. Thanks to the modder.
Thanks Pilote, glad you're loving the Canyons... Drive safe! :)
Just buy the ultimate if you can, this modder is one of the best in the community and the map, oh lord its amazing. I feel like a boss going 170mph near a cliff side knowing in real life i would've died. Hope this inspires others to make even more great free roam maps in the US rather then Europe. Idk if your going to read this but thank you for making my times better your mods and the game literally make me feel at ease. Quick question will you ever make a US interstate map so we can do some highway pulls. Would be sick asf to see a huge junction and highway interlopes. The Japanese one is cool but not fun as I dont like driving on the left.
Thanks man, glad you're loving the Canyons... and really happy to know they've helped make your times better... If you haven't, jump on a server and drive with some of the cool dudes you will find online in the Canyons, I planned LA Canyons with car meets in mind from the very beginning!

US Interstate map?... You never know... I have a few ideas for roads that Need doing. These will depend obviously on available time, and if I can source detailed enough reference data (LiDAR)
Never say never!
Amazing mod,i got the platinum full,one question only,is there a setting in game to fix the blurry double yellow line in middle of road,it is only clear a few meters in front after that is blurry
Thanks Valium, and cheers for the support. The answer is in the FAQ section above...

But basically you need Anisotropic Filtering set to x16. Turn off in game... overide in your GPU control panel.

For 'normal' tracks, you can turn AF down to where you have it now, as they don't have a continuous centreline :)

Thanks mate, glad you're loving The Canyons :)
Outstanding and runs perfectly in VR on my 3080.
Thanks... But you say you can run LA Canyons fine.... but can't run Pacific Coast, which is 1/5th the size, and performance wise is also less demanding....??? And then leave a **** 2 star review on it. Care to share any screens?? Very very strange!
This mod has spoiled me so much that i can never play anyother map or sim ever again <3. By the way, i cannot make pit stop work, any ideas?
Thanks Dolphin, glad you're loving it.... Not sure what you mean?

Race Weekends only work for Practice sessions only.... The AI have no access to tyres that can last the required 78 MILES, for an Out / Hot / In lap, so it crashes at Quali.

Hope that answers your question! Cheers
Amazing map. So many great views as you round the next corner. I enjoyed it so much I ended up paying for the VIP even though I mostly play offline, just to support this great work! Playing this in 2-way traffic is SO immersive.
Thanks CP, both for the support and taking time to review. Glad you're enjoying the Two-Way Traffic :) Cheers!

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