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LA Canyons

LA Canyons 1.2

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Please note: You are not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part. Instead, please share a link to this page. It is not permitted to use LA Canyons for commercial or live events without prior permission. Thanks.

Please note: I’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions below. I will keep this page updated with further info as it becomes available.
Will I have to pay for the new 1.2 release?
No. The main version of LA Canyons 1.2 will still be available as a Free Download from Race Department. You just need to register with Race Department (which is free) to be able to download it.

Where do I get the VIP extras?
The optional VIP extras are available via my online store.
Check my Facebook page for more information.

What are the VIP extras?
The VIP extras consist of additional features and benefits. They were originally intended as a ‘thank you’ to those who value and support my work. They are completely optional and are not necessary to play the regular version.

The full map covers an area of approx. 900km², with 115km of highways and sideroads to explore. Three new layouts have been added – Two-Way Traffic (VIP Traffic Pack) and Pursuit VIP & Freeroam Urban (VIP Road Pack).

I’d like to drive with my friends, is multiplayer possible?
Yes, LA Canyons was designed with multiplayer at its core.
There are currently several servers available, just search ‘canyons’ in the AC server browser.

If I have the VIP extras, can I drive with those who only have the regular version?
Yes. The VIP extras are compatible for driving with those who have the main version.

Is it possible to have two-way traffic?
Yes. Two-way traffic is now included with the optional VIP Traffic Pack. (Silver)

How do I remove Pit Crew (Lollipop guys)?
I've included a 'Hide Pit Crew' mod in with the Main version of LA Canyons 1.2
Refer to the included 'Install Guide' on how to install.

I've seen in videos people have sharp centrelines, mine are blurry, how comes?
You need to maximise your Anisotropic Filtering to x16, for sharper centrelines.

I have experienced some shaking in certain areas, why is this?
This is due to the sheer scale of this huge mod which, with the VIP extras, totals about 900km². Assetto Corsa was not designed for maps/areas this size, so there are limitations within the game engine. When you start moving, and actually driving, this shaking will gradually reduce.

I felt some shaking was a small price to pay to be able to drive these amazing roads. I have indicated layouts affected with yellow warning diamonds (UI Layout Preview). If you have problems, other routes are available.
Check out this epic video by Lucac26, showcasing the Singer 911 by @Ben O'Bro

These roads are among those used in The Smoking Tire Youtube videos.
Matt Farah from
The Smoking Tire has driven LA Canyons. This is Matt's awesome review :)

These roads are based on real roads in California, which wind through the San Gabriel mountain range, high above Los Angeles. Consisting of tight bends and fast sweepers, they are perfect for racing, drifting, cruising or driving with friends.

There are also numerous junctions, turnouts, picnic areas, parking areas and various side roads which are included as useful hideouts for NFS style pursuits. Roads are fully signed and include real world distance signs, speed & warning signs, markings, guard rails, jersey barricades and multiple dynamic parked vehicles.

Main Version
There is a link on this page for the Main Version, which has a 42km loop. It is twice as long as the paid Nordschleife DLC, and is available as a Free Download.

- Angeles Crest Highway (15km)
- Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road (14km)
- Angeles Forest Highway (14km)
- Barley Flats Road, a side road which leads towards Mount Lawlor (4km)

1. Normal Layout (AI, cams & 32 pits)
2. Reverse Layout (AI, cams & 32 pits)
3. Free Roam (100 pits)
4. Free Roam Distant (60 pits)
5. Mount Lawlor Tourist (50 pits)
6. Pursuit – there are two starting locations;
- 32 pits @ Regular Start​
- 18 pits @ Hidden Springs Tunnel​
Thanks to Random Callsign for the great video and kind words!

VIP EXTRAS (Optional)
The VIP extras are completely optional, and are not necessary to enjoy the main version. They include additional highways and sideroads to explore.

- Angeles Crest Highway (extension of 23.5km)
- Mount Wilson (8km)
- Mount Disappointment (5km)
- Big Tujunga Canyon Road (14km)

1. Angeles Crest Highway - Eastbound (La Cañada – Newcombs) (AI & 24 pits)
2. Angeles Crest Highway - Westbound (Newcombs - La Cañada) (AI & 20 pits)
3. Freeroam Urban (46 Pits)
4. Freeroam VIP (60 pits)
5. Mount Wilson Downhill (cams & 20 pits)
6. Mount Wilson Hillclimb (AI, cams & 20 pits)
7. Pursuit VIP (46 pits)

Local Landmarks:
- Mount Wilson Observatory, including radio & TV masts
- Big Tujunga Dam
- Big Tujunga Bridges
- Newcombs Ranch

For more information see my Facebook Page
I hope you enjoy the LA Canyons experience… have fun exploring!

A massive thanks goes to @Ben O'Bro for his Epic detailing work, ideas, and for sharing his knowledge of 3DS Max.. And for being an awesome dude to work with.
Huge thanks to @correca for recording all AI lines, all track maps... and for general testing.
Big thanks to @Leonardo Ratafiá for TV2 Track Cameras / Mt Wilsons TV Cameras.
Big thanks to @CobraCat, @shmafoozius, @guidofoc, @hal4000, @Tberg, @Andy-R, @JackCY, @Kenny Paton, @stingray_SIX_TWO and @Rollies77 for testing and help.
Thanks to @Rigel for use of his RV

A big thanks to @Mumaransa @correca @Gunja and any one else hosting servers. Some awesome driving on them. Much appreciated!
Big thanks to @x4fab for adding some special features to his awesome shader mod.
And also LeBluem for his kind help with track lighting.

And thanks to all those that have supported / followed this project on RaceDepartment.

Extract archive to a temp directory...
If you have a previous version, remove it... There is an Install Guide in the 7zip archive, please follow this carefully. It details all the steps needed.

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Designed on real roads in California, enjoy driving in Assetto
in a way you couldn't do safely on the real roads.

Thanks for the ratings / reviews I appreciate everyone taking the time to do so :)
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  4. Trees, Bushes, HR Road Meshes, Track Cameras (normal layout) and more!

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  5. Rocks, Minor fixes, Leaner Maps, Freeroam Distant & Pursuit Layouts.

    Added streamlined maps (To fix 4 second lag issues) cheers @correca Added Basic Track Cameras...

Latest reviews

great track, love it
Excellent road! I love chilling and driving around in a Subaru, Miata, Stradale 33 and many more cars.
Easily the best Assetto Corsa mod out there, but my friend was able to find Azusa Mountain Road and Glendora Mountain Road are those in the free version or paid version?
Thank you so much, I am installing most up to date version. I got the platinum access. So I will be smoking out all of these areas very hard.
so far so good
I mean it really looks like a nice mod and i really wanna play on the map but your guide to install make me so god dang confused. Like i have put the MOD file were you want it and then you say i need to activate the Main something and how the hell do i activate a folder?
Excellent travail !
10 minutes offline freeroam in Kodai's edit of the 250 GT Lusso and I think your nickname must surely the Godfather? 9 Imperial Credits is an offer I couldn't refuse.
Purchased the VIP version and am loving this mod. Have been online in the canyons nearly every day. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
me gustó mucho
Love this mod. Just made a new cinematic in the form of a Canyon Race to showcase it at night. Featuring the very cool Schirmer GT M3 and the Emfini M3, setting the tone well for a NFS Carbon-like battle.

This is so awesome considering these roads lie straight north of me. I downloaded my own car (GTI) and it's super cool!

Is there a way to control what pit I start at? I can't find anything.
Nice one ;o/) cheers
This is awesome! But I need some help. I bought the premium version of the map and wanted to play the pursuit game mode. How do I get the cars to chase me? I can just drive through the cop models that are there.
Brasil - Otimo mapa para dirigir, queria mais informações de onde comprar o VIP
awesome track
This is really an amazing Track. So much fun.
Thx a lot !

Update: Just bought the Full VIP Package to support this Work.
Thanks Hhoefi for taking the time to leave a review, and for the support. Cheers, Drive safe :)
tried to install it with content manager but it doesnt show up in the content manager OR the normal way, i already looked around in the reviews but cant find an answer
Hi ZukomuR32, check the last few pages of the Discussion Thread... https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/la-canyons.134910/page-116 There's probably an answer there to your issue. You'll need the Full version of CM to enable via MODS method... and if installing manually... You'll need to copy the 'content' folder to your ROOT Assetto Corsa folder :)
A must have mod.
Thanks Rob... Glad you think so... Have fun mate :)
Great to get on here and roam. There are some nice diversions up in the hills.
Thanks mate, glad you're enjoying some of the diversions :)
A superb mod for just driving around enjoying the views ..... at full chat with the back end stepped out in a cloud of tyre smoke
Thanks a lot Jim... Sounds like you've been driving it in one of the best ways... Careful you don't overcook those tyres :D
Cheers dude!
Best thing since sliced bread - the free version is brill and the expanded version just makes the whole package even better. The amount of work that must have been put in to create this puts my lazy butt to shame! 5 stars all day long
Thanks Dwighty, glad you think it's the best thing since sliced bread :)
Yeah the amount of work put into this has been vast, but it was worth it to get some of the best roads in the world into Assetto Corsa!
Cheers for your review and support! :)
After lurking on here for many, many years, you guys have elicited my first ever review. This isn't just a track, it's an experience. I was lucky enough to roadtest along ACH a few times in my career, and this brings back all those great memories. Couple it to seamless SOL integration and you've got a winner.

Now... next? Can I offer my services to create streets of Nuerburg? Draw a box about 10km by 10km and you have some simply incredible roads. The Sudschleife and Nordschleife are just the cherries on the cake...
Thanks Dale, that's great that LA Canyons got your first ever review! Cheers :)
Angeles Crest Highway is indeed an epic road... probably why I went as far as to create 25 miles of it, you're lucky to have driven it in real life! :D

I already have a few projects in the pipeline, and with the current global situation, I'll have to prioritise things as I go along.
But you never know what may happen in the future!
Absolute piece of art, probably the most detailed mod ever (especially on this map scale)
Thanks Harold, glad you think it's a piece of art :) And that you can appreciate the detail / scale of the Canyon.
Cheers! :)