LA Canyons 0.81

42km's of 'The Smoking Tire' roads, In the San Gabriel mountains, Above Los Angeles.

  1. Added track cams to Reverse layout, with new AI, 4k dirt texture, minor other fixes.

    This small update is mainly fixes.

    Track Cameras for Reverse layout, with tweaked reverse AI line,
    New 4k dirt textures,
    Other minor fixes... Including Smokey :)
    An la_canyons root folder... sorry for any incovenience caused
    Note: 0.8 and 0.81 are completely compatible online...

    Have fun.
    Thanks :)
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  2. Trees, Bushes, HR Road Meshes, Track Cameras (normal layout) and more!

    A massive thanks to @Ben O'Bro for his stunning work on this update. Visually this is mostly Bens work!
    Around 600,000 foliage objects to start with... and countless other details which we will let you discover for yourselves :)

    High resolution road meshes for the entire main loop area.
    to capture the bumps and dips over 42km+ at one stage I was using 110 million polys... Then optimised back to a more reasonable 1.8 million. Race cars may...
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  3. Rocks, Minor fixes, Leaner Maps, Freeroam Distant & Pursuit Layouts.

    Added streamlined maps (To fix 4 second lag issues) cheers @correca
    Added Basic Track Cameras... only 1 camera... to prevent F3 crash.
    Corrected Normal layout AI track boundaries.
    Added first version of @Ben O'Bro 's awesome rocks.
    Added Freeroam Distant map with 60 pit boxes spread around the area.
    Added Pursuit layout... With two groups of cars... One at the regular start area... One at the Hidden Springs tunnel.
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  4. Total Terrain / Roads Rework

    This is a complete rework of the Canyons...
    New terrain geometry & textures
    New road meshes, more accurate road position and width... with passing lane sections, 4 lane sections & new textures.
    New tunnel,
    A bridge,
    Guardrails, Roadsigns including lots of chevrons,
    Concrete Barricades.....
    3 layouts,
    Normal - 32 Pits
    Reverse - 32 Pits
    Freeroam - 125 Pits... although I'd recommend 50 - 60 max.
    High Res...
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