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AI TRAFFIC - for Pacific Coast (0.95)

AI TRAFFIC - for Pacific Coast (0.95) 0.85

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They still need a couple of tweaks....
But they're already running almost Flawlessly!!!!

Links will be on the main Pacific Coast track page when it's ready. And on this page.

Until then, have a try with real traffic online, there are lots of Pacific Coast servers running right now. Lots of chilled, but fast, talented drivers in the servers! Tons of fun... Make sure to turn your Trackmap on... and drive in the Right hand lane.

Latest updates

  1. Added - Traffic Loop Full - 2 x Mansion Layouts - New online server layout

    Now includes: PCH - Traffic Loop North (20km, 18AI) PCH - Traffic Loop South (26km, 24AI) PCH -...
  2. Added AI Traffic South Loop layout...

    Tweaked the North Loops starting points... this has meant limiting the AI to 18... (1 AI per km)...
  3. Better AI line so they don't hit the gas station.

    The AI smoothly make their way around the gas station now... I chose 32 Abarth 500's let them...

Latest reviews

Great job, men!!!! thanks!!
Excellent, thank you :)
Hey Guys, im no realy sure how to setup Ai trafic, i chose the full loop, went on trackday, chose my cars, and then the game crashes with the error ai spine missing or broken. Thanks
Map looks good but crashes when i want to add traffic. Im using CM btw
Needs pit_lane.ai file to work. Copy/paste the one from "north" layout and it's fine. Awesome traffic.
dude i cant see the ai trafic nice map but the ai not working please help
Much needed and well done! Thank you!
doesnt works used trackday setting and it crashes :/
Not sure why that would be... These are only for Pacific Coast 0.95. Make sure you delete any existing pacific_coast folder before installing 0.95... And I'd recommend you only use quick race (as the AI start off nicely spaced out, which will limit their blind overtaking attempts)

On the next Pacific Coast update... I will be combining all the layouts into the main download... and limiting the AI to a maximum of around 85mph.
Amazin road, is there any way of playing this in multiplayer with AI?
Thanks... Unfortunately there isn't a way... would be cool if there was though. The only way to have a race through traffic would be to spread the word about any server and get enough people in it, to act as regular traffic. The Freeroam layout that comes with this addon has 50 pit boxes spread all along the road for this reason.
tnx, this is meaning of life :D
No worries... I was aiming for making it entertaining.
So meaning of life was far more than I was aiming for lol :D
Thanks for the review.
is there a way to add more AI cars i our way, i only meet A cars in the other side......
Thanks for the rating Thierry.

It all depends what start position you choose... as all the start boxes are spread across the road... approx there should be a car every km... I've had to limit the amount of AI for 2 reasons...
1. CPU usage
2. To give the AI space... If they close up on the car in front
they will blindly overtake causing accidents. If the AI get stuck in an accident this seems to increase CPU usage even further.

Assetto wasn't made to do traffic, and as such the AI aren't looking ahead for oncoming traffic, as you don't have oncoming cars on a race track.

When I combine these addon layouts into the main track download.. I will be adding a speed limit of 80 - 90mph to the cars which will help improve things. But there will always be a limit to what can be done.
Thanks RasFafa, I'm not sure what that means... But thanks for the rating :)
Not sure how I missed this up to now. awesome place for traffic, before I knew it been on it for 3 hr. amazing work man !
Thanks, really glad you're enjoying it mate.
Cheers for the rating :)
Each day better. Fantastic!!! Ole!!!
Cheers, glad you're liking it mate :) Thanks for the rating!
This is getting better and better, thank you, the addition of the little barrier is a nice touch. A must in AC
Glad you're liking it mate :) Pick similar performing cars for best results.
And glad you like the road closed barriers.
Thanks Cote
Thank you very much.
No worries, I hope the AI behave themselves the best they can :)
Cheers, but why did you make it only halfway?
Thanks Capitan,

I'm only testing at the moment, refining things... So that I don't drive 46km's on the full loop... only to find out something doesn't work and then have to re-do it all again... Bearing in mind it takes 20 minutes for a full "lap" and then a further 30 - 40 minutes for the AI line to save. It will be slightly shorter on the South Loop, but still... Loads of time.

At least it's not like the North and South "race" AI lines where I have to record a flat out, clean, consistent line for 23km's :D

Eventually there will be 3 layouts, North, South and Full
But I haven't got the time spare to do them all at the moment mate. A project the size of Pacific Coast is going to take time.
These AI lines are not my top priority atm... The actual track is :)

This is just an early version so people can test it out.

I've also tried to use Esotics AI tool for the edges and for some reason it doesn't define the edges properly atm.
If heard u would need to change the AI speed so they only drive 60mph or something like that
Thanks, The best way is...

Create a Custom Championship...
1. Pick the PCH - Traffic Loop North
2. Pick your own car... Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche etc.
3. Pick slower cars... Like... Mazda Miata, Abarth 500, Alfa Giulietta, Audi S1... As the AI

4. Go to the handicap section...
Add 200kg ballast and 100% restrictor, to the 1st car.
Move your mouse under the Red number 1... Click on the = sign when it appears... It then adds that handicap to all cars...
Remove the handicap from your own car.

5. Save the Championship when you get it how you want...

Click Compete button...

Drop the AI to 80%, Aggression to 0%
Start Engine... Skip session to the "Race"

Overtake some cars
Works very well, adds a new dimension to driving on this excellent track. A must mod to add when in the mood to drive a road car.
Thanks mate, really glad it works well for you :)
There can be some random... incidents.... but sometimes even they add to the experience... Sometimes they're extremely comical too :D
Thanks for the review and feel free to comment in the support section about what cars work well... and settings that keep the traffic moving.
Hope the AI traffic contunue to behave well.
Just saw an RX-7 overtake a Mini on a bridge, that'll give you a good fine in my country ahah Good mod, you can tell it is on early stages but it's getting there and it's the only reason I give 4 stars. Other than that, a replay cam would be an amazing addition ;)
Nice one, thanks for the feedback...
The AI edges need sorting, after the more important work on Pacific is done.
The main track will always be my main priority...
This is just a case of it had to be done ages ago :)
It might be wise to stick to just official kunos cars until this is more sorted.

Cameras will be coming, again.. it has to be done :)
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