LA Canyons

LA Canyons 1.0

No permission to download
The track looks wonderful... However I can't seem to get it properly installed into my Assetto folder. I download a 7Z file but don't know what to do with it. if you can possible help me... Thanks!
Buy far my favorite I have to say....environment as its really more than just a track. Its really all I drive on these days, the perfect place for all street cars from a spirited jaunt in sports cars to a nice cruz up to Newcombs Ranch in a muscle car for a burger for lunch ;-) OUTSTANDING work from Phoenix77
best map for assetto corsa :) good job
By far the best track ever made for Assetto Corsa!!!
LAC exists for a few days now. Often downloaded but never tested. This morning I came on the trip. And I can only say . MEGA !! There are still a few interesting projects out there that are just as much fun with such maps.

I can only recommend ... especially the people who play with VR, should treat themselves to it !

chears !
I rarely, as in almost never, rate tracks. There's a lot of work out there, that even if someone put in a lot of time, it just isn't up to standards. LAC wasn't up to standards either in the beginning, and with 1.0 there's still minor stuff left (fixed in the upcoming 1.2) that keeps it from being absolute top quality. But: no one can or should deny the scale of this work, how beautiful it has become, how well it contributes to the available collections of tracks already in AC adding something otherwise missing, and how much diverse fun it can be. It's obviously not a racetrack, being based on real roads, it's not made to challenge the mechanics of a car, not saying that it won't or that you can't race someone at LAC. It's quite simply THE real roads cruise track for any sim in a long time. Do I have to mention it is the best VR track experience available among AC mods too? Up until Fonteny, there was none on this level, and LAC is still #1 if you ask me. Rating this 3 stars or below is just adding insults due personal preferences and denial.
There's really just one major problem with LAC 1.0: how can we rate it with a 6th star when 1.2 arrives?
Fantastic work!
Excellent work
quite boring actually, unbearably repetitive
Staggering amount of work, excellent stuff.
What a track! With the continuous support and updates it just gets better and better. Thank you so much.
Great job!!
This is an extremely fun track. Congratulations on the excellent work!!!
One of the best tracks ever made for Assetto Corsa - It's must have for all users
so much time and detail put into it
Outstanding work. Thank you for the gargantuan effort!
Just found this track with the singer video,just one word ...amazing
Amazing track!
Huge map with beautiful views. Vegetation does not deter its appearance. Perfect for a regular ride but also for racing. Simtraxx transfagarasan completely does not compare to what we can find on this map.
Best open road driving experience on assetto corsa and probably on any sim game I've played ! The quality of the road and all the details are really immersive ! With a VR helmet and SOL, it looks so real !!!

Thank you very much for this !
I'm an unindicted co-conspiritor in the founding of the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Trophy Dash (you can look it up; I wrote the first chapter in Brock Yates' book) and I'm here to tell you LA Canyons is the closest thing to running coast-to-coast on the open road I've ever driven. Congratulations!
One word: Awesome!

Huge thanks for the fantastic work you've done on this.
amazing work
One of the bests freeroam tracks out there, many servers with many cars around, great job. I just wish the Patreon was already done so i could get the VIP
Best track ever
I can not be anything else as 5 stars. Incredible job !
You guys have done an incredible job. A year ago it was a great fan made track, today it is a professional quality DLC which ranks with some of the best! Looking forward to the updates, cheers!
Best Track ever!After a long day its the perfect way to calm down
Messing around on Mt. Lawlor is seriously the best thing ever. Having a great time going up and down these roads with my friends on AC when we cant go IRL
Amazing job !
cant wait for 1.2
Happen to stumble on this gem last night (weird I didn't find it earlier)... Awesome work!
Nice and fast. Excellent job ;)
Excellent Track! Keep coming back to it. Feels immersive and realistic.
Simply amazing, I can't find other words.
This is awesome! I might be slightly blind but I'd love to donate and hopefully try out the VIP version! Just can't find the donate button :)
Thanks for your rating, I am currently creating a Patreon page.
As previous emails were getting lost in peoples spam folders.
Coming soon in November!

Thanks for your patience :)
Could never have imagined I'd be able to drive these roads in a sim years ago when I lived in the area and drove on them. Now 1.2 is coming, the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks a million to you and Ben for making this happen!
Thanks a lot mate, both for the kind words, and for your awesome support. It was a pleasure adding your name to a 'thank you' sign for the next version!
Really glad you can now drive these roads how you probably always wanted to, just in a completely safe way.

Thanks again!
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