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LA Canyons

LA Canyons 1.2

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Amazing map. So many great views as you round the next corner. I enjoyed it so much I ended up paying for the VIP even though I mostly play offline, just to support this great work! Playing this in 2-way traffic is SO immersive.
Easily the best map i've ever played. It takes skills to do it fast, so i just drive slow and relaxed. Its at "Shutoko's" perfection level. Thank you so much for do the base map for free!!. This game, with this capability of free roaming, and simulation, made me quit any other racing games i was in love with. This map was a huge part of it.
The best mod I've gotten for Assetto, use it all the time to go for nice drives to unwind when I can't drive irl, recently I bought and installed the vip version, and followed all instructions given (multiple times over) but I can't seem to get the traffic working, is there anything I should know?
The best cruising experience in Assetto Corsa! The VIP extras, like the hillclimb are excellent.
i played this a year ago such a nice cruising map but now i downloaded it multiple times but it wont show up in content manager please help
One of the top 5 Assetto Corsa tracks period. Top quality and version immersive, grab a Porsche, Ferrari or Japanese sports car, throw it into the corners and feel like you are Matt Farah. You need to add this to your library. The paid version is amazing, but even the free one is a must drive.
sorry for bad english...... it looks good, but content maneger doesn't see it.
This road is magic. Thank you.

Any chance a full length track will be made or already has? All the way to Wrightwood?
Thanks Moorea, glad you're having fun :)
Absolutely an epic track to enjoy pure driving!!
I suggest heading down this road with friends or anyone online, you will definitely enjoy more of the epic experience.
Cheers HCCracing, glad you're enjoying the Canyons, especially online as that's the best way... Thanks for taking time to leave a review.
I've spent more than 1000km on this track. What else is there to say? Beatiful track for cruising, multiplayer is enjoyable, AI works.
Thanks BassGaming, glad you're enjoying it in the best way, online!
Whenever I get the chance to get online, I'm always amazed at the talent of the chilled dudes in the canyons.

I have heard (and seen proof lol) that people have driven in excess of 30,000 'miles' in the canyons. Making me seem like a newb on my own track :D
Absolutely stunning!
Cheers Nani, thanks for leaving a review, glad you're enjoying it :)
Thanks Jesus :)
Very good track!
Thanks Dzikiguziec, glad you're enjoying it :)
Thanks Solcarrelus, glad you're loving the Canyons :)
Great work !!!
Thank you for these amazing roads.
Thanks, and for taking the time to leave a review :)
Absolutely brilliant!! Thank you. Where can I find instructions on how to use the pursuit mode? I drive around but never get pursued!
Thanks Burnercan, the Pursuit layout is a 'Online Layout' as is notified on the layout preview image.

Any layouts with 'Online Layout' are for Server / Practice use only.

There are text documents in ALL layout folders, giving more info, for server admins (pit box number / locations) etc

Also refer to the 'Layout Guide' this lists all layouts which support AI use.
Very good route! I recommend it to everyone. I bought the VIP and I am very satisfied
Thanks, glad you're enjoying it, cheers for the support :)
No ragrets
Well spotted!
Ben went around the track adding graffiti...
So in return I put a few cones on his buildings roofs...
To this day, I still don't think he's found them :D

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