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  1. fastfab

    Circuit du Laquais 0.7

    Countless hours have been poured into this track, please rate and tip if you like it... Even smallest amount can show appreciation for our effort :thumbsup: paypal.me/fastfab No Commercial Use, No re-upload anywhere else Thanks. Just share the link to this page. :thumbsup...
  2. Nitro McClean

    AC GPK Silverstone 1.0

    Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting Silverstone The first race in the first official Formula One World Champion was held at Silverstone. Since then, the circuit has changed several times. Many Formula One teams are based near Silverstone. A Grand Prix at Silverstone is therefore coming home to...
  3. Fuj1ma29

    Fuj1ma's Drift Playground 1.1

    Fuj1ma's Drift Playground Small drift circuit made in blender. Bare in mind this is my second time making a mod for assetto corsa. Track is a loop with a small building, mountains and a small pits. Version 1.1 : Fixed the pit Changed the mountain 20 pits stands CSP FX : - GRASS FX - RAIN...
  4. JBolho

    GT Special Stage R5/Clubman [Read Description] 2.1.2e

    GT's Special Stage R5 and Clubman - Original track made by @vastchapa1980 - Version "2.0" enhanced by me and published under express permission by the original author. CHANGELOG for this version: - Only the 2 original layouts from GT. - Fixed the folder and model naming to lower-case to...
  5. MikeR1D

    Ayeberian Munro Circuit 1.0

    I used to really enjoy driving on Iberian circuit in FM4 so I decided to try and make my own version for AC in the Caingorms National Park in Scotland. So I eyeballed the basic outline of the circuit from a youtube video and then built it near the top of Ben Macdui, the second highest mountain...
  6. M

    Sportsland_SUGO v1.0.1

    SportslandSUGO is a motorsports facility in the town of Murata, Shibata District, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. It opened in 1975 and is one of the largest motorsports facilities in Japan, with a total area of 2.1 million ㎡. Japan's top class races such as SUPER GT and Super Formula are held every...
  7. bacchus++

    Alsace Village - Not a GT Circuit v0.2

    Hi Everyone! Recently I started to be interested in creating tracks for Assetto Corsa and after a few tries, this is my first track that I would deem worthy of sharing. I've started of basing myself of the Alsace Village layout of GT Sport, but soon realised that the imported geo data for the...

    Alastaro Circuit 2.1.1

    Version fixes 2.1.0 by "jaasu". - Signage at the entrance to the pit lane - 32 pits Thanks to the great work of www.racedepartment.com/members/jaasu.245042/
  9. BassGaming

    Halifax GP - Streets of Aachen turned into a Race Track 0.6.2

    Halifax GP Westside of Aachen made into a track. ~9.5km The name is derived from the Halifax Bridge. The track was created in Google Maps first and is entirely based on real streets in the West of Aachen, Germany. The track itself is kept as close as possible to the real life streets. Some...
  10. T

    RainFX for Monaco GP Circuit 1.0

    If you do not have this track, you should be able to find it with a quick google search. The direct track link is also in the downloaded extension file.
  11. B

    Verdal Motorsenter 1.0

    Hello! This is my second track I've made for Assetto Corsa, I hope you'll enjoy it. Please feel free to give me feedback on the track. :) Track is mainly focused on drifting. Big shoutout to OTM Ted Bundy for lots of help on the track! My discord where I have all my tracks as well as...
  12. rod vion

    Damapur 1.0

    Track: Damapur Length: 17.5 km Elevation change: 455m 2 layouts: normal and reverse Circuit mode 30 pits/starts place Replay camera Grass FX Lights Map AI The textures are free from the internet and redesign The track was made in Blender, created by Rod Vion Grass FX/ csp / online fix by: BV...
  13. KX_nigo

    Autodromo Bareillo 1.0

    A fictional track located in italy. It's supposed to work with GT3's but it could also work with F1 or Prototypes. It is 5,4km long with 17 Turns and 2 DRS zones. I recommend using this track map app: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/track-map-display.3508/ So that's basically...
  14. H

    Circuit de Karting - Nevers Magny-Cours - France v1

    Welcome in Magny-Cours ! The spot is very well known for the former F1 GP circuit...but a few meters alongside the circuit you can also find the karting race track ! Situated at 30km from the city of Nevers, you will be able to race on that beautiful track. Three different layouts to enjoy on...
  15. B

    Gardermoen Raceway 1.0

    A track I've made in Race Track Builder. Its semi-fictional but I take inspiration from a track named Gardermoen Raceway in Norway. This track is made for drifting. !Drive it clockwise! Original created by BroVeLa Shoutout to OTM Ted Bundy for assets and advice :) My discord where I have...
  16. Tyrone

    Curborough Sprint Course 1.0 - Release

    Curborough Sprint Course v1.0 As seen on the Car Throttle YouTube Channel. The sprint course at Curborough was formerly a small part of RAF Lichfield. Construction of the airfield began in 1939. On completion, 51 Maintenance Unit took up residence on 1st August 1940. After the War, a local...
  17. darqL

    High Speed Ring 0.8

    High Speed Ring by darqL My first ever public track for Assetto Corsa . Original authors of the track for Rfactor 2 : ~IsR~Raul ~IsR~Corti Velo - Some textures leBluem - lights (edited by me ) Thank you for your permissions. Track is in early stage of making /beta. After many crashes...
  18. garyjpaterson

    Spa Petitchamps 0.5

    So you know how Spa is big. Well what if it wasn't. And also what if it had giant stereotypical Belgian foodstuffs surrounding it. Yeah, I dunno why either. As you might have come to expect, a lot of this is bad. For example AI are not good, simply due to the extreme nature of the track...
  19. KX_nigo

    Dustwood National Raceway 0.4

    This is my first ever real track project so please don't expect one of the best track you've ever seen. It is supposed to be a more natural track for national racing. It's located in a fictional forest of a fictional city named Dustwood. It is designed for F1 feeder series and GT racing. It is...
  20. Tyrone

    Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park East v1.0 1.0 - Release

    I'm happy to release another product of my Patreon Early Access program, here is Wild Horse Pass (East Track) For the past 37 years, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park has been a true staple of the Arizona sports scene. Legends such as Mario Andretti, Don Garlits, Ayrton Senna and Shirley...