1. shin956

    London ePrix Season2 1.0

    Battersea Park Street Circuit was a motor racing circuit located in Battersea Park, London, England from 2015 to 2016. It hosted the final two races of the 2014–15 Formula E season, and also the second season. The track was 2.925 km (1.818 mi) in length and featured 17 turns. (Wikipedia)...
  2. killball3000

    kb3k Kakudo Park 2.25

    Short Japanese style comp circuit with clipping points and routing. Preview video of the track Kakudo Park exists inside of a much larger megamap that I have been working on for the better part of 2 months. At the moment, There are some tracks that have seen alot of love and some there that...
  3. Jeremias33

    Chilly road 1.0

    This is my first track ever. So graphics are not the best. Hopefully you like this!
  4. shin956

    Pinevale 1.0

    Fictional circuit in England. Conversion from rFactor. -CSP Recommended -30 pit/start -AI, cam Credits & Thanks; Original rFactor Track by @R Soul -Thank you for giving me permission AC Converted by @shin956 logo.png and sections file by @Fanapryde by TITI Crowds texture by...
  5. Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods

    Madrid - Gran Premio De Espana 2026 1.0

    Madrid - Gran Premio De Espana 2026 Well, continuing the tradition of Jeddah and Las Vegas, I have managed to get together a version of the Madrid Grand Prix track ON THE DAY that it has been announced! Content Manager / Custom Shaders Patch is REQUIRED for this track to work! Need a guide...
  6. RustyRussell84

    Pitstop Karting Narvskaya 0.9

    I've never been a proper kart racer or even a half decent one but I do love this place in my hometown very much. Also, looks like its gonna be a great fit for those low BHP Hachiroku drifts! Kei cars feel here at home too, but as if they grew up in to full sized vehicles There are two...
  7. DOTHLAND2007


    Simpracing Racepark is a circuit that was made possible by a boring day, in which dothland2007, member of the SMT, decided to watch a guide of the racetracks designed by Hermann Tilke, and thought to himself that it would be a good idea to make his own circuit (using only the good design...
  8. DrZepto

    Haiku Azuma Circuit 1.0

    Thank you all for your continued support, I'm excited to announce the release of Haiku Azuma Circuit! As well as, a short cinematic video to showcase the track! Haiku Azuma Circuit ('Haiku' being a form of poetry and 'Azuma' meaning East in Japanese) is the third and final track in the 'Haiku'...
  9. P

    Loen 1.0

    Loen F1 circuit Fantasy track
  10. lccst

    TeamSport Karting Liverpool 2.0

    The latest update (2.0) brings some MAJOR changes, i urge you please take a look at the Updates page! Join my patreon community for more info, insights and exclusive content! With the sad news that TeamSport Liverpool is being re-designed at the start of 2024, I have...
  11. AATR

    Circuit de Dakar Baobabs - Sindia - Senegal 1.0

    Hi All, A little Christmas gift for the RD community. The first permanent circuit is western Africa, the Circuit de Dakar-Baobabs took more than a quarter of a century to become a reality. The first project was presented to the Senegalese authorities in 1975 but only in 2000, thanks to a...
  12. A

    Pit Stop Narvskaya (Kartodrome) 1.4

    Pit Stop - chain of kartodromes in Saint-Petersburg (Pit Stop Drive, Pit Stop Premium, Pit Stop Narvskaya). Pit Stop Narvskaya - open kartodrome close to metro station Narvskaya. Using for rental go-karting, championships and endurance kart racing Автор/Author: Alexander Конвертировал...
  13. Jimmy Arnold

    Arno 1

    This is my fantasy made drift circuit. It has the main layout and 2 little tight touge lines you can take for an alternative route. Join our Discord - Smashbox Sliderz -
  14. shin956

    Seoul ePrix 1.0

    Seoul Street Circuit is a 2.618 km (1.627 mi) street circuit laid out on the city streets of Seoul, South Korea. (Wikipedia) Conversion from rFactor2. -CSP recommended -26 pit/start -AI, cam NOTE; If you are using Sol and the track screen is dark, rename ext_config_for_sol.ini to...
  15. lccst

    Lutech Karting Arena 1.6

    Check out my patreon community for more info, insights and exclusive content! A little indoor karting track I have been working on as a first AC track project, it uses my own fictional circuit layout design and is intended for close tactical karting battles! AI; The AI will sometimes collide...
  16. Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods

    Adams Motorsport Park 1.01

    Adams Motorsport Park Since 1959, Adams Motorsports Park has been Southern California’s home for kart racing and is the longest continuously running kart racing facility in the world. While the original layout from 1959 remains, the track has grown and changed to become one of the most...
  17. shin956

    KartCenter Campillos 1.0

    Karting track in Spain. Conversion from rFactor2. -CSP recommended -16 pit/start -AI, cam Credits & Thanks; rFactor2 Original Track by LuisB ( @Luis Barata ) -Thank you for giving me permission AC Converted by @shin956...
  18. shin956

    Magnificent Park 1.45

    Fictional circuit in France. Converted from rFactor and rFactor2. -CSP recommended -3 layout -32 pit/start -AI, cam NOTE; If you are using Sol and the track screen is dark, rename ext_config_for_sol.ini to ext_config.ini in the extension folder. Credits & Thanks; rFactor Original Track by...
  19. NED4TG

    Circuit Thermalito 2023 Camtool2 Replay Camera 1.0

    This camera need Camtool2: File location: assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data Track: Circuit Thermalito 2023 Hope you enjoy it!
  20. When are Track Updates in Sim Racing Needed?

    When are Track Updates in Sim Racing Needed?

    Tracks in many racing games are out of date and in need of an update. Or is it just unnecessary? We were wondering when changes to circuits warrant reflecting those in games. Image credit: If you have been playing the F1 games as of late, you will notice that certain tracks do not...