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Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast 1.0

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This track is dedicated in loving memory to my brother, Jeremy.
If you have fun driving along here, I'm sure he'd love that.

WOW! Thanks LMAO Pictures for the amazingly smooth classy cinematic :)

Pacific Coast Highway 1 - California
This is 23km's of route 1 in California, this highway is known as the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or the Cabrillo Highway. The Southern route is well known as Big Sur (Big South). Big Sur starts at Cape San Martin and runs Southbound along a twisty, mountainous section of coastline.

Well known as a true drivers road because of its fast sweepers, tight hairpins as well as fast and slow chicanes. Cape San Martin is around 100km South of Monterey... The San Carpoforo Valley is around 20km North of San Simeon. (300 miles northwest of Los Angeles)

How Do I get Two-Way Traffic?
Two-Way Traffic will be available separately in the Extras Pack

What is the Pacific Coast Extras Pack?

An Extras Pack will be available separately, with additional layouts, including Two-Way Traffic and Mansion layouts. It will be released as a Free Download (or name your price) via my Phoenix Mods site, to follow in a few days.

Thanks to Will at Boosted Media, for the cool but dangerous driving :D
Credits / Thanks
Massive thanks goes to @Ben O'Bro for the bushes, trees, parked cars, and multiple detail areas.
Big thanks to @A3DR for the classic gas pumps

Thanks to everyone who has supported my work with LA Canyons.
Thanks also to everyone who has supported this project on Race Department.

Special thanks goes to the people who've taken time to leave a review / rating and therefore appreciate my work, and the time that's gone into this. Enjoy your time driving along the Pacific Coast :)
Track Install
1) If you have a previous version installed Delete before proceeding to install the new version.

2) Copy the
contents folder into your Root Assetto Corsa folder. (usually located at steamapps\common\assettocorsa)
Check out these unique videos, and please consider giving these guys a Sub!
Thanks HokiHoshi for all the really kind words, glad you're loving PCH!
Thanks Ermin at OverTake_GG for the lovely sunset Cruise!
Thanks CTorreto for the absolutely awesome drifting!
Thanks Dave Cam for the leisurely drive in an AC Cobra, and kind words!
Thanks Alex at The Extra Mile for the "Test Drive II - The Duel" Revival Video.







Thanks to Random Callsign for the great video of PCH & Pure running together.

You're not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part.
When sharing, please share a link to this page. I appreciate all the shares on Facebook/Youtube, thanks.

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A 42km Circuit winding it's way through the San Gabriel mountain range
in California. It started out as a test area to make improvements to Pacific Coast.

Latest updates

  1. Pacific Coast 1.0 - Now available

    Pacific Coast 1.0 - Now available. I hope you have tons of fun, drive safe everyone! Online...
  2. Pacific Coast 1.0 update - Replaces pretty much everything!

    Pacific Coast 1.0 Update Pacific Coast 1.0 - Replaces pretty much everything! First thing to...
  3. Pretty much a Total Rebuild

    A total rebuild... and as such there will be things I've missed out or need to sort / tweak...

Latest reviews

Even with low graphics this mod is just stunning! Can't wait to download the extra with two way AI traffic once it's released!!
Map is dope, Is there a paid version yet? Or will there be one in the future?
Good map thanks
Pacific Coast + Shelby 500 = Simulation bliss.
Sensational work.
The update is amazing! Great scenery, sooo much foliage and great FFB! Very enjoyable, a lot of fun. Thanks for this dude, you're awesome!
great stuff thanks
Simply amazing. Never believed such visual quality was even possibly within AC. Very strong NFS and Test Drive vibes. Wonderful:)
Your brother would definitely love this track and be proud of you
Thank you so much! Sterling job. Looking forward to the extras when they land
Another home run of a track here! Had access to it during the pre release and it was insane but now that it's actually released I absolutely love the quality and attention to detail you have put into this! Was drifting the route earlier and even noticed a little Independence Day easter egg with the UFO Flying over and Absolutely freaked out with that! Can't wait for the extras to release!
This is truly amazing work been trying the routes out, north, south just so good to chill and drive and forget about your crazy day!!
Just doing my duty and leaving you your well deserved stars as you know I already love this updated version. If anyone is reading this and hasn't downloaded this yet - do yourself a favour and grab it now. Thanks for your work on this one Phoenix. :)
Our steamgroup was so happy when the update was finally released, we got on the server and had lots of ah´s and oh`s and "do you see this!" and "lets try this and go there" when all of a sudden the man himself joined us! Thank you so much, Phoenix77, for this amazing work once again and also for being a nice and humble person to have a lot of driving fun with! One thing that gets a lot of people confused is trackmap being upside down, but i am sure we will get used to it... Keep up the great work! Cheers and a nod to Ben O´Bro! clap! clap! clap!
An accomplished effort, a fantastic piece of escapism in VR particularly, and a map I'm sure I'm going to lose myself in for hours and hours.
This with rain, just amazing ! Thank you
always quality, great work man
brilliant work dude!
great great work!!
I tried the first about couple of years ago (if im not mistaken) and it was nice! But this revamp is superb!!! I already love it !! Many thanks for your hard work and dedication......
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