Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast 0.95

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This track is dedicated in loving memory to my Brother, Jeremy.
If you have fun driving along here, I'm sure he'd love that.

You're not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part.
When sharing, please share a link to this page. I appreciate all the shares on Facebook/Youtube, thanks.
If you have ideas for mods for this road, please ask my permission first. Thanks


Highway 1 - California (North & South routes)
This is 23km's of highway 1 in California, this highway is known as Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or the Cabrillo Highway. The Southern route is well known as Big Sur (Big South). Big Sur starts at Cape San Martin and runs Southbound along a twisty, mountainous section of coastline.

Known as a true drivers road because of its fast sweepers, tight hairpins as well as fast and slow chicanes. Also includes the North Route. Cape San Martin is around 100km South of Monterey... The San Carpoforo Valley is around 20km North of San Simeon

Now includes a mansion free roam layout, with 118 pit boxes.

Thanks to Unknown Siseneg for the cool video, Very nice driving :)

Credits / Thanks
Massive thanks goes to @Ben O'Bro for being extremely helpful with 3DS Max, also suggesting some awesome scripts... Top man :)
Big thanks to @dodz27 for the cameras :)
I had to tweak a few of them as the terrain / roads moved quite a bit...
after using a 1 billion pixel satellite image to line it up.
Thanks to @Amir Vodokotlic for reminding me of a really useful program to source this.
Thanks also to @movo. for reminding me quickly of a setting it would have taken me ages to find :D
Thanks to @guidofoc for the cool screenshot :thumbsup:
Thanks also to everyone who has supported this project on Race Department.

Special thanks goes to the people who've taken time to leave a review / rating and therefore appreciate my work, and the time that's gone into this. Enjoy your time along the coast :)

Track Install
(If you have a previous version... Delete existing pacific_coast folder before installing v0.95)
Extract archive to a temp directory...
Copy the pacific_coast folder into your assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.

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A 42km Circuit winding it's way through the San Gabriel mountain range
in California. It started out as a test area to make improvements to Pacific Coast.

Download AI Traffic, Mansion & Server Layouts

If you want to remove the "wrong way" sign... and/or pitcrew
details are on the above addon page.
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Latest updates

  1. Pretty much a Total Rebuild

    A total rebuild... and as such there will be things I've missed out or need to sort / tweak...
  2. Shader Tweaks, Added track cams... etc

    Tweaked a few shaders that needed adjusting... where I used outdated persistence files Added...
  3. Barriers, Bridges and Bushes... and a PCH Balloon

    Added Crash Barriers (195) Added a few bushes (15k) Added some Bridges... Tweaked the asphalt...
  4. Micro update... Southbound roadsigns were missing (My Bad)

    Due to when I had a kn5 purge (I had multiple versions of things I was testing) There was a typo...
  5. Improved Textures & Cruise Layouts (etc)

    Improved Textures Added 1st version high resolution FFB mesh Added Cruise Layouts (AI run at 80%...

Latest reviews

I haven't even driven this yet but i just wanted to say..
I'm deeply sorry for your loss mate. Cant wait to go for a cruise and I will be thinking of Jeremy and wondering about memories made along the way <3
So much love to you and your family.
This track gives me the sensation of freedom, it just makes me feel... peaceful, relaxed. The perfect escape of the monotony. I'm sure that your brother would be proud of you man. Thanks for one of the rides of my life.
Ahhh thanks, I really hope so, thanks for realising the most important point of this track.
Glad you have the sensation of Freedom, a large part of me making the track as big as I have :)

Thanks a lot for the great review mate :)
I'm sure Jeremy would be proud. Rest in paradise Jeremy <3
Ahhh Thanks a lot dude... Hopefully v1.0 adds to the Pacific Paradise!
Drive safe!
Nice work
Thanks Ferr!
I can't belive it..., you brought me back to this place after 24 years...
Thank you!! I loved this track some miles more north, around Monterey & the lone Cypruss ;)
But traveling to L.A. I enjoyed this part too
Thanks, That's great to know SL!
You're lucky to have driven this awesome, scenic road in reality!
Hope you have even more memories when v1.0 is released :)
Really appreciate your work,thanks!
Thanks mate, I appreciate you taking time to leave a review, Drive safe!
A fantastic way out of circuits.
That's great, sometimes it's not all about driving in small circles, it's about the road ahead!
Funny roads ! Great work, thank you !
Thanks man, glad you're enjoying the road... v1.0 is on its way, to take things to another level :)
Thanks Enzo :)
This is the first mod I've downloaded for Asseto and it doesn't dissapoint. I've driven this route once in person and it was great. Thanks for a great mod!
Thanks, welcome to mods for Assetto, hope you find loads you like... Drive safe!
BTW someone actually ported this map on car mechanic simulator 2018 without your permission. i am pretty sure they didnt give credit.
Thanks for letting me know, I'll make sure to add additional copyright to PCH v1.0 as with LA Canyons.
Yeah there is a small minority of cheeky, lazy, dumb idiots out there sadly.
Great mod. Good to drive.
Cheers Chewie, glad you're having fun along here, hope you have even more fun with v1.0
I had the pleasure to drive this Route last year, I really appreaciate and love your work. I'm sure will be back in L.A soon, while, I can enjoy this wonderful work. Thank you very much !!
Awesome, you're lucky to have driven this route in real life... While in L.A I hope you also get to drive Hwy 2... Which is recreated in LA Canyons, my other track. Have fun, cheers!
Very nice track with fairly readable drive-throught. Terrain looks plastic and does not disturbe the ride. Thanks for baloons (reminds me of an old NFS game). Thank you for good work!!!
Thanks mate, the next version will take it to a whole new level. Drive safe!
There will a few more things, apart from balloons, in the next version! :)
Thanks! Can't wait for finished version!
Cheers eg01st, v1.0 is underway.
Thanks for the rating :)
Incredible. I highly recommend the Toyota Celica AWD or similar rally car. Beautiful setting to cruise through and highly challenging if you decide to push it. Thanks!
Thanks Jelli, really glad you're enjoying it... Early next year a new, vastly changed version will be coming.
While this now lies in the shadow of LA Canyons, it's still a really fun road to drive, thanks a lot!
Thanks Wesley, it may currently be in the shadows of LA Canyons, but seeing as Pacific Coast is 'only' 23km's....

LA Canyons, wasn't just ambitious, it was a test at how much Assetto can handle... That volume of scenery can therefore be condensed into the 'tiny' Pacific Coast area.

I'll have to leave you to imagine what that will be like for now, I already can see it very very clearly.
You're Bro Would Love this mate. Well Done Great job and may he rest in peace.
Thanks a ton Paul, I think that's the most important, meaningful review I've ever had on Race Department!
Thanks for making me cry though, a powerful review indeed!
F for Jeremy
Not sure exactly what that means, but thanks!