Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast 1.0

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This track is dedicated in loving memory to my brother, Jeremy.
If you have fun driving along here, I'm sure he'd love that.

Thanks LMAO Pictures for the amazingly smooth classy cinematic :)WOW!

Two-Way Traffic is now Available as a 'name your price' download via my Phoenix Mods site, have fun, and drive safe on PCH!!

Pacific Coast Highway 1 (PCH) - California
This is a 23km section of real roads on California Highway 1, one of the great all-American roads on the scenic West Coast, and is widely considered among the best driving roads in the world.

Also known as Big Sur, the route winds along the rugged California coastline (from Cape San Martin to Ragged Point), this region has one of the States’ most dangerous highways. Driving can be intense with narrow, single lanes and some sections having 700ft drops and no guard rails at the edge, leaving little room for error.

The Southbound section is considered the most ideal to drive, as you are on the ocean side the entire way, allowing unobstructed views of the jagged coastline below and the Pacific ocean off to the horizon.

How Do I get Two-Way Traffic?
Two-Way Traffic is now available to download separately in the Extras Pack

What is the Pacific Coast Extras Pack?
The Extras Pack has additional features, including Two-Way Traffic and Mansion layouts. It is available as a 'Name Your Price' download, via my Phoenix Mods site.

I have installed the Extras Pack, but now the game crashes/I can’t get traffic working - why?
The Extras Pack will only work with version 1.0 from Race Department. Pre-release versions are not compatible – please read the install guide provided.

Thanks to Will at Boosted Media, for the cool but dangerous driving :D
Credits / Thanks
Massive thanks goes to @Ben O'Bro for the bushes, trees, parked cars, and multiple detail areas.
Big thanks to @A3DR for the classic gas pumps

Thanks to everyone who has supported my work with LA Canyons.
Thanks also to everyone who has supported this project on Race Department.

Special thanks goes to the people who've taken time to leave a review / rating and therefore appreciate my work, and the time that's gone into this. Enjoy your time driving along the Pacific Coast :)
Track Install
1) If you have a previous version installed Delete before proceeding to install the new version.

2) Copy the
contents folder into your Root Assetto Corsa folder. (usually located at steamapps\common\assettocorsa)
Check out these unique videos, and please consider giving these guys a Sub!
Thanks HokiHoshi for all the really kind words, glad you're loving PCH!
Thanks Ermin at OverTake_GG for the lovely sunset Cruise!
Thanks CTorreto for the absolutely awesome drifting!
Thanks Dave Cam for the leisurely drive in an AC Cobra, and kind words!
Thanks Alex at The Extra Mile for the "Test Drive II - The Duel" Revival Video.







Thanks to Rusty Russell for the amazing video of the PCH! Awesome concept!

You're not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part.
When sharing, please share a link to this page. I appreciate all the shares on Facebook/Youtube, thanks.

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A 42km Circuit winding it's way through the San Gabriel mountain range
in California. It started out as a test area to make improvements to Pacific Coast.

Latest updates

  1. Pacific Coast 1.0 - Now available

    Pacific Coast 1.0 - Now available. I hope you have tons of fun, drive safe everyone! Online...
  2. Pacific Coast 1.0 update - Replaces pretty much everything!

    Pacific Coast 1.0 Update Pacific Coast 1.0 - Replaces pretty much everything! First thing to...
  3. Pretty much a Total Rebuild

    A total rebuild... and as such there will be things I've missed out or need to sort / tweak...

Latest reviews

I bought the full version, and I'm glad I did. Most of my time spent in AC is just driving solo, and this is one of the most fantastic mods for just that. The detail is phenomenal, and it's clear a lot of work went into this mod. Definitely recommend.
Realy excellent, fast curve etc. only myssing a 2 ways traffic
Awesome track! Just wondering that is there a working water fx for the ocean? Found one from RD but it doesnt seem to work anymore.
Thanks, that water was for the previous version, and wasn't done by myself. Due to the distance the water is seen from, CSP water FX sadly wasn't workable. Maybe in future.
Well i bought traffic but it wont load and crash when i turn it on. Normal pacific works but traffic one just wont.. please help
Make sure you deleted any older versions... Then...
Read the included instructions properly. Allow Overwrites.

for traffic, select a traffic layout (You'll need the Extras - Link above)... Select Trackday, select a number of 'opponents' (around 10), turn off fuel consumption, then drive.
I love it, but how do I put traffic on? Can somebody tell me pls

for traffic, select a traffic layout (You'll need the Extras - Link above)... Select Trackday, select a number of 'opponents' (around 10), turn off fuel consumption, then drive.
Thank you. Awesome experience to drive this map.
Thanks mate, glad you're having a great experience driving PCH :)
This map is AMAZING! great work
Thanks for the kind words, cheers
One of my favorite mod on assetto corsa, check my youtube video to understand why:
Thanks mate, great video, great atmosphere :)
all works great other than no road on the mansion track i spawn and fall threw map
Read all instructions.... Notably in your case "Allow all overwrites"... when installing the Extras.
Gorgeous, amazing, impressive, immersive, the words are not too strong to review your map. Even if I can't set the traffic. Very good job indeed !
Thanks Stephane... for traffic, select a traffic layout (You'll need the Extras - Link above)... Select Trackday, select a number of 'opponents' (around 10), turn off fuel consumption, then drive.
This map is by far one of the more impressive maps, amazing work all the way down to detail. Thank you for making this for people to play its not just a skill but its a art.
Thanks Zack, glad you're having fun on the Pacific Coast :)
R.I.P Jeremy, I know how it feels, I lost an older brother when i was like 12,and i'm 40 now ,that was a long time ago, but I remember it like yesterday. My condolences for your loss. You have massive talent, you will be noticed for this get ready.
Thanks a lot man, and my condolences for your loss... Feels like a thousand years since I last saw my Bro.. But like yesterday I got the bad news.

Hopefully taking a tragic set of events and turning them into something positive.

incroyable!!! remember me some roads of cote d'azur , south of France,, big fun!! awesome work!
Thanks, glad you've had fun along PCH
Awesome Track... I've been on PCH and I gotta' say - it brought back memories... sorry to hear about your brother
Thanks man, glad it brought back memories, that's cool :)
thank you very much.
Thanks mate, appreciate you taking the time to leave a review, drive safe! :)
Amazingly done track, gives me those 90s NFS style vibes where just driving around a track listening to tunes was almost like an out of body experience.

Sorry to hear about your brother's passing, I'm sure on some level he's proud of the reception of this mod.
Thanks Gopher... That's a great way of using the track, Test Drive / NFS are both influences of both Pacific Coast and LA Canyons.

Thanks man, I like to think, in some way, my Brother is out there somewhere on lifes highway, taking in the sights of the Pacific Ocean. The mansion being somewhere he would have gatherings with friends :)

This mod is amazing, I am new to the modding community in AC and this was very easy to set up. The road is beautiful and very fun to drive on. This is by far my favorite track mods. Great work!
Thanks Jabb... Glad you're loving the road, PCH is a pretty special location. Welcome to modding :)
I'm in love
Thanks, glad you love it :)
Thanks for your work.
Thanks for taking time to review fabio... Cheers :)

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