1. rod vion

    Euphoria Hillside park 1.0

    Track: Euphoria Hillside Park Length: 2700m Elevation: 107m Circuit mode 30 pits/starts place Replay camera Grass FX Lights Map Suggested cars: Drift, etc. The ai line is only basic The textures are free from the internet and redesigned Fictional, short hillside track The track was made in...
  2. Y

    Emerald Bay -Tahoe USA Open Roam v.05 Alpha

    I am working on a open roads track set in Lake Tahoe for Assetto Corsa using Race Track Builder. The area that is modeled is based off real roads around Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, California. I am using google earth and maps to accurately scout the area. I really enjoy open roads tracks like...
  3. Schmuckiiii

    Circuito de Riccardo Paletti 2.1

    Turns: 17 Distance: 4.498km Images:
  4. I

    Alis Circuit 1.0

    My first track mod project. !Best enjoyed with Custom Shaders Patch and Grass FX active! Track designed completely from scratch in Blender, most of the stuff modeled myself. With a length of 7.1km, a lap is a bit longer than Spa, with many different sections and quite a bit of undulation...
  5. Badde

    RSS Formula Americas Replica Liveries 1.4b

    RSS Formula Americas Replica Liveries (Re-Upload) Credits: - Dasani12 - Majority of the Paints and Logos+ Suits - Badde - Some Paints + Sidepod and Indycar Logos - portakal - Livery Numbers - JP - Driver Gloves - Mahad - Rims Includes the following: Driver Suits, Helmets, Gloves, Pitboards...
  6. S

    Nsuka for AC converted from Nsuka0.92 (rFactor2) 0.8

    About: Nsuka is a virtual circuit about the 'Naruto Skyline' in Naruto city,Tokushima,Japan. Its reading is "enu suka". You should drive the left traffic lane except overtaking, to obey a japanese traffic law. You need: - CUSTOM SHADERS PATCH - PerPixelMultiMap with Emissive map...
  7. FFF789

    Road America TV IMSA 2019 and TV Static cameras 1.0

    Amazing work by these guys once again :) I hope I somehow contributed with these two additional camera sets: - TV IMSA 2019 - TV Static There are two new files in the archive - cameras_2 and cameras_3. This way they will be placed after original two cameras from the track as it was released...
  8. rod vion

    Nordwand 0.7

    Fictional road course - circuit 15 pitbox 1 set camera autumn season
  9. A

    WetFX road surface for "LA Canyons" new1

    The .7z package contains a layout for "LA Canyons" in which the road has added one transparent top-most layer that reacts to dynamic changes of "Sol" weather. That way all of the original features of the road are preserved since it`s not replacement of the "main_roads.kn5". Edit 07.02.2020 -...
  10. L

    Traffic in Aspertsham

    Hey Guys Again, I got a question about Assetto Corsa: You might know this sweet little bavarian road called "Aspertsham" for AC. I think, It would be pretty nice to have some Ai-traffic (contraflow) through these streets. I tried myself creating some AI-lines, but i don't have that much know-how...
  11. AlexKim

    kyeongbuk_arboretum 0.3

    DOWNLOAD LINK file is too large i couldn't upload directly in racedepartment. Some road near my residence. The total length is 20 km, but half of the work is done roughly. It is the end of a good state of running to the white...
  12. KmunBienen

    Russian Road Signs 23.12.2018

    Finland is getting boring. Especially for all those slavic bois. It's time to stop. It's time to change. INTRODUCING THE NEW ̶f̶̶i̶̶b̶̶e̶̶r̶̶f̶̶i̶̶x̶ Russian Road Signs Pack For My Summer Car! This small pack includes the change of all russian road signs. If you want me to do other countries...
  13. HK2014

    Remove shaking camera

    Hello, i wanted to ask if there was some settings i could tweak to remove the annoying shaking camera while going at a high speed on some roads which have small bumps. I don't think my explanation is clear, i don't know how to describe this feeling but i found that very subject on another forum...
  14. Noobiix007

    VRC Formula NA 2018 - Team Penske #1, #12, #22 1.1

  15. S

    Mountain Route 1.0

    Mountain Route is a fantasy road and was made with RTB. Most of the track is narrow road which is connected by 2 highway parts. There are 2 additional layouts, the downhill and uphill part which are different parts of the track. This is my first track project and I hope you enjoy it! Specs...
  16. KmunBienen

    Asphalt Roads 2.0

    AsphaltRoads 2.0 Bored of the gravel Roads in the game? Then you need AsphaltRoads 2.0! The addon of making your dirt roads to black, fresh, new asphalt. Installation 1. Unzip 2. Open with UnityAssetsExplorer the file "sharedassets3.assets" 3. Put the two files in the folder...
  17. Phoenix77

    LA Canyons 1.2

    Please note: You are not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part. Instead, please share a link to this page. It is not permitted to use LA Canyons for commercial or live events without prior permission. Thanks. Please note: I’ve provided answers to some...
  18. Phoenix77

    Tracks L.A Canyons

    Download L.A. Canyons (0.3) Fastest Lap: 9:39.5 by Gary J Paterson using the Formula Hybrid 2017 L.A Canyons is going to be a 25 - 30km (EDIT it's a 42.5km) circuit... using real elevation data... and is a set of real roads winding through the San Gabriel mountains near Los Angeles, California...
  19. ltcars

    Magistrala map 2017-03-23

    Simply put it in the tracks folder. You can find the track here: Check out my other mods as well: