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S397 IMSA 2019 GTD pack

S397 IMSA 2019 GTD pack 1.6

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Here we go for the last IMSA 2019 skin pack!
The pack is fully compatible with the new UI and contains 16 liveries for various GT3 cars from Studio 397 that can be added to the game by buying two DLCs.

All the Audi R8 LMS skins were ported to the 2019 model, also there are two new skins in the pack: The yellow Turner BMW and the second Starworks Audi livery.

@Crivitz Chris for painting the Compass Racing McLaren
@Marnesvs for painting the original Land Motorsport Audi and the white Turner BMW
@RustyHammertown for painting the original Starworks Audi and the Lonestar Racing Mercedes
@thomasjohansen for painting the Wright Motorsports and the NGT Motorsport Porsches
@Doug62 and @thomasjohansen for supporting me on the P1 Motorsports Mercedes
@redapg for providing his rF2 online tools

Spotter guide:
S397 GTD spotter guide.png


20200213172529_1.jpg 20200213172443_1.jpg 20200213172411_1.jpg 20200213172325_1.jpg 20200213172252_1.jpg 20200213172224_1.jpg

Opponent filters:
Since version 1.1 this pack includes realistic opponent filters.
For each race of the 2019 season of the ISWC there's one opponent filter which only includes those skins that actually were part of the entry list.
The names of the filters are based on the hashtags that were used by the offical IMSA social media accounts.


More IMSA 2019 packs:
GTD pack I for the SimTek GT3 World Series mod
GTLM pack for S397 cars from the endurance pack & the URD EGT Detroit mod
LMP2 pack for the Oreca 07 from S397 included in the endurance pack

If you are looking for some DPi cars to fill up the grid further, there's a good mod out there by the Real Series Simulation (RSS) modding team. You can find it in the Steam Workshop over here.
Sadly there's no decent Lexus RC-F GT3 or Acura / Honda NSX GT3 mod out there I know right now.

Known issues / WIP:
- none right now :)

Latest updates

  1. Compatibility update

    RFCMP installation got replaced by MAS files. Simply can't ensure to keep them up to date...
  2. Content Update

    In case I didn't include major bugs or the pack breaks this will be the last update, I promise...
  3. Content update and bugfixing

    - Added #9 PFAFF Motorsports stripe version - Added #9 PFAFF Motorsports Petit Le Mans version -...

Latest reviews

nice works
You are still the best. Thats what rfactor 2 needs.Real life skins.
Thank you for a great update mate.
Now with the Ferrari!
Will not happen to soon by me at least, sorry mate!
Thanks for the update, but please advise whether those that have already installed this mod need to reinstall due to latest S397 updates, thanks!
Yes everyone should reinstall by uninstalling the RFCMP files and deleting them. Afterwards place the MAS files where they belong.
Just an idea, but maybe you could use the McLaren 650S as an Acura placeholder, some NSX skins have been done on that I think. Really awesome skinpack, got lots of fun with it!!
Yes bears did that for the 2017 Acuras, inspired by him I did one of the 2019 Acuras. I dropped that project and decided not to include the skin in the pack when I got to know we'll get an acutal Acura NSX model balanced with the S397 GT3s in rF2 kind of soon. :)
Thanks for the update!
It's great to see a skin pack containing such high quality 2019 IMSA liveries in rFactor 2, and catagorizing them by each race. Thank you Brototype for sharing and making the install process fool proof!
Thank you for sharing.
thx 4 this
Amazing Job. So many work hours I guess. Thank you so much for improving rfactor2 with this incredible quality stuff.
Beautiful, thanks for your work.
Great selection of skins. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for this, it is much appreciated.
finally someone...
thank you!
Thankyou,love the easy way its all listed in menu,excellent work.
Great skin pack. Thank you for sharing.
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