1. Brototype

    S397 IMSA 2019 GTD pack 1.1

    Here we go for the last IMSA 2019 skin pack! The pack is fully compatible with the new UI and contains 13 liveries for various GT3 cars from Studio 397 that can be added to the game by buying two DLCs. All the Audi R8 LMS skins were ported to the 2019 model, also there are two new skins in the...
  2. D

    Cant contact with ai anymore

    Hello. I drive the dtm_2016 mod for Rfactor. With the BMW i could contact all cars. Now i drive the Audi and i only collide with BMW. I just drive throught the other Audis. No contact or crashes... Can i fix that in some way?? In wich file should i look? Gen.file?? Already a big thanx!!!
  3. SanokMaynik

    BMW M3 E92 Gran Turismo Race Modification 1.0

    Enjoy 1999 Again with this Skin... Now on an M3
  4. speedracer1893

    RSS GTM Bayro V8 Team Schnitzer 2017 2020-01-23

    No 42 BMW Team Schnitzer N24h 2017 Pay Car Mod:
  5. g25driver

    BMW M8 Coupè Official Configurator Pack 0.9.1

    BMW M8 Coupè Official Configurator Pack is made creating every single colour from the stadard M8 colours selctions on the online configurator. Vast selecrtion is possible from using the BMW M8 Individual program colour palette. I've decided to add a carbon fibre spoiler option (not included in...
  6. Kriss047

    RSS Bayro 6 #3 Falken Motorsports VLN 2019 1.3

    #3 Falken Motorsports 2019 VLN Livery. I tried to make it as detailed as i could, so i hope you like it :D More nice screenshots of the livery is incluced in the .rar file, since they are too big files to put them here haha. RSS Bayro 6 Real Logos...
  7. speedracer1893

    RSS GTM Bayro V8 Fictional Rowe VLN Skin 2020-01-09

    RSS GTM Bayro V8 Fictional Rowe VLN Skin with "Spezial" Drivers ;)
  8. P

    BMW M3 E30 DRIFT(flower power skin) 2020-01-05

    if you like my skin, here is the option to donate. Thank You! BMW m3 e30 Drift skin can be applied to the e30 and e30 step1.. just extract folder to your assetto corsa main directory Drew an...
  9. Haze Racing Design

    RedBull Camo RSS Bayro 6 GTLM 2020-01-05

    RedBull BMW "Camobull" Livery for the stunning RaceSimStudio Bayro 6. Buy the car here - if you don't already have it! Pack includes skin textures & tyre textures. You Do Not have permission to modify and reupload my work to other skins &/or sims. Enjoy!
  10. 00Hunter00

    Guinness Livery - BMW Z4 GT3 1.0

    Guinness Livery - BMW Z4 GT3 (Fictional) 2k & 4k versions Content manager screenshots- In game screenshots- Preview-
  11. rFactor 2: BMW M2 CS Cup at Road Atlanta (4K / 60fps)

    rFactor 2: BMW M2 CS Cup at Road Atlanta (4K / 60fps)

    A showcase of the M2 CS Cup (350 hp) at Road Atlanta. The M2 is a blast to drive ! Setup: Logitech G27 / no car aids / stock car setup with TC disabled / AI ...
  12. g25driver

    Hamann Motorsport i8 Official Configurator Pack 0.9

    Hamann Motorsport i8 Official Configurator Pack is made for Steven Stirpe's Hamann Motorsport i8. The full i8 Coupè standard colour selection is filled with the BMW Individuals colour list with some personal details interpretation.
  13. g25driver

    BMW i8 Coupè Official Configurator Pack 0.9.2

    Standard Official configurator pack for BMW i8 Coupè with the recent addiction of the BMW Individual Program colours selection. Take a look on my website.
  14. Highlandwalker

    S397 BMW M2 BP Ultimate 1.1

    Here's skin for the BMW M2.
  15. Eples

    Assetto Corsa - BMW M4 CS

    When the whole mode is finished, it will be shared by its producer. :)
  16. S

    2019 N24 Rowe Racing #98 #99 1.1

    The skin is Rowe Racing #98 #99 by 2019 ADAC 24 Hours of Nürburgring. The door number does not glow due to the size limit of credits: @Race Sim Studio : RSS GT-M Bayro6 V8 @formulaHEINE : ADAC Total 24h-Race 2019 numberplate @Penta : GT-M Bayro6 V8 Real Logos N24h version. VLN...
  17. idarkloard

    PRE PACK STARFOBAR 1.00 BMW E36 1jz swap 1.00

    PRE PACK STARFOBAR 1.00 BMW E36 1jz SWAP 373hp / 491nm / 1320kg / 3.54 kg-hp STARFOBAR / BANET REPROGRAMMATION / PLATIN TYRE / CYL6 MOTORSPORT original car by : ACDP WMC DRIFT PACK PART 1 Read the : Readme.txt for install correctly ENJOY ! by dark_lord
  18. GuiihRamos

    BMW M Sport F1 Team [FOM] 2019-12-14

    This mod contains a BMW livery replacing Alfa Romeo with FOM chassis. I decided to make this livery after seeing a BMW F1 concept from SeanBull: How is the mod: Hope you enjoy this mod!
  19. M

    all of my /images (my summer car) f.i.a.t..8.5.0.

    includes 2 of my previous posters, new poster, pohjanmaa car paint, rear window sticker with Fennia vakuutus Insurance (finnaly insurance for datsun) and suzuki pv skin for datsun!
  20. morado77

    The KEAN suspensions M3 2019-12-12

    The KEAN suspensions M3 Skin disponible pour la VDC e46 Rocket Bunny