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S397 IMSA 2020 GTD pack

S397 IMSA 2020 GTD pack 1.3

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This is a skin pack for the Aston Martin Vantage GT3, Audi R8 LMS GT3 2019, Porsche 911 GT3-R, Mercedes AMG GT3 and the BMW M6 GT3 from Studio 397.
You can get those cars by buying both GT3 DLCs.
There are two options to install this pack. Either you can use the virtual drivers to customise your installation more and drop the UI icons or you can use the version based on packages just like all the other IMSA packs. Even if the folder says 'no UI icons yet' you'll get those since Version 1.1.2. :)

The Compass Racing 720S is from @Crivitz Chris , I just did simple ajustments to the 2019 version.
The Turner M6 is basically @Marnesvs 2019 version updated a bit to match the 2020 sponsors.
Number panels are by @Isaac Chavira.
UI icons are created with the help of @redapgs rF2 online tools.

Spotter guide:
S397 GTD spotter guide.jpg


20200402115938_1.jpg 20200402120005_1.jpg 20200402120114_1.jpg 20200402120334_1.jpg 20200402120346_1.jpg

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Known issues / WIP:
- class filters need updates

Latest updates

  1. Compatibility update

    RFCMP installation got replaced by MAS and virtual driver installation. Simply can't ensure to...
  2. Content Update

    - Added #30 Team Hardpoint Audi R8 LMS GT3 - Added #76 Compass Racing McLaren 720S GT3 - Added...
  3. UI icons

    - Added UI icons (sorry, I hate unfinished work :whistling:) Be sure to uninstall and delete...

Latest reviews

Love these skins!! Well done! Will you add the new Ferrari GTD to this pack? Keep up the great work!
Upvote 0
Thank you for a great update mate.
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As an IMSA fan, this is incredible. Skins look great, but having a problem getting the Aston, Audi, BMW, McLaren, Mercedes, and Porsche to load due to the unknown base mod not being installed...thinking it has something to do with updated versions of the cars in Rfactor maybe?
Yes it's due to the latest BOP update, I'm working on a patch similar to the one for the GTLM cars. :)
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I love it. I am just so sick and tired of Studio 397 breaking the skins with every update. How can I update the skins myself to be compatible with new updates? Are there any tutorials?
Which car is broken for you? There's a tutorial from S397 on doing rfcmp packs but I'm trying to provide an update in case the pack breaks due to an game update. But I didn't get one for a while I think.
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Congratulations great job, keep it up I really like your paintings
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Great Skin pack and thank you for sharing mate.
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WOW thank you soo much
Upvote 0
sempre tanti complimenti
Upvote 0
Thank you for a great skin pack.
Upvote 0
absolutely love these packs. are you going to make a wec version?
Maybe I will but don't expect anything soon.
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Great update, however, no luck with install...cars are not showing up in the roster.
An update will be live soon.
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I think I might need help installing these skins as I'm used to packages. I've followed the instructions in the readme ('simply copy & paste the UserData folder into your root rF2 installation directory'), but I'm having no joy. I feel I need to do something to activate them, but I not sure what. I've tried looking around for an answer, but I've had no luck. Does anyone have any tips?
Actually there isn't more to do. I'll add a rfcmp package installation soon.
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Good work and thanks for the separate skin.
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File size
97 MB
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5.00 star(s) 14 ratings

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