1. T

    Mercedes Vestas Livery V1

    My first mod, dont comment over low effort issues, this was mostly a test to finally get mod production working and my friend liked the livery and asked for me to release it (Known bugs are Mapping on Race Suits is still the Petronas logo, No images or branding in hq is different, staff...
  2. RaceKing2016

    Monster Mercedes AMG F1 Team | RK16 | Livery + Race suits V1.0

    Monster Mercedes AMG F1 Team RaceKing2016 | Version 1.0 To rival Red Bull's popularity in Formula 1, Monster Energy buys a stake in the team to become the co-owner and title sponsor of the Mercedes AMG F1 Team. This is a port of my Monster Mercedes mod from F1 22, with updated sponsors, driver...
  3. Mwattouat

    Safety Car - Mercedes AMG GT Black Series F1 2022 V1.01

    Greetings fellow Simracers, long time no see For those who don't know me, I am Schwepsou/Mwattouat, I started modding Assetto Corsa a year and a half ago with a simple, shitty Safety Car as a proof of concept. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Safety...
  4. Matthew327

    David Schumacher - Winward Mercedes DTM 1.0

    Couldn't find a replica of David Schumacher's DTM helmet, so I made my own. Not 100 percent accurate, but should be close enough. Also included is a custom suit - again, not 100 percent accurate. The gloves are from the Driver Gloves Pack by @Hoksu. Enjoy!
  5. perorocino

    TCL AMG 300 Portuguesse Taxi 1.0

    Made this skin for a online tournament decided to share since good feedback from other drivers. Based on the old school portuguesse taxis. you can find the Mod here for free : Car: tc_legends_amg_300sel
  6. Dramatic Final Lap Battle for the Championship | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Dramatic Final Lap Battle for the Championship | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    After an entire season of swings of emotions, of overwhelming races, the championship will be decided on the last lap of the last race of the season. Who wil...
  7. Purple Sector

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas Livery for VRC Formula NA 2021 1.1

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas Livery for VRC Formula NA 2021 (Road & Oval Kit) Helmet requires ACSPRH V2 (Patreon, Paid) - Formula 1 2023 gloves and suits by Hoksu -...
  8. hminh

    Updated Merc Overalls + Gloves 1.0

    Updated Mercedes Overalls + Gloves (2 Options) by hminh v1.0 INTRODUCTION -Added Snapdragon logo on the overalls -Changed Lewis' gloves logo to match his color -Added an option to use full yellow (Lewis) gloves NOTE: If you use the yellow gloves option, George will also have yellow gloves since...
  9. K

    Nascar Garage 56 F1 Team Liveries 1.0

    First livery upload, these aren't great but i made them purely to fill grids. The Ferrari has no numbers, so you can name it whatever you want in ai races without looking dumb. same for the "Red bull blank" livery I didn't do this for the Mercedes one, but there's 2 cars for Lewis Hamilton and...
  10. jj15_assetto

    Mercedes W15 Concept for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.0

    Hey guys! Main goal for this W15 concept was for the silver to come back and for the Petronas blue to be shown more on the car. Biggest change overall was obviously the grey on the top of the car, and the most challenging part was to get more Petronas blue on the car. Instead of being paint on...
  11. pizzagalli

    Mercedes-Benz C292 (Sauber) 1992. group c 3500cc. 2p

    Mercedes-Benz (Sauber) C292. year 1992. group c 3500cc. Car that has never raced, because Sauber is preparing the 1993 Formula 1. As I find that this C292 has a fantastic design, I decided to make it. This C292 car is unique. This is the first and only model on a simulator. I built the model...
  12. VN Design

    2023 GTWC America RealTime Racing #43 | RSS GT-M Mercer V8 | Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 Evo | 4K 1.1

    Presenting the RealTime Racing #439 Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 EVO 2023 GT World Challenge America. It was driven by Anthony Bartone and Adam Christodoulou in the Pro-Am category and is based on the latest round of the series. This skin features entirely scratch-made vectors and stickers to...
  13. sguerre

    Senna Mercedes 190E - Race of Champions 1984 0.1

    The 1984 Nürburgring Race of Champions, also known as the 1984 Nürburgring Eröffnungsrennen (Opening Race), was an exhibition race organised by Mercedes-Benz and held at the Nürburgring GP-Strecke on 12 May 1984 to celebrate the opening of the circuit. It featured 20 of the world's top drivers...
  14. M

    Supreme Louis Vuitton F1 Team - MyTeam Package (SemiMoMods) 1.0

    This mod requires the installation of the Semi Modular Mods - Base Files before use. This is my first attempt at creating an F1 livery. It's meant to be a Mercedes/AMG team car livery. I'm sure there are some things I missed or some errors, if you find them please let me know and I will fix...
  15. JohannS

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo Emerald 1.0

    Custom 3-Color AMG livery, enjoy!
  16. Abookofcolors02

    Mercedes w125 | Sound Mod + Final drive ratios 0.8

    I've been driving through a 1937 season with @mantasisg 's Mercedes w125 and decided to make a couple of small QOL updates. Sound: The original sound is (i think?) similar or the same as the auto union type c. It sounds great, but I wanted a more pronounced difference in engine note between the...
  17. pizzagalli

    Sauber-Mercedes C9 1989 2p

    The magnificent C9 was missing in rfactor2, we had to react. Dominating car championship endurance 1989. Transformation from rf1 to rf2 of the mod -Groupc legends- by SvartDag, with permission. The mod is in the public domain according to him. It was necessary to do a lot of transformation to...
  18. thejqka

    2024 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 W15 - Concept - RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.0

    Hey There! More evolution than revolution with this one. My main goal was to bring back some elements of the 2019 livery, one of my personal all time favourites. In line with the teams current identity the main color remains black, but now in a shiny metallic, fading to matt in the back instead...
  19. CrestedIsland

    2023 IMSA Lone Star Racing Mercedes #15 v2.0

    Hello! This is my mod on the #15 Lone Star Racing Mercedes that competed in The Battle on the Bricks IMSA event. It was driven to 15th place in the GTD class by Scott Andrews and Anton Dias Perera. This is for the RSS Mercer GTM mod. This is my second skin, and while I am getting used to using...
  20. RSS FH 2022 vs VRC FA 2022 vs VRC FA 2023 vs RSS FH 2023 Lap Time Comparison | #assettocorsa

    RSS FH 2022 vs VRC FA 2022 vs VRC FA 2023 vs RSS FH 2023 Lap Time Comparison | #assettocorsa

    Today I compare four mods from the two titans of Assetto Corsa modding: the Formula Hybrid 2022 and 2023 car mods by Race Sim Studio (aka RSS) and the Formul...