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S397 IMSA 2020 LMP2 pack

S397 IMSA 2020 LMP2 pack 1.2

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Latest updates

  1. Compatibility update

    S397 pushed out another small update for the Oreca right after I updated this pack so it isn't...
  2. Compatibility update and small fixes

    - Updated to the new Oreca version from S3397 - Fixed some white parts that looked too shiny Be...
  3. Bugfixes

    - Fixed conflicting 2019 & 2020 skins Be sure to uninstall and delete the old rfcmp-package und...

Latest reviews

Fantastic work. Any chance for a 2021 LMP3 Skinpack?
Maybe, target for now is to get 2019 and 2020 season straight
Thank you for the pack.
I just spent 20 hours designing some of these just to find out these perfect versions already exist. Man I feel dumb. But these are amazing!
grandi complimenti
eccellente lavoro
Nice car pack. Thank you very much.
Great Skin pack mate ! Thank you very much.
Love them, great job.
File size
29.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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