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  1. Andrew Harper

    Multimatic Mazda Livery Update for the RSS IMSA DPi Mod - #55 and #77 1.0

    Here is a complete overhaul livery update for the Mazda Motorsport RT-24P DPi. This is the current set of IMSA designs as the cars are now Mazda Motorsports and are run by Multimatic not the Joest Operation. I wanted to do an update and bring the quality up a notch and also use the new RF2...
  2. Isaac Chavira

    2020 IMSA Sprint Cup Number Panels and Classes 1.1

    These are the number panels for the 2020 IMSA Sprint Cup. Please enjoy. Alls classes are presnt.
  3. Isaac Chavira


    These are the number panels from the 2020 Sprint Cup including all classes. All are in .PNG format.
  4. Scholesy46

    Rebel Rock Racing Camaro GT4 1.0

    Replica livery of the 2020 Rebel Rock Racing racing in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge series
  5. Scholesy46

    2019 Lexus AIM Vasser Sullivan memSQL Laguna Seca 1.0

    Replica of the 2019 AIM Vasser Sullivan memSQL livery run by the #12 Lexus at Laguna Seca for the IMSA Sprint Race modified to SRO GT Series livery regulations
  6. S

    2020 Michelin Pilot Challenge skin pack 2020-07-07

    Hi! I am proud to present a project that I have been working on for a long time. It's the biggest (I think) skin pack ever released. Complete grid of 2020 Michelin Pilot Challenge Grand Sport (GT4) Class. The set consists of 33 (34) skins for 8 different GT4 cars by GuerillaMods. The skin pack...
  7. Nowyy

    [Fictional] Breguet - LM Competition 1.1

    Update 1.1 is out ! Lot of fixes to fit the IMSA regulation. You can read the changes on the update tab ! Pictures on this post have been updated ! First livery here, I tried my best ! Wanted to run an IMSA championship VS AI so I designed my own team. This skin requires the Kunos Ferrari 488...
  8. Brototype

    S397 Ferrari 488 GTE Risi Competizione 1.0

    Obviously inspired by the liveries Risi Competizione ran in iRacing at the Watkins Glen event held last night I created a IMSA and a Le Mans version for that skin in rF2. It's a virtual driver installation so just copy & paste the files into your rF2 main directory. Don't mind the UI...
  9. MajkiMajk

    Porsche 911 II GT3 Cup Pack 1.0

    Hi, Some Porsche Cup Pack, hope u like it. There is no PLATINUM and GOLD class in ACC so I change to PRO and AM. PLATINUM - PRO GOLD - AM #17 Curt Swearingin - ACI Motorsports #18 Richard Edge - ACI Motorsports #3 Ethan Simioni - JDX Racing #33 Reece Barr - JDX Racing #99 Alan Metni -...
  10. Verde_msk

    Datsun 240z - Bob Sharp Racing GTU 1.0

    My first skin in years and first uploaded here. Based on 240z raced in IMSA GTU class 1976. There are two versions - one with painted lights glass and second with standard dirt 2 one. Painted one is not good in night because of emission :) So choose any you like. P.S. snow wheels are colored...
  11. Flocke1990

    Rollovers IMSA Skinpack 1.0

    I have made some skins based on real liveries for IMSA cars by rollovers.
  12. Jason Dakins

    2020 Pfaff Motorsports #PlaidPorsche GT3 R Rev 0

    After skinning this car for various sims on the Porsche 911 RSR, it was exciting to be able to skin it on the real 911 GT3 R that the Pfaff team uses in the IMSA GTD series!! Be sure to set the colours of your car to the following for the full effect:
  13. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Classic Mazda Le Mans Black&White - Mazda RT24-P 1.1

    Just an attempt to create the classic livery, but on a modern car. Some creative freedom is taken (in addition to black and white freedom of course). Choose a car in game. Click tuning/customize, and "create dir". Find the created folder in...
  14. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Classic Mazda Le Mans - Mazda RT24-P 1.1

    Just an attempt to create the classic livery, but on a modern car. Some creative freedom is taken! Choose a car in game. Click tuning/customize, and "create dir". Find the created folder in: Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor2\UserData\player\Settings\RSS IMSA Mazda RT24-P\*Name of the car* Paste...
  15. ltcars

    Audi IMSA 90 GTO Rothmans 1.0

    So I wanted to create a livery for the Audi 90 GTO and found pictures of this Rothmans livery, which is, as I noticed too late, a fantasy skin based on an Audi S4. Thank you too @Mahad and the original creator of the fantasy skin for Project Cars for letting me use their logos. This skin is for...
  16. ltcars

    Real UI for Auriel 90 GTO 1.0

    Real UI for the Auriel 90 GTO Backup the original files!
  17. MajkiMajk

    Porsche 911 RSR GTE IMSA Daytona 2020 1.0

    Livery request for AnMotoGPlayer, hopu u like it.
  18. AlexBfromG

    Mclaren 720s GT3 skinpack 2020-05-10

    Drop the complete folder into MyDocuments Team Goh Super GT 2019 59 Racing Bathurst 2020 #59 59 Racing Bathurst 2020 #60 Balfe Motorsport #22 BGT 2019 Compass Racing IMSA 2019 / 2020 Optimum Motorsport GTWC 2020
  19. ZL1

    Wayne Taylor Racing #10 | 2019 Rolex 24 at Daytona (4k + 2k) V1.0

    My most ambitious work as a rookie so far. Having been a big fan of WTR since the 1st day of the Caddies and now it's time to finalize the work. Exterior details are as deep as it can be, except for the 2 logos on the side mirrors which were scrapped due to them being botched when applied on no...