1. victorhei666

    Z-CHALLENGER Craft-Bamboo Racing Team Macau GT3 2021 1.0

    Driven by Darryl O'Young歐陽若曦 on Sands China Macau GT Cup 2021. FOR Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020
  2. maranello78

    Mclaren 720 Redbull customizable 1.0

  3. Lunatea Dreamer


    My sixth major release, titled VOLCANIC RED, is here! Based on the mid 2010s era of the Australian GT series, I have prepared six unique team liveries, all of which include 4K resolution skins, as well as fully textured driver and pit crew suits. Most teams here feature completely original...
  4. Nathan 1

    S397 Ferrari 488 GT3 | #23 AlphaTauri AF Corse DTM 2021 1.0

    DTM 2021 #23 AlphaTauri AF Corse Livery for the S397 Ferrari 488 GT3 2020 How to install? Place the 21DTM_23_Ferrari_488_GT3.mas file into the latest version number of the S397 Ferrari 488 GT3 2020 found inside the rFactor 2/Installed/Vehicles folder. Credit to @manuelj3 for the base...
  5. AMG35 Design

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo - Petronas 1.0

    The Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo has got the Petronas treatment! The Mercedes W11 became an instant classic the moment it got its updated livery, and now an adaptation has been made in ACC for their GT3 car! With subtle three-pointed stars all over the black paint that sparkle in the sun (as well as...
  6. Daniel Graf

    BPR 94 Porsche 964 Carrera Cup Broissiat #52 0.90

    The second Cup Porsche for the BPR 1994 Jarama 4H race. The car was campained by Guy Broissiat and sponsored by the french immobilier Haussmann. The team owner drove the car next to Philippe Meunier. The car has been entered the into the GT3 category and finished 11th overall. I peronally...
  7. R

    Sim Hub Overlay Replica with frame of PORSCHE 991II GT3 R V1.0

    REPLICA of Porsche 991II GT3 R Features: Widgets: You would need to map these to your specific buttons as they have multiple screens. 2 screens featuring FUEL and BRAKE TEMPERATURES 2 screens featuring CURRENT LAP TIME and LAST LAP TIME LED's: RPMs PIT LANE ABS active TRACTION CONTROL active...
  8. ALL NEW 2023 Porsche GT3 RS | In the Santa Monica Canyons! GoPro 10 Footage

    ALL NEW 2023 Porsche GT3 RS | In the Santa Monica Canyons! GoPro 10 Footage

    Driving the BRAND NEW 2023 Porsche GT3 RS through the Santa Monica Canyons in my Mixed Reality Rig. Triple 55 inch screen insanity ! Come see this game from ...
  9. R

    Sim Hub Overlay with frame for Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO V1.0

    Ferrari Features: DASHBOARD frame with LED's Widgets: Player needs to change button mapping (In Sim Hub, click widget and look at bottom of Properties) to their specific setup OPPONENT LAP Widget: 4 screens showing OPPONENT LAP AHEAD last lap time and gap, OPPONENT LAP BEHIND last lap time and...
  10. The_stig_7008

    Carguy Racing Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo | GTWC Asia 2022 [ACC] Version 1.5

    Carguy Racing Ferrari livery for GT World Challenge Asia 2022. Convert from AC by @R_are_L_ Screenshots: I've been busy lately, sorry for the late post.
  11. ThommiliD

    McLaren Gulf and F1 2022 Livery 0.9.1

    First trhe famous Gulf Livery and next, this is the formula 1 look of McLaren 2022 for the 720S I hope you like it ;) Please No Reload with Modifications, it's my copyright !!! You have to edit the XML File in the McLaren folder with your individual structure. Sample is in my Zip File...
  12. TheBlackF40

    Geschwindigkeit Rennstall (Velocity Racing Team) Audi R8 Lms 1.0

    A fictional livery for the Kunos Audi R8 LMS. I noticed a lack of liveries for the R8 LMS, and I wanted to learn to make skins anyway. This is my first ever livery and it was made in an afternoon, so its not the highest of quality.
  13. jdmfanboy123

    AC URD Darche Cup 2021 - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Fantasy Newman Heritage Livery 1.1

    This livery pays tribute to the Le Mans-winning Porsche 956/962. Complete with the asymmetrical design. Hope you guys enjoy!
  14. Günthar Rowe

    True2Life-Racing - 2022 DoS Attack BMW M4 GT3 1.0

    Based on the commissioned livery I did for Disciples of Speed racing the Octane Endurance Series.
  15. Nei Fidelis

    McLaren 720S GT3 #77 - Enduro Motorsport #2

    EDIT: Updated The download button provides the updated version suitable for AMS2 ver 1.4 and also follow real life changes in the livery livery running test - 1 minute video McLaren 720S GT3 #77 - Enduro Motorsport - Only Fans Livery British GT Championship 2022 season Drivers: Marcus Clutton...
  16. 3 GT3 EVO's to be added to RaceRoom's GTR 3 Class

    3 GT3 EVO's to be added to RaceRoom's GTR 3 Class

    Sector 3 pushed a new update to their sim racing title RaceRoom Racing Experience. Amongst several AI and camera adjustments, 3 long-awaited vehicles have finally made it into the GTR 3 class. The Added Vehicles Cars, which have previously only existed in other classes, have been added to the...
  17. J

    2022 JP Motorsport For Kids #112 1

    mclaren_720_gt3_acc 2022 Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Drivers: Patryk Krupinski, Maciej Blazek, Joe Osborne If you like it and appreciate my work, give it a thumbs up. :)
  18. J

    2022 JP Motorsport #111 2022-08-06

    mclaren_720_gt3_acc 2022 Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Drivers: Klien, Krupiński :) Note: I entered the wrong number in the "ui skin.json" file. It is enough to add 1 to create 111 and save the file. The file can be edited in notepad. Remember not to assign json files as default for notepad.
  19. B

    2022 GT World Challenge Australia KFC Racing 1.0

    Original By @BMovie: Audi R8 LMS EVO:
  20. B

    2022 GT World Challenge Australia Launch Racing 0.5