1. Martinez_4313

    2022 IMSA GTD Porsche GT3r Pack 0.5

    Decided to make of the 2022 IMSA championship porsches, unfortunately I coulnd't make all of them... YET, the rest will come later, for now, most of them, those being: #2 KCMG that was driven by Laurens Vanthoor, Patrick Pilet, Dennis Olsen and Alexandre Imperatori #9 Pfaff motorsport driven...
  2. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 Team RLL Nr. 24 and 25 IMSA GTD Pro skins I 4k V.1

    Hey guys! This is a pack of the 2022 RLL skins from IMSA GTD Pro class for the URD Bayro GT3! Have fun! And again thanks to @Svh for the amazing tyre textures! On Track Here you also can see the amazing LED work i god from @sadthiccboi21! It just looks amazing in the night! Thank you...
  3. IMSA 2022 McLaren 720S GTD #59 Onboard @ Lime Rock

    IMSA 2022 McLaren 720S GTD #59 Onboard @ Lime Rock

    If you liked It, Please Like & Subscribe // If you want more IMSA onboards, just click on the...
  4. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 Vasser Sullivan Nr. 12 GTD skin V1.1

    Hello This one is an addition to the already uploaded nr 14 GTD Pro car. Vasser Sullivan is now complete for 2022! On Track And of course i have to thank @Svh again for doing the position lights config! I also added a driver... As always not 100% accurate but i have to say the helmet...
  5. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 12h Sebring Special Vasser Sullivan Nr. 14 GTD Pro skin V1.2

    Hey Short one here... This is the 2022 Sebring version of my already uploaded Vasser Sullivan skin! Have fun :) On Track This skin is for the ELEMENT1999 ACC convertion!!! Again i have to thank @Svh for the position number config! Driver is btw also included! As always not 100%...
  6. WhiteMerigold

    S397 McLaren 720s GT3 - #59 Crucial Motorsport 2022 1.1

    First attempt at making a skin, any feedback is welcome. Livery is based on the version the team ran at the Rolex 24. To install drop the .mas file into: rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles\McLaren_720S_GT3_2018\1.75 (or most recent version available) Credits: Number plates used came from the...
  7. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 Vasser Sullivan Nr. 14 GTD Pro skin V1.2

    Hello there! This is my 2022 Vasser Sullivan GTD Pro skin for the Lexus GT3! It´s my personal fav and i hope it will be yours too! Have fun :) I also added a Driver! As always not 100% accurate! Also the Number plate panel is an config edit from @Svh It will only work with CSP! On Track...
  8. alecking448

    TR3 Racing #63/#19 GTD/PRO Lamborghini Huracan GT3 IMSA 2022 63.19

    Finally got around to making these cars. They are by no means perfect. With how crazy the actual cars design is it would be crazy trying to replicate 100%. I just wanted to make something to replicate and look pretty close to the real thing. In this little pack is both the #63 GTD Pro car and...
  9. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 Corvette C8R GTD Pro skins V.1

    Hey! I had to do these cause i love the corvette and i knew there are no skins out there that get the yellow tone right... so here they are with realistic colors and drivers! - IMPORTANT - I added a optional extension for better looking brake and rim reflections. As i sad the ext. is...
  10. alecking448

    IMSA 2022 #99 Team Hardpoint - Porsche GT3 0.99

    2022 Team Hardpoint Rolex Car.
  11. alecking448

    IMSA 2022 #64 TGM Racing - Porsche GT3 0.64

    2022 TGM Porsche. Another IMSA skin for the new grids. It has the Same classes as josaps cars. added a driver suit and helmet to it. As well as changing the class tag to GTD. still working on trying to get the chrome look to look better but is a nice field filler.
  12. josap11

    2022 IMSA GTD 7.2

    Liveries for selected cars from the 2022 IMSA GTD class. Please note: Cars may not show up in the selector list, just search for IMSA or a team name and it will show up. Cars are available in AI filters. Still working on a potential fix Currently the pack includes: Mercedes-AMG GT3...
  13. josap11

    BMW Team RLL M4 1.2

    This pack has been replaced by a GTD pack: Liveries for the BMW M4 GT3 used by BMW team RLL in GTD Pro for the 2022 IMSA season opening Daytona 24. Install by copying the "BMW_M4_RLL.mas" file to: rF2...
  14. MajkiMajk

    Vasser Sullivan Lexus RC F GT3 #12 #14 Rolex 24 2022 1.1

    Hi, Vasser Sullivan Lexus RC F GT3 FROM Rolex 24 At Daytona 2022. I hope you like it.
  15. ESCIxmode21351

    NorthWest Aston Martin Racing 2021-2022 IMSA&WEC Skin Pack 1.0

  16. I

    2022 IMSA GTD and GTDPro Livery Set 1.Again

    All Daytona liveries are done! Just a few notes - Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it so far. I appreciate all the comments. That said, these are not 100%, but they are to a point where I'm happy with them. Most liveries are accurate to the point where they do not include the Rolex24...
  17. josap11

    WeatherTech Racing IMSA AMG 2.3

    Liveries for the BM Mercedes-AMG GT3 EVO from the 2022 IMSA GTDaytona Pro class Daytona 24 for WeatherTech Racing. The pack includes 2 skins: 15 Assenheimer, Cindric, Müller) and 97 (Engel, Gounon, Juncadella, MacNeil). Install the liveries by copying the "content" folder to your AC root...
  18. DerOngerth

    2021 Rolex 24h - NTE Sport #42 1.0

    Number 42 Audi R8 LMS Evo by NTE Sport from the 2021 Rolex 24h Daytona. Tires by @Isaac Chavira
  19. Itzdatmancam

    2021 Rolex 24h #42 NTE Sport 0.1

    2021 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona contender. This car was driven by Andrew Davis, Don Yount, Alan Metni and Jr Hildebrand. It finished 15th in the GTD/GT Daytona class and finished 40th overall. LED's by @M4MKey
  20. Isaac Chavira


    These are the number panels from the 2020 Sprint Cup including all classes. All are in .PNG format.