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Physics reworked for Top Gear Liana 1.6 GLX 2019-09-10

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Time to get reasonable, people! See if you are worthy to be at the top. Of the Lap Board, of course :)
TG time.jpg
TG time 2.jpg
I dare you to beat my times. I dare you to beat Clarkson`s time after adding a ballast of two passengers worth (well, make that 1 and 3/4) :D AI`s also will throw you a challenge on any track.

Installation: after you find and install the infamous one Liana, unpack this archive in it`s folder and overwrite. This should get you from the old physics:
Old mod physics.jpg

to the new, improved and more pretty
AI standing start.jpg

AI flying lap.jpg

Update: Although it`s not very useful pushing this engine to it`s redline I corrected an issue with the damage from high RPM.

Experiment with replacing the variants of "data.acd" for v10 tyres and v3 tyres that you`ll find included, or use Content Manager. The second set of street v3 tyres [S2] has the same parameters for grip and it`s a 1-step up both in tyre width and rim size.
If interior is too bright for your taste - see this post how to use "CM Showroom" to edit it. If sound is too irritating or not working - again Content Manager is your friend.

I`ll be delighted to see posts in the Support tab with your fast times and a brief description of your better settings.


Happy driving!
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This is actually great, specially paired with the sera I4 sound. I didn't expect to be this fun. It's so "normal". Drives great, very forgiving, exactly what you would expect from a low powered fwd car. My only minor complain is the rev limit seems to be too high or the engine damage setup too early, if you push the rpm too much it starts damaging the engine in quite quick rate. Not something you would expect from mundane 1.6L engine. Keep shooting more cars, specially this smaller "boring" cars!
I might upload an update for that problem with the damage. Thanks for the max grade and the feedback!

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