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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    TV's Vicki Butler-Henderson Answers Your Questions | Saturday 23rd From 17:45 UTC

    Vicki Butler-Henderson is a household name for motoring enthusiasts, having been a key presenter for first Top Gear, and now the popular Fifth Gear TV show - and she will be in Twitch from 17:45 UTC answering your questions! That's right, as well as performing presentation duties during the...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    TV's Vicki Butler-Henderson Joins RaceDepartment

    RaceDepartment are proud to announce another major motorsport personality has joined the SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship broadcasting team, as we welcome the star of TV's Fifth Gear - Vicki Butler-Henderson! Vicki Butler-Henderson has enjoyed an enviable career to date, both behind the...
  3. A

    Physics reworked for Top Gear Liana 1.6 GLX 2019-09-10

    Time to get reasonable, people! See if you are worthy to be at the top. Of the Lap Board, of course :) I dare you to beat my times. I dare you to beat Clarkson`s time after adding a ballast of two passengers worth (well, make that 1 and 3/4) :D AI`s also will throw you a challenge on any track...
  4. A

    Top Gear Long Layout 2019-09-09

    Yes, The Track that nobody knows :):) And in this add-on I give you the other side of it too to race or practice your handling skillz... Try "Track day" or "Weekend" for offline with up to 19 AI`s. For "Race" select up to 9 opponents. If you want more pits for the short layout (2 cars per...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    The Grand Tour Game: Available Now

    Amazon Games Studios have released the new Grand Tour Game, available for immediate download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Featuring the cars, stars and locations of the third series of The Grand Tour, the new title from Amazon Games is a mix of driving, combat and all round mayhem in what is...
  6. N

    Top Gear Rally N64 Lancia Delta Livery 2018-11-09

    I think Top Gear Rally for the N64 was my first rally game. I was blown away buy the graphics. I thought at the time, man this looks real. You could even paint your own decals on the cars. That was cool. Think I spent hours in the paint shop and now spent hours to reproduce the original paint...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    McGuinness, Flintoff and Harris Confirmed as New Top Gear Trio

    Former professional cricketer Freddy Flintoff and TV funny man Paddy McGuinness will join Chris Harris as the new hosts of BBC Top Gear from 2019. With current anchor Matt LeBlanc set to step aside at the end of the upcoming Top Gear series, the BBC have confirmed a high profile pair of TV...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    New 'The Grand Tour Game' Trailer and Details Revealed

    Announced to a reasonably lukewarm reception here at RD back in August, Amazon racer 'The Grand Tour Game' has a new trailer - detailing "seamless transitions" from TGT episodes. Using a unique content streaming method that allows players to drive cars, tracks and challenges immediately after...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    The Grand Tour: Official Videogame Confirmed!

    Ever wondered what it is like to be Jeremy Clarkson? Well now you can find out thanks to the confirmation of an official 'Grand Tour' video game! Yes that's right, the three veteran former Top Gear presenters are set to have their own video game release based on the new Amazon TV series, Grand...
  10. ltcars

    Grand Tour corner names 1.0

    Put it in the data file Check out my other mods as well:
  11. ltcars

    The Grand Tour-Ai 2016-11-23

    Ai for by Tyrone Check out my other mods as well:
  12. ltcars

    Real Ui for Grand Tour 1.0

    Works with the pack I've published. You don't need to use the outline picture, but I find it nicer. Always backup first. Changed Outline, Preview and the tracks information file. Check out my other mods as well:
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    The Grand Tour: New Trailer and Rock Legend Rumor

    The Grand Tour, a new motoring programme due to release on Amazon Prime this coming November, have released a new trailer showing off some incredible production quality as the former Top Gear hosts look to take over the mantle of motoring kings from their former employers. Since the surprise...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Top Gear presenter Chris Evans steps down after just 6 episodes

    Chris Evans has announced via Twitter his imminent departure from the "new" Top Gear presentation team ahead of filming for the second series due to begin in September. Evans had the following to say after announcing his decision not to return for a second series of filming: "Stepping down...