1. s00zster

    Realistic Downforce & Grip Mod 1.1

    I've created a mod that should help with the lack of downforce and grip in F1 2021. It's not a crazy mega downforce mod or anything like that, just something that takes the edge off the unrealistcally unforgiving physics in the game has this year. I was inspired to make it after seeing people's...
  2. BaronTRB

    Better Physics

    Well AC and ACC are doing great on this sector but there is always room for improvement. They have to revise all of their physics models (suspension, tyres, ets) in order to achieve even more close to real life driving experience. What goes hand in hand with the above: Track improvements...
  3. S

    How to limit power in certain gear?

    So like the title says I'm interested in how to, if even possible to limit power in certain gears. A lot of cars do that including my S63 and even the 488 does, which is in AC. I don't really care about setting up precise torque curve for every gear (like in power.lut), but more like, limiting...
  4. J

    Physics Help Fixing Physics for this Great car "VUHL 05RR"

    Hello everyone!, hope you are doing fine with all this Covid nightmare!... Basically I´m looking for someone to help solving an issue with this Car, since I´ve driven it in real life and this assetto corsa version is simply not behaving similar on the rear end of the car and power... The Mod...
  5. Das WAHRE PROBLEM an Automobilista 2

    Das WAHRE PROBLEM an Automobilista 2

    The new Racin' USA update for Automobilista 2 has been praised from many corners of the internet. But, many fans do not want to hear criticism of the driving physics... DISCLAIMER: This video is in german!
  6. Buzzardo

    VSM IndyCar 2020 Physics/Sounds Overhaul 12.0 - Definitive (?) Edition

    Hello, guys, i hope you all are having a great time! Before anything else, i want to give some shououts: - Vitor Souza, also known as VSM for the original mod and its 2020 pre-season carset; - The OSR team and Patrick Giranthon for using their work as a reference point for mine; - Several...
  7. LTLGamer1

    AC Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS MR mod v1.0

    Ever since I first learned about Manthey Racing and their upgrade kits for various Porsche models, I was keen to have an MR tuned 991.1 GT3 RS MR in AC. While the car may not look all that different visually, it is quite a different story on the physics side. Porsche Pack Vol.2 is a must as...
  8. AccAkut

    Replacement physics for AC DTM 1991 Car Pack by Tommy78 2

    EDIT: Audi still has the weird judder I can't get dialed out :( Tommy78's DTM 1991 car pack is a paymod you can aquire here: The models are really well done, lowish poly but pretty detailed, with 4 proper LODs which means they work well for...
  9. MrWaflz55

    McLaren 720s GT4 Converion Mod 0.9

    1st Racing Studio McLaren 720s GT4 Conversion by MisterWaffles (and a few others) (Link to the required mod is included in the README file) Unlike the Genesis, this isn't available on any other website, so the only way to make this is to copy and paste the new files from this download over...
  10. MrWaflz55

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe GT4 Conversion Mod 2020-05-23

    This is a conversion file based on the hgc_nvidia that updates the car to FIA GT4 specifications, adds more skins, includes new tires and a bunch of other small tweaks. Included in the download are the files needed to copy over the hgc_nvidia mod to create the GT4 car, but the model is not...
  11. NewYuriCity

    2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Physics Update 1.5

    **Please note this requires that you have the C8 mod created by Nicolas Devoto that has been making it's rounds around the internet. It still uses the C7 sound and fonts so I can't remember if that was in a DLC, but you'll also need the kunos C7 one way or another. I've seen physics updates...
  12. T

    Physics AI Drift .ini Manipulation

    Hey all, So I been looking for answers to the question "can ai drift?". Of course the answer is no, but there are ways that I've seen in two videos, made by others to manipulate the ai within the cars ai.ini and tyres.ini files to get slip and counter-steer. Only info I've seen is that one user...
  13. holacrosty

    TYRE for GTR2 - Lotus Elise - CrosTyres 0.6

    Hi. Im crosty. My firt post ever. From Argentina. 1- Copy the content of this .TXT file. 2- Open your Dunlop_Elise (.TYR file) 3- Delete everything and Paste the content of this .TXT file. ---Done! - I am attempting to achieve some real racing driveability and more enjoyment (for a...
  14. A

    Physics reworked for "Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400" 2020-01-16

    A free FQ-400 mod shouldn`t mean a bad mod so to correct the problems of wrong suspension and other physics I have redone the data research, edit, collider and AI training for the Lancer Evo X from "assettodb". To choose fitting sound for replacement in CM I propose the one from Kunos -...
  15. A

    Physics rework for "Jaguar MK2" 2020-01-13

    There is a nice Jaguar Mark 2 on the web with a rear suspension so poor that it collapses after couple of fast corners or makes your driving so alien that it`s laughable. The car in question got under my skin and I did the data research, edit, made collider for it and am willing to share the...
  16. A

    Physics update for "Flintstone Mobile" 2020-01-13

    The first mid-engined car in history came in my PC with not very intriguing handling and the usual fast-mod niggles. Instead of deleting it I devoted a bit of time and attention to experiment and the outcome is good. Looking at the pictures you might think this is undrivable but you`d be wrong...
  17. Marocco2

    That's a lot of damage I was doing a MP race when I noticed this car floating around Zolder
  18. I

    Aston Martin Vantage GT4 Physics 1.01

    Hello everybody, i found the car at *********** and in my opinion it is too fast against the porsche and maserati. So i changed the physics and setups to bring them closer together. The car now has only one gearbox, hard tyres, less wing and other changes. Hopefully you enjoy it, and let me know...
  19. A

    2-way traffic for "The Isle Of Man TT", seasons, lighting, horizon and physics patches 2019-12-16

    Note 17-07-2021: This is not new upload! Please read the update message to get the CSP code suggestions for better experience. This race course makes good exercise for quick reflexes in critical situations when cars move both ways, or laid back drive observing how robots are racing around you...
  20. A

    Physics reworked for Mazda MX-5 Miata 2019-09-27

    Why improve the already most forgiving and balanced car in AC? For once: Marked is one of many large flat spots in the FFB of the car. This is correctable by using a custom level of say 70%. What`s not correctable that way is the too big turning circle, the high center of gravity, the wider...