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2-way Traffic layout for "High Force" + seasons_water_grass_wetFX New_for_1.0

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Note 2-Oct-2021: Update doesn't include the "roam" layout which i made for the beta. It has improved lines for use with CSP AI flood which is the main focus of interest. If you want to try fitting the roam to the new version - the old download sits in "History" tab.

Fine english country roads. In Assetto they can be used with really high force cars to attempt a fast lap. I`ve seen ~40 min for the double loop which is comparable with the LA Canyons.
highforce pits.jpg

Install: make sure your "High Force" track is working and then place the contents from this package into the folder "..\content\tracks\". Do not use CM to drop the .7z into it.

This adds the traffic layout with it's own small additional config for CSP.

The "High Force + Traffic" layout works in Track day mode (or "Racing Weekend" for those who don't have Content Manager). The track is very well made and leaves lot of memory space and CPU power for adding AI cars.

Happy driving!

highforce ecl2020.jpg

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Latest updates

  1. Updated line for new CSP AI flood

    Although v1.0 comes with the "Restricted" line already present in all layouts I find that the...
  2. included the "traffic.kn5" which I forgot, sorry.

    NOTE 21-Mar-2021: I re-uploaded the update with corrected mistake. I forgot to include the...
  3. Improved lines in 2 flavours, additional physics for true free roam

    The small driveways and opened gates looked too tempting and I reshaped the physics on the track...

Latest reviews

most of the time the ai crashes, but i don't know why, can somebody help me please?
hi. im super new to this and maybe not doing it correctly. i have cars in the server but most are crashing to themselves or being stopped on the road or doing funny things in the pits? can you help please?
thank you very much.
Traffic is very nice but i have a problem with replay TV camera switching between a previous and next camera all the time.
I've done a full loop and check by camtool2 app.
It's also show switching distance too.
Please help.
Unfortunately I can't recommend anything other than switching to AI cars for replay. The game is made that way - instant transition to the camera that is closest to the selected car. There's no option to introduce delay. track day mode the cars don't move they spawn on the track but don't move,if i start a race kinda work but appear just a few cars,the A.I extension settings looks fine...any ideas?
Smashingly awesome update! I can’t stop doing laps. Particularly enjoyable in the Singer Porsches. Well done!!!
But you did stop to write this message and I appreciate that!
dont you think theres too much dust kicked up by other cars?
The particles are at the minimum in "surfaces.ini" for the leaves. The grass is at 0.5 and you may try decreasing it. Instead I'm using Sol's controls to set the density of dust or spray and mine is at 750 instead of the default 3000. Otherwise the driving in rain becomes a nightmare and it kills the GPU performance too.
Thx, a truly nice addition, for a good track. Tried 55 ai+ai flood.....let's put it this got crowded ;) , but lowering ai to 20, went smooth, with almost no accidents :)
Glad to hear it works ok! To adjust the AI flood you have to enter some good values in "C:\Users\*****\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\extension\new_behaviour.ini". Look up my other traffic for SRP where I posted my AI flood settings. They are good with ~12-16 cars. If you want more - increase the distances proportionally.
Fabulous and thank you! This is a great track and it really needed the AI to be added to truly bring it alive. Driving this track with CSP Rain and now your AI is just an insanely cool experience in VR :)!
It is great fun following and watching those ai's doing their thing! Also nice they follow speed limit in urban areas!
Superb addition especially when run with mixed van, car and motorbike traffic. Can you sort out the bridge problems in Langdon Beck or is it only me who has all the traffic crashing on the bridge? @1m40s
Thanks for the feedback!
I doubt if more improvement on the side lines is possible. I also noticed that the narrow places cause some problems for the AI.
With traffic the track is so much better now. Thank you for your work!!!
Meeting grateful people like you is the reason I do this.
thanks for the traffic, makes serene setting more realistic and dangerous. for some reason i cant get the seasons to work. but still awesome
I cant get it to work, tried reinstalling. It simply runs without any other cars, just like the stock layout. Do I have to run it as a race? When i try that, it doesnt even start loading...
Thanks for trying it. If you use Practice mode then you won't get other cars on any layout.
See this post in Discussion or use Track day with Content Manager
Excellent, makes so much difference. Really liking your traffic mods... keep up the good work!
The best chilled driving experience I've ever had in Assetto Corsa!
good job!
Glad you like it!
Why after I put the highforce folder into Assetto Corsa/content/tracks and open Highforce+Traffic I didn't see any AI but the texture resolution looks lower than the original. did I forget some steps?
Why - I don`t know.. the .7z contains 200 MB of AI lanes in 2 files.
Repeat the download and install of this package.
Very good work, thanks for your effort. could you put "ia" to compete against the machine?
Thanks for the feedback! The AI`s are all producing the same input as a human driver and are run all by a single core of the CPU so it`s pretty amazing to watch how they compete. The only big limitation of AC is the inability to mix multiplayer with AI`s.
A great "icing" for a great "cake" thank you very much
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