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  1. abrimaal

    Apricot Hill reworked for GTR Evo 202011

    + converted all .jpg, .png and .bmp textures to .dds + moved jumbo screens to be visible and added animated slideshows + replaced some textures, the original are in the folder 0rig files, not used on the track + made windows in buildings transparent + removed empty objects with 0 faces + added a...
  2. A

    Physics reworked for Mazda MX-5 Miata 2019-09-27

    Why improve the already most forgiving and balanced car in AC? For once: Marked is one of many large flat spots in the FFB of the car. This is correctable by using a custom level of say 70%. What`s not correctable that way is the too big turning circle, the high center of gravity, the wider...
  3. A

    Physics reworked for Toyota GT86 2019-09-23

    This time you get 3 more cars for the price of... 0 actually. Unlike Toyota, Subaru, Eibach, Crawford and Kunos I`m not asking for your money. Have them for free. Simple thanks wouldn`t hurt, tho. As you see the numbers don`t lie. But the people who drive this car don`t do it for the numbers...
  4. A

    Physics reworked for Toyota Celica ST185 JDM AB

    Source for the mod: description in YouTube Only the first link in there matters. If you like the car`s visuals - author has more for you in his channel. A modern classic - the Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185. This is the JDM car with the maximum power and all the options from the factory. Even at...
  5. A

    Physics reworked for the two Maserati 250F 2019-09-13

    When I saw this I thought "Waaait, what?!" Yes, you see it too. The physics on both Kunos cars runs ahead of the visuals. But that isn`t the reason for the horrendous yaw wobble. That is simply the consequence of miscommunication between the two teams - physics and graphics. The later worked...
  6. A

    Physics reworked for Top Gear Liana 1.6 GLX 2019-09-10

    Time to get reasonable, people! See if you are worthy to be at the top. Of the Lap Board, of course :) I dare you to beat my times. I dare you to beat Clarkson`s time after adding a ballast of two passengers worth (well, make that 1 and 3/4) :D AI`s also will throw you a challenge on any track...
  7. A

    Physics reworked for Praga R1 2019-09-05

    The good little Praga deserves some upgrade. Now it can take on not only the "Superlights", but the heavyweights in AC too. And it will blow your mind in the process. In a good way :) See what 1.0 bar of boost can do for the original Renault F4R 1,998 cc engine in a 585 kg car. This is not an...
  8. A

    Physics reworked for Abarth 595 SS new1

    Fiat Abarth 595 SS (man. 4 speed) as offered for the year 1968 in Europe but now with a difference : ) Engine 594 cm3 spark-ignition 4-stroke Line 2, turbocharger from "Abarth 500 EsseEsse", fueltank lowered, new springs and ARB, wheel alignment and tyre pressures in check (but you do a check...
  9. A

    Physics reworked for Alpine A110 1600S 0.2

    (In the archive v0.1 you`ll find both packed and unpacked versions of data for the Alpine A110 1600S.) In v0.2 there is the full added content for the car - data, sound, skins, etc. Link for the mod I put in the package or navigate as follows OR I did not like the original handling and redid...
  10. Daniel Paez


    SILVERSTONE 2017 HYPER REAL 1.0 Based on Silverstone 2017 2.0 (over 2016 Mod by Neffo`s) Reworked: - Banners (Real Life and F1 2016) - Tyre Walls (F1 2016) - Concrete Walls (F1 2016) - Auxiliars Vehicles - Parking (Ford Fusion, Peugeot 3008, BMW X5, Range Rover Sport, Citroen Grand Piccaso...