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Ferrari 488 gt3 sound mod 3.1.1

No permission to download
8e80df2816c7f44f35c17fd8d68c55f4.jpg Hey guys, this is my first ever sound mod, so please be gentle :)

If you want to lower the braking whine sound, you can ! You just have to adjust the "tyres" channel in the sound panel in game.
Same for the transmission in the "transmission" panel.

/!\ If you prefer the previous sound version, then don't download the update ! (previous sound is 2.2.1)

Preview v3.0 (note: the sound between 3.0 and actual 3.1.1 is nearly the same, just look at the updates changelogs):

Installation: Extract the file in the archive in : Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars
Then you have to replace the files.

Here are the videos where I took the samples
-onboard :
-outside :

You have to ask my permission to include this mod in your own projects, to convert it for another game or to redistribute it on other sites.
You are not allowed to use this mod for comercial purposes, or sell it as your own project.
You always have to give me credit.
By downloading this mod you agree to these terms.
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Latest updates

  1. 3.1.1

    -little adjustement on the high pitch samples -increased again the onboard pitch, now it's...
  2. 3.1 Fixes to complete the 3.0 version

    -increased a bit the pitch of the onboard to better match reality -lowered the volume of the...
  3. 3.0 New onboard and exterior sound !

    -brand new outside sound -new onboard sound with low rev improvement -added braking sound (you...
  4. 2.2.1 little volume adjustement

    Little volume adjustement on the outside
  5. 2.2 New external sound !

    -new exterior shifting sound -new exterior engine sound -improved a bit the actual deceleration...

Latest reviews

very best sound 488 gt3, thanks for this excellent job.
Nice work thanks
Really good sound mod! I have one question. When down shifting, the rev of the engine will always jump to the redline then quickly drop to the normal rev for the lower gear, this creates a slight annoying pitch. I guess that is a system thing? Is there anyway to mitigate that? I mean no offense. The sound sample is top notch quality and overall it is a pleasure to drive with this mod.
I don't really see what you're describing, maybe that's the braking whine : then the sound is controlled by the "tyres" channel in the sound options. If not, then i don't know how to help sorry, i stopped modding.
excellent mod!
Ça déchire grave !!!!

J aime quand on entend le sifflement des plaquettes de freins et enfin j ai ca sur la 488 gt3 !!!

Merci a toi :)
pas de problème :)
My contribution from 24.1.2019 I deleted. After fitting it with the equalizer of the sound card, it sounds perfect to me now. Very good work !
It's the best out there and by far. but. I think a mod should respect the overrall volume balance of the kunos original sounds so not to force one to continuously change settings to adjust. In this case I miss a lot of tyres volume
Awesome sound! One question though, you're talking about "wheel"sound setting, but there is no such thing? Unless you mean tires?
Yes. Tyre channel modify the volume of tyre skid + brake whine, sorry i'll change that
This is fantastic!! Great Job!
Sounds good. Real, thus immersive. Thank you.
Takes this car to a whole new level. This is now the definitive sound mod for this car. You've captured the straight cut gears, the downshift burps, everything with the exception of the little blowoff valve chirp (maybe in the next revision?)
Good sound but i think the exterior upshift sound is a little bit to much a 'toink' sound.
Cant say this is a professional review :)
Some like, some dislike.
Personally i like how it is
Wow. ...Outstanding work ... Thanks for the update.
No probs, thanks !
Such a joy, bravissimo!

If I may add something to the conversation, besides still missing some more lower end when lifting off, I find hard to distinguish the pads from the engine having almost the same pitch and if I brake harder I can't hear the ABS engaging like IRL (tested the whole range from 1 to 12). Playing with different volume settings didn't help. Problem might be on my end since I use planar phones (via AK4990 DAC) instead of heavy bass dynamic drivers and I have no means to equalize the output signal.

Anyway, you really did something to be proud of.


Thanks Riccardo!
Really good sounds, even better than the Fonsecker version of this sound :D
Take that, Fonsecker ! :D
Big improvement over the stock sounds, which have plenty of backfire/burble but little else. /rant Why do so many KS cars with dual-clutch trannies sound like 80's arcade games? Especially when shifting, it seems like all they do is lower the frequency a bit. There's none of the cool little effects that go along with real gear changes (I'm going by onboards) and which give a car some character. /rant
Because it's diffuctult and it takes a lot of time to do, i can't imagine myself doing this for +100 cars. The work they did is already amazing.
Thank you !
nice job, sounds spot on to the onboard real video
Thanks !
Perfect onboards now, the brake sound improved.

About externals, I think it's the turbo flutter sound that is sometimes very loud (there is different samples for this, and 1 of them is pretty loud). Dunno if that is intended, it's noticeable only with replays

Thanks for making this car finally enjoyable for me.
It's fixed sinc 3.1
Well done. During braking it whines a bit much and it's like on/off only (I'm talking about the onboard sound). Love your mod.
Braking sound fixed in 3.1 ! :)
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