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Porsche 919 hybrid 2015/2016 sound mod

Porsche 919 hybrid 2015/2016 sound mod 2.0

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Hey guys.
This is my sound mod on the Porsche 919 hybrid, I hope you'll enjoy it !

I used (onboard) sounds from the 2017 version because i didn't find any good quality recordings of the 2015 or 2016 version on the web.
If you absolutely want a sound based on recordings of the 2016 version (less quality), then download the mod v1.2 :) (click the "history" button on the top).

As you can see in the preview, the electric motor sound stops at 260 km/h -> since it's impossible to map the sound of the electric motor in accordance with the actual hybrid deployment and i wanted it to stop in the long straights like real life, i decided to stop the electric sound at 260 km/h (arbitrary number, i tried to find a good balance).

If you want to change the volume of the electric motor : you can adjust it in game with the native sound app.
-> Transmission channel is for the acceleration sound
-> Tyres channel for the braking sound.
be careful to put the same value in these channels to have the same volume in acceleration/braking. Be aware that the tyres channel affect the tire skid volume too.

PREVIEW (2.0 version)

Extract the two file included in the archive in :
Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars
Overwrite the files if windows ask you.
(obviously don't mind the changelog.txt file for installation)

Real footage where i took the samples
-Onboard : video is no longer available on youtube, sorry.
-Outside :

Latest updates

  1. Reloaded 919 hybrid sound !

    Changelog : -Totally new onboard sound -New exterior sound (it sounds quite the same, but...
  2. 1.2 Some important fixes

    Changelog : -different pitch adjustement on the 2015 and 2016 version -lowered a bit the volume...
  3. 1.1 Volume adjustement

    Lowered a bit the volume to better match other cars on tracks

Latest reviews

Thanx for this mod, amazing job
I installed it and completely forgot to leave a rating, I am very impressed and I love it.
Truly impressive sound mod. Almost no difference between sim and reality. Could you make one for the Evo as well? I think going up to 8500rpm should be ideal.
Have used this for a really long time. Thanks so much for the awesome work. I have recommended this to all my friends who play AC.

One more question. Have you ever considered making a evo version sound mod? Based on this famous recording (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsLi7HgSuhI), I believe most people can recognize that the evo has the same engine (with different tuning) but the sound is more brutal. Driving with this sound might bring the experience to another level. What do you think?
Hi, it sound good yeah but i stopped modding after the release of my 911 rsr sound mod, sorry
Thanks, sounds very good and realistic
It looks really nice in the previews, but I must have made a mistake installing it, because the car has the default sound, but all the other cars don't have any sound now.
It must be a weird bug, that's why you need to have a backup everytime you install a mod :/
But IMO you did something wrong when you installed the mod, since it works for everyone. Try re-installing it and follow striclty the instructions. Send me a PM if you're still having troubles.
Or maybe you use a very old version of AC, in this case I can't really help you.
No problems
Excellent mod, but is it possible to make it work with the 919 EVO mod as well? That would be great, cant get it to work
Okay so, to get the mod to work follow these steps :

-Go to the repertory of the game -> content -> cars->ks_porsche_919_hybrid_2016_EVO->sfx

-Delete everything that is in this sfx folder.

-Then open my 919 sound mod archive, select the 2016 version and extract the 2 files that are included in the sfx folder of the archive in the real sfx folder (so that it replaces the files you just deleted).

-Rename the file "ks_porsche_919_hybrid_2016.bank" to "ks_porsche_919_hybrid_2016_EVO.bank".

-Now open the GUIDS.txt and everytime you see "ks_porsche_919_hybrid_2016" in the text replace it by "ks_porsche_919_hybrid_2016_EVO"

Be sure that you have replaced every "ks_porsche_919_hybrid_2016" in the text and you're done!
If it doesn't work that mean you didn't followed the steps correctly, send me a PM then.
Great work, amazing sound. Thanks!
No probs :)
You done a fantastic job man!
yeah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Amazing sound! R18 sound mod when? :^)
No time :(
Wow. When I started the video I thought it was the real one before I saw the 'Sound Mod On' line. Really spot on and this from someone who listened to that sound for more than 24 hours in my life easily. I'm sure it's 240 for you :). Thanks for this and for making it adjustable.
I really love the sound but i'm not that crazy to listen to it 24h :D thanks !
Very Nice. I barely noticed the differences. Would you allow me to convert your sounds to another game GTR2? If it is okay with you. Its perfectly OK if it ins't though.
Yes you can,
I can send you the fmod file if it's useful (?), send me a private message then :)
I love this mod! It made the Porsche 919 hybrid to my absolute favorite car in AC.
Only one thing. Could you attach the hybrid decceleration sound to the transmission? So like that we could even get the recharging sound when the car is just off throttle and coasting. For example URD have made their sound like this, and it sounds amazing when you lift and coast and in that moment when you release the gas the hybrid recharging sound comes. Very realistic. So please consider this :)
Thanks for your review, personally, i like how it is, so it won't change, sorry :/
Love it. Made the Porsche even better for me, great work. Will you do a sound mod for the McLaren P1 GTR? That would be awesome.
Lol, i'm currently making it
Absolutly amazing. Love it <3 Thanks for your hard work!
Awesome work ..Thanks
Thanks That's fantastic I saw the Porsche spin that day in monza and when there are the tests it's the only day that manages to see everything great Thanks again
That's fantastic
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