1. arkloh

    Ferrari 488 EVO Karmeliet 1.0

  2. arkloh

    Ferrari 488 EVO Scuderia 1.0

  3. A

    Carlos Sainz Ferrari Livery (RSS Formula Hybrid 2020) 2021-01-12

    Original livery: Original livery creator: @Leo_95 This is my version to feature the 55 number from Carlos Sainz, for the 2020 Ferrari livery. It includes the number and name on the livery. *IT HAS...
  4. arkloh

    Ferrari 488 EVO Phalp 1.0

  5. ohyeah2389

    2003 BMS Scuderia Italia #23 1.4

    A replica of BMS's 2003 #23 livery on the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO. I originally did this skin for iRacing (, and I had some problems converting it to ACC, mainly with the rear bumper. Some logos aren't...

    SCIBSOUND Ferrari 458 Italia sound mod 1.1

    New sound for the Ferrari 458 Italia. To install, copy files in assetto corsa folder. Enjoy ! (sound for Ferrari 458 Italia stage 3 coming soon...) UPDATE VERSION 1.1 : First version :
  7. A

    2021 Carlos Sainz Ferrari helmet (ACSPRH) 2021-01-09

    Created on @talisman ´s 2020 Carlos Sainz helmet for ACSPRH Tag me if you use it for other resources. This is my version, you can check talisman´s one here, which was uploaded 10/1/21: *Keep in mind there...
  8. Perry The Platypus

    Ferrari 2021 Sainz 1.0

    Ferrari skin
  9. UolterUait

    Ferrari 550 GTS-R Garage Saurus (for RSS GT Ferruccio 55) 1.2

    This is just a simple skin I made after seeing some photos of the Garage Saurus 550 cars. You will need the car mod by RSS that you can find at this link (paid but worth every cent): The skin is simple but includes a config file that I used to hide some objects...
  10. ZL1

    Ferrari 488 GT3/E Evo | AF Corse #51 & #71 | 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans | 2K + 4K V1.0

    Presenting the 2019 Le Mans 24 Hours GTE-Pro class winner: AF Corse! The AF Corse Ferrari has been recreated many times, but none has been specifically made for the ACC conversion of the 488 Evo. Therefore, this, my take on this stunning works Ferrari livery. The goal is pretty simple: to make...
  11. ZL1

    Ferrari 488 GT3/E Evo | Risi Competizione #62 | 2020 Rolex 24 at Daytona | 2K + 4K V1.0

    Presenting the 2020 Rolex 24 at Daytona #62 Risi Competizione! The Risi Ferrari has been recreated many times, but none has been specifically made for the ACC conversion of the 488 Evo. Therefore, this, my take on the simple yet recognizable red Risi livery. Kunos's 488 adaptation will be made...
  12. Feint

    Ferrari FX/17 Skin 1.0

    Happy Holidays! Building on @garyjpaterson's great FX/17, I have created a skin based on several different Ferrari F1 liveries from throughout the years. I spent many long hours on this, so I hope you enjoy the small details and easter eggs throughout. Two skins are included, #1 and #2. I...
  13. Erik_27

    Ferrari488 GT3-GTE Dashboard V1

    If there's something missing or wrong please let me know it on the comments. Please leave a rating if you liked it. To install just download and double click to the archive from inside the .rar. Hope you enjoy it!
  14. Z

    Ferrari Helmet (MindMaze) 1.0

    Helmet for Ferrari , if you want I can make helmet for other teams :D
  15. Atrupelador

    Ferrari - A love story

    It's a video showcasing how powerful are the Assetto Corsa Community of modders and how beatiful a game from 2014 can still be:
  16. arkloh

    488 EVO NFR 1.0

  17. SATLAB90

    Formula Grand Prix - Tribute to Geoff Crammond 1.1

    Formula Grand Prix mod by SATLAB (1.1) PLEASE READ ALL THE DESCRIPTION IF YOU ARE CONFUSED ABOUT THIS MOD After a work of a couple of months I'm proud to present to you a "special" mod. Formula Grand Prix is a generic Formula 1 © car which delivers over 800 bhp, with a 6-speed gearbox and...
  18. P

    Ferrari 2020 Helmet 1.1.1

    Check out my instagram account : Instalation: Swap files. And play ;D
  19. Dave Hope

    Ferrari F50 Bang & Olufsen 1

    I've redesigned this car for various sim's over the years. I Intentionally keep it a little simple and change some of the sponsors. I just prefer it that way.
  20. MajkiMajk

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo #88 Dragon Racing 1.0

    Hi, Another sweet skin from Gulf 12h 2016. Track: Yas Marina Circuit Drivers: Matt Griffin, Nicolas Minassian and Rob Barff