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  1. Lag101bubblebomber

    2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship 1.0

    Drive Simona Di Silvestro's 2019 Nissan Altima L33. The 2019 calendar consisted of 16 Rounds and 32 Races
  2. Lag101bubblebomber

    2021 Repco Supercars Championship 1.0

    Enjoy driving the entire 2021 Repco Supercars Championship. This career will take you all across Australia. Feel The speed of Tim Slade Ford Mustang
  3. martynas555

    Cars custom mod bmw e91 wagon

    I was just wondering if anyone here makes custom mods for assetto corsa i would make my own mod but i dont have the skills to do that so im looking if someone here could help me out
  4. Whirey


  5. LanceStonks

    Playable Mattia Binotto on F1 2021 1.00

    /!\ Before downloading and using the mod, make sure to create a backup of the original game files if there's bugs or if you want to play Online ! /!\ Hello ! Here's a face swap between the Brendon Leigh's face and Mattia Binotto, that can make you use the avatar of Mattia Binotto as your profile...
  6. Smokey17

    HALO MOD 2021 / UPDATE 1.1 / F1 Reborn 1.1

    Hello everybody! The long-awaited modification of the HALO for all cars. This a part of my global F1 Reborn mod. When I first started to dive into the world of modding old F1 games, the most important drawback was the lack of HALO in the cars, now this problem has been solved. I hope that...
  7. Z

    Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR (MW Team) v2

    How could you have a BMW M3 GTR with this bodykit and not having the legendary NFS Most Wanted vinyl? I don't know, but I was surprised when I couldn't find any, so I did it on my own. This mod creates a new team called "Most Wanted" so, there's no car replacements. BMW M3 GTR Most Wanted on...
  8. fastfab

    Circuit du Laquais 0.8

    Countless hours have been poured into this track, please rate and tip if you like it... Even smallest amount can show appreciation for our effort :thumbsup: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=CVAJ3EKXZ7GVN No Commercial Use, No re-upload anywhere else Thanks. Just share the link to...
  9. Geckarbor5LP

    F1 2021 My Team - Sponsorship Mod 1.0

    This is a mod with which the sponsors in the My Team menu are exchanged for real sponsors. Since the data that are loaded onto the cars are .layout files, they cannot yet be changed. This mod is mainly aimed at the people who play with a modded skin anyway and only see the sponsors in the menu...
  10. RasmusGeertsen

    F1 2021-2020 Helmet Templates 0.5

    Am back with templates files for all the 2020 drivers and half of the 2021 drivers (all drivers should be done by the end of the week) This mod is good if you want to create your own helmet using your favorite driver's helmet as a template. Alternatively, you can modify the helmets with...
  11. RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO Released

    RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO Released

    Race Sim Studio have released their Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO car for Assetto Corsa. The popular modding team has based this car heavily on the recently debuted 2022 Formula One car. One of the aspects of sim racing that keeps us coming back is the ability to recreate our favorite motorsport...
  12. Assetto Corsa Week: Preparing for Bilster Berg Trackday

    Assetto Corsa Week: Preparing for Bilster Berg Trackday

    #AssettoCorsa #TheExtraMile #BilsterBergYou can download the car here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2007-subaru-impreza-wrx-gd-tuned.33356/You ca...
  13. Lucas351

    Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow 0.9

    Welcome to my new Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow mod for F1 2021! · IMPORTANT: If you want to record a video using my mod, first contact me. · VERY IMPORTANT: DON'T REUPLOAD AND EDIT THIS MOD AND CLAIM AS YOURS Screenshots: It replaces FERRARI (Soon I'll update the mod with a copy and...
  14. Tomasz_987

    Spyker F1 MyTeam 2021 0.2

    Hello :), New F1 game needs new MyTeam Spyker mod! Here is my version for 2021 season. This livery is inspired by my mod from last game - https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/spyker-f1-team-my-team.42205/ and it is what I imagine to be next year livery update for Spyker ;). I REPLACED...
  15. Arkangel749

    General Assetto Corsa Immersive Career Project

    Hi all, It's the first time i post here, and I'm posting now for quite a good reason. Last year I had an idea about making a proper career mode for Assetto Corsa. I always loved the immersiveness of the pCars career, as much as I hated how good that game was at breaking the same immersion by...
  16. NM4N


    My first livery designed by me. Taken inspiration from the amazing Sean Bull Brawn Mercedes F1 2021 concept, which just looks so good. Havnt perfected everything in this livery but will be learning across the way. Please feel free to provide sugestions or improvements/any tips or tricks. ALL...
  17. S

    Making and engine with Physics Editor

    Just wanna say: in love with physics editor! I's so easy to make an engine!!! I have two questions: 1- The blue line is COMPRESSION IN NM. I don't really know what its mean. I understand that power in hp is defined by torque x rotation. But compression seems to be a separate item. First...
  18. 9kRPM

    9kRPM - Honda S2000 sound mod 1.0

    My first sound mod for Assetto Corsa, converted from Grid 2019. Installation: by default it works with the S2000 AMUSE R1 by blackwood91, unpack the .zip content into your game folder. If you want to install it on another car, replace the .bank file name and all the car names inside the...
  19. nunu05

    Bug Custom Car

    Hello, I have a problem with a car that i want to custom and it's been like 10 hours that i tried everything to make it works but it didnt so guys i need your helps. I wanted to add a rear wing on it so i installed 3DSimED, then i copied the rear wing from another car, put it in the FBX (I...
  20. NoobSoldier26

    GRID (2019) Race Driver Grid - Touge+derby mod

    Firstly i cannot post without a prefix, So selected grid (2019) Download this mod from my google drive: Click here :3 I've created this mod for experimenting, It was quite fun :D . Features -Works in free race -Every car class can make a sprint race on a touge. -Every car class can enter...