Ferrari 488 gt3 sound mod 3.1.1

My first sound mod !

  1. 3.1.1

    -little adjustement on the high pitch samples
    -increased again the onboard pitch, now it's allright
    -GT3 cars don't have horn i believe, so i removed horn sound heh
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  2. 3.1 Fixes to complete the 3.0 version

    -increased a bit the pitch of the onboard to better match reality
    -lowered the volume of the outside sound
    -adjusted the turbo flutter sound and added 1 sample (now there is 4 turbo flutter samples)
    -fixed the on/off braking sound, it should be more natural
    -minor transmission adjustement
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  3. 3.0 New onboard and exterior sound !

    -brand new outside sound
    -new onboard sound with low rev improvement
    -added braking sound (you can lower it in the wheel channel)
    -volume adjustement on the turbo flutter (more range)
    -lowered the transmission
  4. 2.2.1 little volume adjustement

    Little volume adjustement on the outside
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  5. 2.2 New external sound !

    -new exterior shifting sound
    -new exterior engine sound
    -improved a bit the actual deceleration sound (exterior)
    -new transmission samples
  6. 2.1 turbo sound, transmission and engine adjustement

    -adjustement on the transmission sound (reducted volume at low speed, fixed pitch)
    -reducted pitch of the engine sound to be more realistic
    -adjustement on the turbo flutter sound (it was weird in 2.0, we could still hear it at 300m, in reality we start to hear it at +-100m, fixed now)
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  7. 2.0 turbo flutter sound and new onboard !

    -new onboard sound
    -new shifting sound
    -added turbo flutter sound (exterior only, like reality)
  8. 1.5.1 exterior sound ajustement

    -increased the sound of the exterior shift
  9. 1.5

    -new onboard idle sound
    -improved quality of the transmission
    -volume adjustements on the outside
    -now the car has no sound when the engine is off (my mistake i forgot this point before this version)
    -decreased shift volume (inside)
    -lot of smalls improvements
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  10. 1.4 new transmission sound + external enhancement

    -completely new transmission sound
    -added limiter sound
    -sightly reducted exterior engine sound volume and range, to match other cars on track
    -some improvement here and there
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  11. 1.3 New onboard sound

    -new onboard sound
    -new shifting sound
    -new external idle sound
    -adjustements on the transmission
    -adjustements on the external sound
    -a bit less spurious noise overall
  12. 1.2 Improved external sound

    -increased volume and pitch of the external sound to be closer to the reality
    -fixed issue that caused a bad idle engine sound
  13. 1.1 Enhanced transmission sound

    -increased pitch of the transmission whine to be more realistic