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  1. GTR3Legend

    2021 #93 Dark Mode Sky Tempesta Racing 1.0

    Includes bonus version with 2020 more colourful wing.
  2. Mzero1074

    Ferrari 488 jack daniels 2020 1.0

    Ferrari rojo decoracion jack daniels n7
  3. GTR3Legend

    2021 #27 Scuderia Baldini 27 Italian GT Championship 1.0

    Based on the Mugello endurance round, not 100% accurate due to ACC numberplates and endurance kit.
  4. M

    Ferrari 488 Evo GT3 PietSmiet 1

    Ferrari 488 Evo GT3 PietSmiet Livery This Livery is fully customizable with the in-game editor. I only replaced the sponsors layer.
  5. bastoner97

    Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - DTM Red Bull AF Corse Livery 1.1

    #30 driven by Liam Lawson, designed by Sean Bull Design. I tried my best to replicate this beauty! Feel free to convert it for ACC Car livery made for the BK Studio 488. Link to their discord channel: https://discord.gg/mWZZZg4K
  6. GTR3Legend

    2021 #3 Easy Race Italian GT Championship 1.0

    Based on the Monza sprint round, nearly 100% accurate but missing one unidentifiable sticker.
  7. GTR3Legend

    2021 #58 RAM Autoracing Italian GT Championship 1.0

    As run in this years Italian GT Championship., specifically the Monza round as the extra sponsor looks better to me.
  8. Erik_27

    Ferrari 488 GT3/GTE Dashboard V1

    Just download , double click and install to SimHub. Please be sure to check the box to install the fonts. Enjoy it! For any doubts please contact me via Discord: Erik_27#5855
  9. Itzdatmancam

    2018 24h Spa AF Corse Ferrari 488 GT3 Pack 0.1

    My new project. The #51 being driven by Duncan Cameron, Matt Griffin, Aaron Scott, and Lorenzo Bontempelli. The #53 driven by Niek Hommerson,Louis Machiels, Andrea Bertolini and Marco Cioci. The 51 finished 21st and the 53 finished 26th. Lumirank and LED Strip by @M4MKey
  10. GTR3Legend

    2021 #9 Pacific CarGuy Racing (Includes bonus test livery) 1.0

    My best attempt at creating the new CarGuy SGT skin for ACC, includes a bonus preseason test livery and both liveries come with Pirelli and Yokohama versions. Neither are 100% accurate.
  11. jqob

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - Nintendo Racing fictional skin 1.0

    Description Nintendo Racing is fictional livery for Ferrari 488 GT3 taking part in Asian LeMans Series in GTAM class. It is sponsored by Konica Minolta, Denso and other motorsports related companies. It also contains running Pikachu on sides and matching yellow rims. screenshot by...
  12. arkloh

    488 Patrouille de France 1.0

  13. GTR3Legend

    2020 #93 Dark Mode Sky Tempesta Racing 1.0

    Had an idea that this livery would look good in black, so made it to find out. Includes a version with LED lights.
  14. arkloh

    488 EVO LORE 1.0

  15. P

    Alpha Tauri DTM skin idk if it's the last

    I made Alpha Tauri's DTM skin for the Kunos Ferrari GT3

    Sky Livery for Ferrari 488 GT3 2021-02-03

    This livery is for the MasterKey (2.0) Ferrari 488 GT3 ACC Sprint Only
  17. GTR3Legend

    2020 AF Corse APM Monaco GT Open #17/#48 1.0

    The 2 AF Corse skins as ran in the 2020 GT Open championship. Made by @Salty Drayl and @OpenWheela for Assetto Corsa and converted by myself with minor tweaks. Includes Pirelli and Michelin versions.
  18. arkloh

    488 Evo KERF 1.0

  19. arkloh

    Ferrari 488 EVO Karmeliet 1.0

  20. arkloh

    Ferrari 488 EVO Scuderia 1.0