rF2 | Ferrari Licence Secured As rFactor 2 Hints At Upcoming 'Le Mans Special' DLC Pack

Andrew Harper

Dec 1, 2014
URD has released a Ford GT called "URD 2018 Detroit" for only $3 that runs competitively with S397 GTE's
Sorry I've forgotten the main URD "author" but I think they were doing some work with S397 on modelling and development?

I just had this feeling that when the Detroit was released it was a case of the car was being worked on but no official license could be obtained (or sought after). So they decided to release it the "URD Way" rather than officially via RF2.

Ace King

Oct 4, 2009
Not sure about that but is a possibility!

Their Ford v1.0 was slower when competing against S397 GTE's AI but since URD fixed their fuel issues and BoP in v1.1, today i decided to do further AI comparison tests which shows their Ford is one-half to one second faster than S397 GTE's depending on the track type so another BoP is necessary!

Note: Since their Ford AI has a advantage against S397 AI i would be interested to know if the same is true in online racing with Ford vs S397 GTE's!
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