le mans

  1. Missing the Indy 500 Special Event

    Missing the Indy 500 Special Event

    The month of May is the most important one of the year for US open wheel racing as it builds up to the world's largest single-day sporting event: the Indianapolis 500. The event attracts close to 300.000 spectators at the track and many more in front of their TV screens, and its virtual version...
  2. Azubty

    Skin 9x8 Le Mans 1.0

    I present you a skinpack for the Peugeot 9X8 made by TheGhost, it includes two skins of the 24h of Mans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't do it I found this on a discord server I just made a few improvements...
  3. polupansion

    Ferrari 250 LM Le Mans 1965 SKINPACK 1.0

    Skins for ferrari_250_lm (great mod, could be easily found via google/youtube) Well, I'm totally not sure if It was necessary (some simplified versions of this skins already comes with this mod), but here they are – my scratch-made versions with all these assymmetric lettering and other details...
  4. Automobilista 2: April Dev Update Confirms New Cars and Track - Hint at Le Mans?

    Automobilista 2: April Dev Update Confirms New Cars and Track - Hint at Le Mans?

    Reiza Studios has recently made waves with the long-awaited release of the 1971 version of the Nürburgring for Automobilista 2 – the Brazilian developer continues to be hard at work, however: The final circuit for the Premium Track Pack, three new cars and more improvements on the physics and...
  5. polupansion

    Porsche 917K Le Mans 1970 #23 skin 1.0

    Famous race, famous car, famous livery... ...and just my humble attempt to make it as authentic as possible. - white lines pattern made from scratch in 6K - historically accurate sponsor logos (I hope) - constant fight with texture warpings - some dirt and scratches - custom reflection/glossy map
  6. George Red

    Skins for Porsche 935 K3 and BMW M1 of Le Mans 1982 1.2

    Three skins (6k) for the Porsche 935 K3 and a single skin for the BMW M1 of the drm-modding-team, namely: #60 Driven by: John Cooper (GB), Paul Smith (GB), Claude Bourgoignie (B) Qualified: 20 Laps: 316 Finished: 8 #64 Driven by: Edgar Doren (D), Antonio Contreras (MEX), Billy Sprowls (USA)...
  7. P

    Proton Competition #77 Le Mans 2022 livery V1.2

    Proton Competition #77 Le Mans 2022 livery. The car was driven by Christian Ried, Sebastian Priaulx & Harry Tincknell finishing P47. I tried to be as faithful as possible with some artistic licence given the Porsche model in ACC is not identical to the car driven IRL - some logos had to be...
  8. P

    Proton Competition #93 Le Mans 2022 Livery 1.1

    Proton Competition #93 Le Mans 2022 livery as seen in Porsche's "Road to Le Mans" documentary series. The car was driven by Michael Fassbender, Zach Robichon & Matt Campbell finishing P51. I love this livery and decided to create it for ACC. It's been done before by others but I wanted to...
  9. T

    Hub Auto Racing Le Mans 2021 1.0

    Hi In 2021, HubAuto Racing raced at Le Mans with a Porsche 911. Here is my version. Original design by : unknown
  10. sw37

    Porsche 962C 1988 Team A.G. 17; 18; 19 1.0

    hello everyone, pack of Porsche 962c A.G. 88' to complete your set Le Mans 1988 #17 Hans Joachim Stuck, Derek Bell, Klaus Ludwig #18 Bob Wollek, Vern Schuppan, Sarel van der Merne #19 Mario Andretti, Michael Andretti, Jhon Andretti enjoy
  11. sw37

    WEC 2022 Hypercar 1.1

    hello everyone, the wec 2022 hypercar livery to complete your set There are the WEC 22' and Le Mans 22' versions of the toyota gr010 (based on @PR0JECTNR56 skins) 7;8 Also the Le Mans 22' versions of the Glickenhaus scg 007 (based on the @destinationriver skins) 708;709 And finally the Le...
  12. George Red

    Skins for the four Porsche 911s of Le Mans 1967 1.0

    What: Four skins for AC_legends's 911 to fill up the rear of the 1967 Le Mans grid. They are great to drive against the Shebly Mustang and the Corvete, also from AC_legends. #42 Driven by: Robert Bouchet (F), Herbert Linge (D) Qualified: 45 Laps: 308 Finished: 14 #43 Driven by: Jaqcques Dewes...
  13. KarneUSZ

    Toyota GR010 Gazoo Racing Concept Livery 1.1

    Here is a Toyota GR010 Le Mans team concept livery. The skin pack contains both #7 and #8 crew. If you want to support my work, leave a like on my instagram page. https://www.instagram.com/vitesse.design/
  14. DarkStryder360

    VRC Fortix Mando - Ford GT WEC | GTLM | GTE #66 1.0

    VRC Fortix Mando - Ford GT WEC | GTLM | GTE #66 My homage to, in my opinion, one of the best looking GT Racing cars that has ever existed. It may not have the accolades, but that Ford Performance livery on that Ford GT is iconic. Its an amalgamation of all the liveries, and classes put...
  15. bulleraser

    JLOC Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 R-SV Le Mans 2010 1.0

    #69 JLOC from Le Mans 2010. This skin is for ag_lamborghini_murcielago_gt1 as requested. The same skin for the RSS Mod is here
  16. lilaxer

    Can someone help identify my 787B Le Mans posters origin or history?

    I recently acquired a "Seize The Day" Mazda 787b Le Mans 1991 poster (because im a huge 787b fan). I have no info on where this poster came from (ebay said home sale) or how it was sold/given out originally. If someone could help me know some history and inform me on how this fantastic piece of...
  17. AntonSimGT24

    FIA WEC 2022 Season Full Gridpack 1.1

    This is my final release of the WEC 2022 Grid Preset series. This pack includes EVERY, yes EVERY Team and Livery that is available to Assetto Corsa at the moment and every starting grid op the 2022 calendar. It took a lot of time and effort of my days to make, search and make the starting grid...
  18. CodyS1998

    Porsche LMP1/98 - Le Mans 1998 #8 (4k) 1.0

    Here's the other Porsche LMP1/98 livery that raced at Le Mans 1998. I have no idea where this car originally came from (so its not included, sorry). If you have this car (many do), then you have the #7, but nobody has made the #8 because the #7 skin texture exports very strangely. After some...
  19. bulleraser

    JLOC Lamborghini Murcielago GT1 Le Mans 2010 1.1

    Based on the car raced at Le Mans in 2010. Since it's not an exact car (the real car was R-SV) I tried to match the original as much as possible.
  20. Yamamba3952

    das 119i - Carbonola (Coca Cola) 1

    This time, I made a livery for the das 119i based off of the Coca Cola 911 RSR that was used at Petit Le Mans. Once again with lore friendly sponsors, and the big change being Carbonola instead of Coca Cola :/ Please don't redistribute it or modify it If you happen to come across this livery...