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rfactor 2

  1. FT_Nakano

    Can you spectate rFactor 2 races without owning the cars that are racing?

    So the question is fairly self-explanatory, can I spectate an rF2 race without owning the cars that are racing. I understand that you would need to own the tracks to spectate a race but can't find any information online to validate this. If anyone has any concrete information for me it would be...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | July Development Roadmap - Plenty Of Interesting Content

    Studio 397 have released a massive new rFactor 2 July Development Roadmap - packed full of plenty of interesting content for fans of the simulation. New Bentley Continental GT3 2020 coming very soon. Stockcar 2018 substantial update. Loch Drummond updated. Sizeable Nürburgring update in...
  3. Rfactor 2 - Nordschleife night - Porsche 911RSR [VR & Monitor]

    Rfactor 2 - Nordschleife night - Porsche 911RSR [VR & Monitor]

    00:00 Lap on VR mode 09:13 Lap on Classic Monitor mode EN Pay attention to the stereo sound, the reveb goes up on tight spaces and adapt to the walls distanc...
  4. muzikant

    BMW M2 Bonk Motorsport 1.1

    Bonk Motorsport M2
  5. Rfactor 2 VR - Sebring Nightfall - BMW M8 GTE

    Rfactor 2 VR - Sebring Nightfall - BMW M8 GTE

  6. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | New Nürburgring Update And Layout Released

    Studio 397 have released a new update to their Nürburgring track within rFactor 2. Releasing the fresh new build of the Nürburgring yesterday, Studio 397 have both given the track a further optimisation pass, as well as adding what has been described as the "Support 24H" layout - a track...
  7. pleisn

    Ferrari GTE F1 2

    Ferrari GTE F1 Skin
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Le Mans 2020 Added Plus Various Other Updates

    Studio 397 have been busy with their rFactor 2 simulation, adding a raft of new updates that include the 2020 variation of the fabled Le Sarthe Circuit.. New updated adds Le Mans 24hr 2020. Berlin, Silverstone and New York receive updates. From the speed, noise and drama of Le Mans, to the...
  9. Isaac Chavira

    2020 BMW M2 CS Skin Template Generator .90

    Hello Everyone, I have edited the rF2 S397 template to match the released production version of the BMW M2 CS for 2020. Change Log: Checkerboard Carbon Roof Carbon Lip, Wing, Diffuser & Mirror Caps Series Mandatory Decals Number Panels created and sized per reference image "Type-able"...
  10. Nick9320

    2020 Formula 1 Drivers suits for rF2 Driver model 1.0

    Hello everyone! Here is drivers suits templates for 2020 Formula 1 season teams which used in RSS F1 2020 mod for rF2 Enjoy! Credits: Textures: Nick Stepanenko, Albert Maslennikov, Ilya Kolevatov Template: ISI Previews:
  11. Isaac Chavira

    2020 BMW CS M2 - Schubert Motorsport Cup Car 1.0

    This is my version of the 2020 Schubert Motorsport 30 Jahre Cup Car for the Green Monster. There is no window template so, I could not edit it. Please enjoy banging corners in this car. Just extract to C:/Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steam Apps > Common (The first folder is name rFactor 2...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | Taking Stock And What Comes Next

    Studio 397 have given fans an interesting insight into the ongoing development of the simulation, as they continue to investigate and identify bugs and issues whilst expanding the core experience. Bug tracking and fixing overview Advice for driver swap workaround Release documentation for...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Portland Released, GTE Updated And More

    Studio 397 have dropped a sizeable new update for some content within rF2 - as well as finally adding the free Portland International Raceway circuit! That's right, after a considerable amount of time in the works since it was first announced many moons ago, rF2 racers now have access to the...
  14. Androkles

    AI driver slides and spins

    Hi. Just got rF2 and I am looking to do some offline endurance races. But every time I let the ai take over my car, the ai driver slides around out of corners and spins every often. Have any of you had the same issue, and do you have a way of fixing this? Is it car setup related or something else?
  15. C

    Lando Norris talks about Rfactor 2

  16. Radical SR3xx @Sebring RD Club Race

    Radical SR3xx @Sebring RD Club Race

    Full race from my view. Using the recently released Radical SR3xx in RFactor 2 at Sebring Full Layout. This online mjultiplayer club race event hosted by www...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    2020 Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans (Live Stream)

    Welcome to the central discussion thread for the first ever official 24 Hours of Le Mans - virtual edition. This weekend marks an historic moment for the genre of sim racing, as the WEC, Automobile Club de l'Ouest and Motorsport Games are set to host what could well turn out to be the largest...
  18. badun

    S397 Ferrari 488 GTE Clearwater Racing 2019 #61 1.0

    My representation of the 2019 Clearwater Racing Ferrari 488 GTE. This is for the S397 version, extract the zip to your /userdata/player/settings folder
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | (Yet Another) New Build Is Here

    Studio 397 continue their impressive pace of development and improvements today, with yet another fresh build of rFactor 2 having been deployed to the public build of the simulation. Yes we had (several) new pieces of content, we've also enjoyed a pretty substantial new build release, and it...
  20. DaniPrima91

    Simhub LCD LCD_2020_v1 dani 0.95

    Hello everyone, this is my first lcd for simhub. I tried to put everything on it as sim-driver like you, I always wanted to have the essential things in front of me to keep the eyes focused on the track only, and not around the monitor, especially if you have a 35" wide, 49" flat or a triple...