1. M

    How to make a custome driver and change their paint scheme?

    Trying to add drivers that werent included in a mod and myself. having dificulties, mainly when trying to change the paint shcemes. can someone break it down barny style to help? also how do you do custome schemes?
  2. R00b_Driver

    rF2 Virtual Driver Builder 1.3.1

    Hi everyone, WHAT IS IT? This is my rF2 Virtual Driver Builder. It's a spreadsheet that will (hopefully) help you in creating your own Virtual Drivers, or customisable AI Grid and export them into rF2 for use in game. WHY? If you're new to rF2 you may have noticed that you don't get that many...
  3. INDYCAR IR 18 Dallara | WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca | rFactor 2 | 1:09.253

    INDYCAR IR 18 Dallara | WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca | rFactor 2 | 1:09.253

    (No P2P used on this lap)
  4. The BTCC Arrives On rFactor 2! Car Review at Donington Park!

    The BTCC Arrives On rFactor 2! Car Review at Donington Park!

    We check out 2 brand new BTCC cars that have been released for rFactor 2, the Toyota Corolla and the Infinity Q50!
  5. AppieW

    Dashboard with all data you need for race in VR in SimHub 2022-03-26

    gauge, sector times current last and fastest lap, weather with the percentage how wet it is on and off racing line, fuel usage gear, speed and overview 3 cars in front and 3 cars behind you. If you lap a car it is the 1st car behind you not who is driving a position behind you. (that is...
  6. alecking448

    IMSA 2022 #64 TGM Racing - Porsche GT3 0.64

    2022 TGM Porsche. Another IMSA skin for the new grids. It has the Same classes as josaps cars. added a driver suit and helmet to it. As well as changing the class tag to GTD. still working on trying to get the chrome look to look better but is a nice field filler.
  7. K

    G920 Degrees of Rotation Rf2

    I've been looking through threads for a while now, trying different settings and fixes, but for the life of me I can not find the correct degrees of rotation and settings, to allow my wheel to match the in-game one on my G920. If anyone knows a fix I would be very grateful. Thanks!
  8. gandalfthedwarf

    Sunny ReShade INI File 1.0

    ATTENTION: Make sure to use ReShade version 5.0.2! https://reshade.me/downloads/ReShade_Setup_5.0.2.exe Place in your Bin64 folder Check out my other preset for rFactor2! Cloudy ReShade INI File See Related Video:
  9. alecking448

    United Autosports #2 Ligier - JSP320 1.00

    So as some of you know I was working on the 2020 LMP3 grid and i did finish it for the EnduRacers LMP3 and now that the new car has come out I am working on adding those 2020 cars as field fillers. This car is just an edited version on the 397 united ELMS car so its not 100% on my end. Glad to...
  10. Reiche

    Misc BMW M4 GT3 - Conversion template ACC to rFactor 2

    Reiche submitted a new resource: BMW M4 GT3 - Conversion template ACC to rFactor 2 - Migrate your ACC liveries to rFactor 2 Read more about this resource...
  11. Havner

    Dashboard Unified 0.5.2

    rFactor2: rFactor2 on a phone while braking inside a DRS section with some poor tire management: Assetto Corsa with a formula RSS with ERS management while having DRS enabled and some minor damage in front: Assetto Corsa Comptetizione with ABS active during braking and some none optimal...
  12. S

    Skins for Tatuus USF-17 2022-01-04

    Hello. I made these liveries on 2019 for Simracing-GP / TRL#4 (USF 17) New series announced with that car, hope you like it :) Cheers :)
  13. Z

    F4 Tatuus Raikkonen rF2 skin?

    Would anyone be willing to make a Mclaren Raikkonen skin from 04 for the Tatuus F4? i see barely any skins for the car but i was wondering if a remake would be done by people.
  14. Symdeck

    Authorised Vendor Symdeck Racing Simulators

    Hello fellow sim enthusiasts. I'm not sure why it has taken us so long to post here but I would like to introduce you to Symdeck, a UK based company and our modular motion system. Here's a video showing me test our latest addition to our lineup which adds sway to provide a 6DOF+ motion system...
  15. rFactor 2 | Ligier JS P217 Update Now Available

    rFactor 2 | Ligier JS P217 Update Now Available

    Studio 397 have today deployed a new update for the Ligier JS P217 LMP2 car available within the Endurance Bundle 2 DLC for rFactor 2. Various fixes for wheel and window textures. New liveries. Fixes and updates for wet weather features. Earlier today a brand-new update has been deployed to...
  16. rFactor 2 | Big Lime Rock Park PBR Update Released

    rFactor 2 | Big Lime Rock Park PBR Update Released

    Studio 397 have deployed a new 'V3' update to the Steam Workshop Lime Rock Park circuit in rFactor 2 - adding the latest PBR graphic details and a number of fixes and tweaks. PBR graphics update added. Free track from Steam Workshop. Improved night lighting Lime Rock Park is probably not the...
  17. rFactor 2 | Screen Space Reflections, UX Improvements And More In April Roadmap

    rFactor 2 | Screen Space Reflections, UX Improvements And More In April Roadmap

    Studio 397 have released the April edition of their monthly 'Development Roadmap' for rFactor 2 - giving more insight into the immediate development plans of the PC exclusive racing simulation. SSR functionality coming. Various user experience improvements in development. New track reveal...
  18. disgruntledusmc

    ACC Crimson Edition Simhub Dashboard 2.1

    Clean and simple race page designed to keep your eyes on the track. The lap time is color coded to a +/- .30 seconds based off your current best session lap with red being slower and green faster. Fuel at End is live and based off your current usage and will calculate the amount of fuel, in...
  19. rFactor 2 | eX ZERO 2021 Update Deployed

    rFactor 2 | eX ZERO 2021 Update Deployed

    Studio 397 have released a new hotfix update to the electric powered eX ZERO 2021 racer within the rFactor 2 racing simulation. The new release is relatively minor in size, and comes off the back of several recent build updates from the Dutch development studio for the car. Originally...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | March Development Roadmap & Track Updates

    Studio 397 published their Development Roadmap for the month of March last night, with hints at a new recently scanned track and plenty of content updates - following up with new track update releases earlier today. New 'AAA' European track in development. Large PBR update to Lime Rock Park...