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  1. B

    Mexico 1966 1.1

    Hi everyone, As mentioned on my Trembling Mountain update, I'm also releasing Mexico 1966 here as well. Once again, huge thanks to everyone that purchased this track over on my sellfy store and for your support - really made the work worthwhile! I think this is quite a nice addition to the...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Le Mans 2020 Added Plus Various Other Updates

    Studio 397 have been busy with their rFactor 2 simulation, adding a raft of new updates that include the 2020 variation of the fabled Le Sarthe Circuit.. New updated adds Le Mans 24hr 2020. Berlin, Silverstone and New York receive updates. From the speed, noise and drama of Le Mans, to the...
  3. D

    Should I purchase Raceroom content during the sale?

    Hi, so with the summer sale on steam in full shwing, im thinking of getting the pro pack for raceroom. It’s currently €37 and includes a good bit of content. Im dont use raceroom alot since i think o have only one car (audi r8) but i tried a few times when all the content was free and thought...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | Taking Stock And What Comes Next

    Studio 397 have given fans an interesting insight into the ongoing development of the simulation, as they continue to investigate and identify bugs and issues whilst expanding the core experience. Bug tracking and fixing overview Advice for driver swap workaround Release documentation for...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Portland Released, GTE Updated And More

    Studio 397 have dropped a sizeable new update for some content within rF2 - as well as finally adding the free Portland International Raceway circuit! That's right, after a considerable amount of time in the works since it was first announced many moons ago, rF2 racers now have access to the...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | (Yet Another) New Build Is Here

    Studio 397 continue their impressive pace of development and improvements today, with yet another fresh build of rFactor 2 having been deployed to the public build of the simulation. Yes we had (several) new pieces of content, we've also enjoyed a pretty substantial new build release, and it...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | May Development Roadmap Brings News Of Portland

    Studio 397 have continued their current pacy output of news from the last few days, with the release of their latest monthly development roadmap update - and plenty of goodies it contains too... The May Development Roadmap posting tells the tale of a few exceptionally busy weeks at Studio 397...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Radical SR3 XX Released

    Studio 397 have been incredibly busy of late, having today confirmed their third piece of content for the simulation in quick succession. The brand new Radical SR3 XX joins the recently released New York E-Prix and Ferrari 488 GTE within the simulation, and is available to purchase with...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | New York E-Prix Track Released

    Studio 397 have been hard at work on producing new Formula E content, with the New York E-Prix venue becoming the latest street circuit to be added to the simulation. Hot on the heals of the recent Berlin DLC release, and joining the already available Hong Kong and Monaco E-Prix layouts...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Huge Update Adds Berlin E-Prix, Broadcasting Tools, GFX Updates And More

    Studio 397 have deployed a new build release of rfactor 2 - and it contains an absolute wealth of new features and improvements for the simulation. On the content side, this new update adds another official Formula E circuit to the title, bringing the popular Berlin E-Prix at the former...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | Ferrari Licence Secured As rFactor 2 Hints At Upcoming 'Le Mans Special' DLC Pack

    Studio 397 have secured rights to bring the legendary Ferrari brand to rFactor 2, announcing on Friday that the Italian marque will be represented in the simulation with the 488 GTE and GT3 models as part of a new 'Le Mans Special' DLC. Having long professed their love of the legendary Le Mans...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | The Le Mans 2.4 Hours: How To Sign Up

    The RaceDepartment rFactor 2 Racing Club are hosting a special 2.4 hour semi-endurance event at Le Mans on Sunday May 24th - Find out here how you can be a part of this awesome event! Featuring one of the most iconic tracks in the whole of motorsport, a monster combination of DPI, LMP2 and GTE...
  13. DTM Zandvoort 2020

    DTM Zandvoort 2020

    Lap of the Zandvoort's 2020 layout in the URD T5 mod with 2018 DTM skin pack for rFactor 2.
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | 2020 Zandvoort Grand Prix Circuit Now Available

    Studio 397 have dropped a surprise new circuit configuration into rFactor 2 - adding the yet to be raced brand new 2020 Zandvoort Grand Prix layout to the simulation. Included as an additional configuration to the already available original Zandvoort venue, the new release today bring with it...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2 | April Development Roadmap

    Once again the end of the month brings with it new musing from various sim racing developers, with Studio 397 taking time out of their busy schedule to update us all on the progress of rFactor 2. Yes, another month is over. Lockdown for many of us continues, and the world of racing remains in...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | Dev-Talk: User Experience

    Studio 397 and more specifically Christopher Elliot and Rene Butler, have released a very interesting new video where they discuss the user experience and new UI functionality within rFactor 2. Making the most of the current stay at home orders in place pretty much throughout the world, Studio...
  17. LSNPHOTO06

    livery special USA INDY 500 DALLARA DW12 2020-04-18

  18. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 | Latest Development Update News

    Studio 397 have released their new update on the world of rFactor 2 development, including details on the progress of the ongoing graphical updates for the simulation. Despite the dramatic changes that have swept across the entire world because of the COVID-19 pandemic of late, the team over at...
  19. Evan_DeCiren

    XB Racer - MOD - SK SERIES 1.0

    SK (Superkart) Mod XB Racer Mod created by SangreOn Skins (new) created by Evan DeCiren Quest Drivers: - Fernando Alonso - Daniel Pedrosa - Danilo Petrucci - Marc Marquez - Lewis Hamilton - Valentino Rossi - Charles Leclerc
  20. Aston Martin DB11 GT3 @ Bathurst

    Aston Martin DB11 GT3 @ Bathurst