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E3 2018 - Assetto Corsa Competizione First Gameplay


Aug 18, 2015
So far the rain is underwhelming and the rainscreen effects looks half done. Part of the challenge of rain racing is visibility and you can see perfectly fine out of the windshield.
Rain is still WIP anyway, quote from dev:

"We are only now reaching the exciting (and complex) part of rain physics development, the E3 demo is very much a static environment in comparison to our objectives for release (and rather focuses on showing off visuals), stay tuned for more in that regard."

Hard to say if windshield effects will be improved, possibly, hopefully. Doesn't have to be Driveclub level though, there is far more important water physics between the tyre and tarmac.


May 23, 2009
I really don't understand why some people can't understand the difference between a pre-alpha tech demo and a finished game.
For sure the Early Access build sold on Steam will be more advanced than this tech demo and still not the final build.
Then we'll have their official forum to give our feedback as we did with AC.


Sep 25, 2010
Looks good. But I find it hard to sponsor guys that acts like this.

Sure those guys got at each other in a forum thread before this happened but this is such an unprofessional act from Stefano it's not even funny.
You'll not buy Stefano. You'll buy a great product ;)

Why some people disagree with this ?
Could we know if it's good before the release ? no. So what's wrong with fanboys ?
I disagree to your post because I don't share your opinion about AC.
Maybe you're not too old to understand your opinion is not the only true and will count automatically for everyone else.
And this is not fanboy related.

Just saying :)


Jun 6, 2009
But the fact that AI was hit and mis from the early days in AC till now, keeps me in a rather sceptical state and the same applies to all other mentioned issues.
I had (and have) the same problem with pCARS 2. If release is in, say, 3 months, Kunos has to nail down the code for release in 2 months, which doesn't really leave enough time to make the changes to AI when they're concentrating on rain effects & physics.

However "prerelease view" of an early access title means there can be a huge change between now and the final product in a year (or two?). Since I'm not buying into the early access, it's easy to keep watching from the sidelines.
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Andrew Harper

Dec 1, 2014
The preview vids are interesting, as others have mentioned the Unreal Engine "style" is very much in evidence, it has that almost perfect look to it. Not a criticism by any means it's just the way the visuals work.

Very much looking forward to this on release. My hope is it will be more of a complete game like GTR was and the current F1 games. So many now are setup for single races or multiplayer.

I do doubt though that my system will run this at any sort of high detail though. I can run PC2 on high or ultra settings but I think this will be much more demanding. Again, we'll see.

One thing that I think will divide people is the motion blur. It was something introduced in the F1 games and it caused no end of arguments. Most users switched it off as they found it too distracting.

Wet weather looks fine for a pre-alpha, I think any more detail and it will cause real performance issues, which may explain the no spray in the rear view. Same for the lo-res nature of the rear view-mirror maybe. I read though that the wet weather is purely a mock-up display and probably only represents about 20% of the finished product.

Night driving looks lovely, that tunnel effect that you see on the real life on-boards is replicated well here but you still have that peripheral view for cars to the left or right.

I did notice the vehicles popping slightly and also some surroundings as the LOD's changed. Hopefully this will be sorted but again it may well be an issue with the graphics engine and we'll have to live with it.

Perhaps my two regrets are 1. The limit on cars, you really need bigger fields for the full Blancpain effect (especially on the 24 hour races) and 2. I didn't see the Jaguar G3 (or the Lexus I don't think?) Shame if those are not included. I was looking at the timing rather than the screen and I didn't see those names there. I may have missed them though.
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Aug 31, 2012
....In my opinion, AC is not "really" a sim (good physics, but too simple to be realistic)
If you (and the handful of others that think the same) don't care for the physics in AC then it is all but a guarantee than you won't like the physics in ACC.


Dec 12, 2013
Dont like this.

Assetto Corsa is my favorite sim. But this video looks like a game, not a sim. The rain physics seems better than dusty track on original AC. The green zones of kers which have low grip on original AC, seems now to have the same grip level of the tarmac. The Monza is less bump.

The sounds are not good too. The engine sounds make every other sound really hard to ear inside of one racing car. Now, looks that they are running on a common road car with a low noise engine.

When a tyre have too much grip level, which is the case with GT3 cars, the tyres make less noise compared to street tyres. Noise is related to the dissipated energy, it is not normal to produce so much noise like in these videos.

The rain physics it is the worst aspect here. There are no excuses here. So, in the past 6 months the work was entire on graphics side? Where is the experience with rain that they learned when developed for Netkar Pro? They forgot everything?

Or, may be the AC original physics dont support what is necessary for make some good rain physics and the graphics engine was not the real botleneck? If, the real excuse for not make rain on original Assetto Corsa was because of the physics motor and the AC Competizione use the same physics motor, what we can expect?


Mar 29, 2014
I'm a day one buyer of AE for sure.

I love the graphics, the animations and I don't agree with the "too blueish thing" was mentioned above by some. I use reshade in AC and adding some blue tint besides CA and adaptive sharpening makes the game far more photorealistic.
The fireworks should illuminate the surrounding area, such as buildings, the forest.
The sound is amazing. All the effects are spot on, only the helmet view should be muffled a bit.
I miss the Lexus, the M6 and the Jag (which I know runs only in Endurance races) from the video but I know that game is in pre-alpha stage.
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Sep 27, 2009
Second gameplay video
Texture popping still a thing in UT engine :U
Hud looks clear but rain on window does not look good, rain also looks like a placeholder, I would not show that on e3. Also heard that there is no mod support?
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Apr 19, 2013
Guys...stop. Just stop one second. This is a early stage of the developement. Just wait until the full release.
Anyone is forcing you to buy this game on early access or at Day One.
Wait. Even PC2 had a lot of trouble with the reflection the days before Day One and now they are gone.

You can't judge the physics of this game just by watching a video, you have to feel it with your wheel.

Just a little reminder: AC started with a tech demo. Lotus and Magione were inside this demo, stop. Now watch what it become.

So please, stop. Really. This thread is every day more cancerous (just like my english, duh).


Jun 7, 2016
I'm not really enthousiastic about it. I'll wait, and later see if it's good or not.
Must to say that I totally don't care about graphics, what I'm looking for is great physics. In my opinion, AC is not "really" a sim (good physics, but too simple to be realistic), and i'm afraid this title will be the same (that don't mean i don't apreciate AC)... Until the game' release we cannot judge it, so, we'll see ... I hope I'm wrong.
So why are you in this thread ? HAHAHHA :rolleyes::roflmao:
Sep 28, 2008
Does anyone remember AC early access?
There is reason ACC is pre alpha.

The amount of back and forth its bug/looks arcade/sound etc is becoming really annoying.

Nobody is forcing you to buy it until full version is released.
At end of the day your wallet will decide.

So just chill out and wait till we can buy alpha or full version before judging it.
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